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Dealer, auction partner, banker, politician, pastor, trader, picker, wholesaler, storyteller, online product presenter, dryce

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Presenting obscure specialty car data and the oldest dealer to dealer trading platform online.

* Beginning in 1988 and now operating the oldest Reputation Based digital dealer to dealer platform online. over 15 years of data and now detailed auction results loaded and available to review daily!
* Extensive experience in successful start-up businesses with unmatched service levels. Seeing opportunities to create value to all parties involved rather than taking from one entity to support another.
* Continuously on the cutting edge with technology and new methods serving old markets. Actually maintained inventory databases real time over telephone lines in 1988 before the internet was commercialized in 1995.
*Discovered, assisted in acquisition of, and managed 200+ unit apartment complex in Iowa.
* Managed a small fleet of over the road trucks from the early 1970s through early 1980s.
* Participated in a successful local political campaign being elected to the office of commissioner then mayor of Eustis, Fl.
* Provided a turn key service to the Insurance industry after extensive 2004 Hurricane season. Managed all aspects of marine salvage recovery and liquidity conversion.
* Served as a founding shareholder and Director for First Green Bank. From inception in 2008 to acquisition by Seacoast Bank in 2018.

Currently engaged with several projects and businesses.
* ThaList LLC, internet based membership of Highline and Exotic car dealers since 1988
* Scott Ales Inc., Tangible asset sales of all types since 1989
* Minister with the Community of Christ Church in Tavares, Fl.

Goals and Objectives today and in the future.
* Create new opportunities for others to utilize and grow their talents and experience. Ultimately establishing a legacy they can reflect back on with humility and pride.

* "Fix something that is not broke, or you will be."

Feb. 8, 2021

SCOTT ALES! Mecum Auction boat division partner. Trader of cars, truc…

Trader of cars, trucks, boats, military and heavy equipment, buses, tractors. Auction expert and all around good guy!

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