Aug. 25, 2021


4:49 How did Izzy end up in a Bronco Sport First Edition? 7:25 Jeff learned to drive in a '69 Vette 454 age 9! 11:50 Izzy and Jeff met in a Midtown Manhattan steakhouse 15:21 Izzy turning 40 buys a 40th anniversary Ford GT.... 22:18 The 930...

4:49 How did Izzy end up in a Bronco Sport First Edition? 7:25 Jeff learned to drive in a '69 Vette 454 age 9! 11:50 Izzy and Jeff met in a Midtown Manhattan steakhouse 15:21 Izzy turning 40 buys a 40th anniversary Ford GT.... 22:18 The 930 Turbo 22:35 And 928s 24:56 Swiss police car (Porsche) 30:47 The right-hand drive Rolls-Royce sent in lieu of a debt... 39:23 There's 50 states, right? Every state gives you a license. So they took it away in New York.... 43:22 When nature calls...with the kids...and you get a ticket


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The second beat, there's a picture of a new car. Somebody's driving it in Florida. I, how do they do that? What is when Oh, God on you. So then I had to hear, I don't know, six, seven times about the Ford GT. If you had the windows open up the night 28 you would you'd be deaf. And we were importing some really wild automobiles, a Swiss police call that Porsche built, you smoke the tires in second gear at 80 to 90 miles an hour, the officers screaming his head off. And then it dawns on him that he's screaming at the passenger, because it was a right hand drive.

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Jeff Sterns connected through cars, if they're bigwigs, we'll have him on the show. And yes, we'll talk about cars and everything else. Here he is now, Jeff Sterns

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living in the state of Florida, you see many, many different license plates. For some reason, it's a state where people just put anything I guess you can get anything on your license plate in the state of Florida. It's got to be a looser. It's got to be a looser rule for that state, I believe. Well, there's Do you mean the personalization of the plate? Or do you mean, there's all kinds of different college? Yes, hobby, okay. Yes, yes. And it's incredible that I haven't seen binary yet on the on a license plate, but I'm sure it's coming. So Jeff, where would you like, where would you like to start our adventure, because it's a long, I've got a long history of vehicles. And I must tell you, I think I've sent you a lot of material over the course of our friendship, I've most likely pummeled you the minute, I heard that you were a car guy, and probably pummeled you with a bunch of stuff. But I always feel it's always great to start in the present, and then work our way back. Because it's always hard to the older we get, the more the more I'm forgetting. And I think I think I really started bugging you during this pandemic. When I said to you, Jeff, I've been renting cars since I came to Florida. But having fun renting some really cool cars get to that, but I need a call. And you know, we were thinking about a budget and what we were looking at and I really ended up deciding on on the new defender. I really wanted to get that new the new Land Rover Defender, which, you know, it's a good looking car. I've seen it on the road. Right when it came out, because, you know, the state of Florida Jeff, a minute, the second, there's a picture of a new car. Somebody's driving it in Florida. I how do they do that? Just tell me explain it to me. I've never seen something like this different than New York 1,000% it's different than California different than any state I've ever encountered. I'm in that, that that vehicle how to be I don't even know if it was it was in a dealership yet. And it was parked in Delray on Atlantic Avenue with you know, no plates on it yet, you know, temporary plates. And somehow somebody got got the car. And just a great looking vehicle. And what happened to me was, I think, I think I might have told you some of this, but I ended up with a Ford Bronco first edition, which was just, you know, luck of luck of the pandemic, as they say, Jeff, the luck of the pandemic, right, we were talking about Bronco, you're wondering if you can get one I told you there was a waiting list and next thing you know you're at a dealer getting one and you can't get a bronco you the Ford Bronco sport for whatever reason, you could get every other model with every other kind of stupid kind of, you name the you know, you name the wheel, the the the interior, the you know, the stitching that they could do. But no sunroof only on the first edition. And the crazy thing is they only made 2,001st editions. So I figured, you know, it's you know, the car's not gonna happen for me anyway. I'm in the dealership. And I walk in and again, I'm the only guy in the deal. It's January of 2021. Man, there's nobody. There's nobody in Miami yet. I mean, maybe they're in the clubs. The clubs they never stopped. But the car dealerships they you know, it was me. It was me and Anthony. So, I said to Anthony, I go Anthony.

What is that? What color is that? Because I know in my head, there's no first editions they've covered. They've gone for the big one. They're all taken already. And Anthony says to me, oh, we had a number of deposits that the people walked away from goes to COVID. And they decided, you know what? Not doing it. Not taking the car. So he goes, Well, we have to sit. Okay. I said, um, can we test drive it? And, and he goes, Well, I can't let you got can't let you test drive the first edition. Because it's a first edition job. They won't let me test. But he said, I'll let you test drive. I think it's called the Big Bend or something. I think one of their models. I mean, whoever did the naming at Ford. What were they smoking that day? Take it out and zoom around. And you know what? It wasn't bad. I mean, it wasn't. It wasn't an eight year it didn't have an eight cylinder kick to it, but it was you know, it the car moves. And I went back there with them. And ended up you know, lo and behold, ended up with with the Ford Bronco sport. First Edition, which I must say I've got 6000 miles. That's right, Jeff. 6000 miles. That's I bought it in January, January, February, March, April, May, June. It's about 1000 miles a month. Not bad. Right. Right. drive it rain, snow, you know, well, no snow yet. I really would like to see it in the snow. But I have to tell you, um, thing goes, it definitely exceeds the speed limit Really? Well. You know, if you're seriously at 85 to 90, I've probably had it up to 100 on a, you know, on a straightaway with with nobody else on the road, of course, safely. But overall, I have to say, you know, they've built a great car, and I've never had a Ford before. I've never I've never owned a Ford before. Are you a Ford guy? Have you ag Ford? My grandfather was the designer for Ford in Detroit. Really? Yeah. So I grew up. On my mom's side, we all everyone had for us. Wow. So which like which car Did you did you get to learn to drive on a Ford. Now my first well, like, my dad, you know, had was a dealer in Detroit. So all he did was use car. So all they did was bring home. Cool stuff every day. So I grew up with all the cool stuff. So what did I learn to drive on? In at nine years old. I learned to drive age to learn to drive in a 69. That big block. Nice. That's safe. You know, that's very safe for nine year old especially back then. But no seatbelts, no airbags, nothing. That was done. That was the first car I ever drove alone. Now, all I did was ride the brake and I had to hold myself up on the steering wheel because I see over the cowl anyway. So pulling myself up. My ass isn't even on the seat. And I'm riding the break and went around the block a couple times. My dad let me which was crazy if you think about it, but I love it. I love it. My dad. My dad was a teebird My dad was a T word guy. The first the first I guess so. I mean, I definitely. I was born. I was born in a T bird then because my dad's core. I was born in 65. My dad had I believe he had a 67 I wish I had a picture of it. It was it was a rose baby. I don't know if you remember that color they made sure and my dad my dad was like a flashy guy back then. He had a rose beige teebird. And it was it was a hot car. It looked like the freakin Batmobile. You know, and I guess I guess it's considered probably the first car that I crashed. Because Me too. I got behind the wheel. And I drove it right into the driveway door. Nice. Yeah. Yeah, nice. Right that that set the precedent but my dad for years to come for accident. My first my first real car that my dad gave me I was 13 right. 77 Jeep Golden Eagle 304 va Levi's interior the eagle on the hood, the gold wheels the dark brown. On a man I mean, that's. You have did you keep pictures of these of these cars? You know? Yeah, I have a couple of the Jeep. That's good. My dad

always drove marks though. So the first car I really remember. Was his new so I was 469 Mark three That's nice. And then he got a new Mark every six months. That's nice. And it was funny because I'm like, Dad, why do you get a new cursor off? And he says, Hey, I could trade for like 800 bucks a grand right? That's You know what? That was the beauty that time period. You know you if you watch Leno's sometimes I'm sorry I don't want to bring up a competitor, but I don't think I think you'd beat him out anyway because what what is Lenovo got on you just a couple of cars, you know, a few, a few sets and zeros. But you know, you listen to him. It's like it sounds like you. I mean, I think it would be great. I wish I wish I was friends with Jay because I would have had j right here if I could have gotten a blow up doll of J and just put them on the couch. That would have been that would have been hot is would have thrown a lot of your viewers off. They don't expect that. The ones that are left at the moment we're down to three. So when you and I met Izzy and your background is and I don't know what's okay to talk about but take that fail male gogo dancer and i just i i bulked up, I bulked up through the pandemic, so I can't I can't really get movies. I could Polka. I could poke a lot of polka Jeff. So, yeah, Izzy actually was, I think, was the finalist with Patrick Swayze in dirty dancing. auditioning. Yeah, no. Is he funding for companies taking companies public? This sort of thing, right? your background? Oh, let's just we can we could just we could title it as you know, invest. We can edit out anything. Don't talk about that. You can talk about it. It's not I didn't I never heard anybody. Not. Not that. I don't know. It's okay. So we were we were together. fundraising for a new product. We met in a Midtown Manhattan steakhouse, right? As we did, we had a number of potential investors there you were there for the reason you were there. I was there because it was car business related. And a lot of investors would want to know, how does this work in titling? How does this work state to state? And how does this work? And logistically and I would get called over to the conversation, to answer that sort of thing? Well, absolutely. And the, you know, like, like, with many transactions, on the vision on it, if I didn't coin the term, because part of the company's name, bad vision in it, just spelled a little differently. But the vision of the company, if it would have been followed through, unbeknownst that we were going to be in a full blown pandemic, where people when we're actually going to be purchasing vehicles on, you know, over the Internet and having them delivered to their house way before, let's just call it carvana and Froome. And some of these other brands got real popular. I'd say that we were probably ahead of the curve, on, you know, on that on that model, who most it most likely would have done quite well if the follow through had been able to accomplish but you know, it was a it was a shot was a title fight, you know, you get a title fight. And sometimes you win, sometimes, you know, you don't win. So we're at this event, I think we had two of them. Right? And we're at this steak house, and you were so kind to pay attention to my wife and keep her occupied while I was up talking to the various guys. But when you and I would sit down, you found out I was a real car guy. So then I had to hear, I don't know, six, seven times about the Ford GT. Well, you know, that brings us to Ford, that would have been my first, you know, my first my first bite of a Ford. And I was born in 65. And my grandfather actually used to buy me, you know, Matchbox cars, and they used to come I don't know if you remember. Yeah, you definitely do. They used to come in a little box. Remember? I'm here? Yeah, they used to come in a little box. And my grandfather, always every time I saw my grandfather, give me another car, another car.

And even got the little motorcycles to eventually but and, and the first car that I remember I loved as a little kid was just, you know, I didn't know what the hell it was. And it was it was you know, the Ford GT which of course, you know, was big winner back in 6465 66. I think sickly 67 do or I don't remember if it was 67 or they started to dwindle off in 67. I don't remember. But the GP 40s Yeah, yeah. Oh, I really don't know, I had Marty shore on here who had an opportunity to buy one of the original racecars and run by it for five because he thought it would be 3500 the next year. Oh my god. Oh my god, little did he know that it's a couple of million bucks. But you know, you wouldn't be, you know, you see the kid cars have it out there today. But But what happened to me was I was turning 40. And when I was turning 40, little did I know that Ford was going to roll out that car for the 40th anniversary of the GT 40. The original, you know, the original guard. And, you know, nobody really wasn't getting a lot of fanfare. And I figured, you know, I'm turning 40. And that would be a perfect car to own. And at the time I had, I had a it had to be 2000. I forgot what year was, but I had already I had the Range Rover, I had a Porsche cabrio at the time that I loved. And I figured, you know, why not get a two seater? That basically, I was planning on taking the other seat out the passenger seat, so that my wife couldn't even go in the car with me. And and just drive around, you know, by myself and have my own, like peaceful soda, like a male just to a male room just to drive around me, you know, thank you. Exactly, ugh, sanctuary with wheels on it. And I ended up bidding on the car on eBay. And the crazy thing is it and I, I actually I mean, I have the I got the paperwork from when I won the bid. I sent in my $1,000 deposit. And and it was it was it was that tungsten silver. It had like that off like not a white stripe, it was like a semi white, silvery stripe down the center. And the thing was just go It was absolutely magnificent car. And I think I had it at i think i think the price was like I think a Gambit like 105 or something like that, you know, I was so happy that I I made the mistake of telling my wife about it. You know, it's just I should have just done it the same way I bought my Porsche, which is have it delivered to the house. And then there's nothing they could say. But I sat there at dinner and I remember it like yesterday and I was like, Honey, I'm getting myself like birthday present. It's right pegged for me it's 40 year anniversary, it's right on my birthday. It's perfect. You know, and I love silver. I love silver sports guards, you know, you I don't care what it is, you know, if it's in silver with a black interior and no goddamn, you know, cupholders I'm in. And she gave me that look, you know, you know that look, Jeff, you get that look, they look at you like but where you're gonna put it? That's right garage space. in Long Island. There's two cars in the garage now, where you're going to have to store it. And I was thinking okay, so you know, store, I'm only going to use it in the summer, maybe, you know, three months a year max. You're only going to use it three months a year? Why? Why would you buy that? It's this? It doesn't make any sense. Can I use it? And I was like, Well, you know, it's a stick and I know, you know, to drive a stick on E which is the only one of the only reasons why I married you at the time. Because you were the you know, you were actually very pretty and you drove a stick but, you know, that work that helps it helps close a deal on the first marriage. And and I thought about it, you know, for like a couple of days. And, and I didn't get it. And even though I probably backed out of the deal. I backed out of the deal. They I know and I have the I've got the VIN number on it in the files in the in the in the records of the car records about the VIN number everything, the receipt, the whole thing, shipping date, everything. And

you know, I probably would have had to have cut it in half to my divorce. You know, because it would have been like a Solomon thing, you know, is no way I would have given it to him. No way I never would have given I would have. I would have been it. I don't I don't know if the Iranian seven gets this up. I would have been like the way oj was running in the white Bronco. I would have been on the run in the silver gt going across the country. And it would it would have taken him they would have had to have roadblocked me. So anyway, just a little drawn out on the Ford GT but I've driven them. Have you driven the Have you driven that model? 2005 It's scary. It's the only way to do Write that shockingly fast it could get away from you. It's unbelievably fast. It It is. It's so much fun. That, that cars, it shouldn't be. I mean, how more than weren't wrecked. You know, I'm always amazed. Because that thing was, was it was just massive, it was just an amazing, an amazing, you know, amazing display how a company like Ford, which if you go back to that middle of the two of that decade from 2000 to 2010, they really didn't have many great cars coming out and to see them pump that out. really gave I think the blue oval, a little bit of clout, you know, at that point, and, and sure enough, I mean, they've come out with another one. And I don't know, the new one that they did. My jury's out. I haven't driven it, I'd love to drive it. But, you know, anytime you take an eight cylinder and then you do the six with the zippity doo does in it. You know, but then again, not to jump around here a little bit. I have you seen the design of the new mazaraki that's coming out? Yeah, MC 20? Yes, I'm trying to get one to do a product video on Yes. If you get one to do a project video, I'll be there, man. I mean, that that thing. I mean, I think they'll gonna have a hit on it. But you know what, you could understand them putting a six in that. Because they can't, you know, they can't do an a, you know, the Ferrari, you know, they, they had to do something a little different. But the thing looks absolutely, to die. It's, I mean, it's, I'm sure it'll give McLaren a little run for their money. Because I think McLaren is sort of the, the pinnacle of, you know, that type of looking car right now. You know, as opposed to the lambos. And you know, in many of the other many of the other exotics that have come out. You had a 930 Well, you know, you're talking about driving a freakin crazy insane car. And why did I say freakin it? We're not going to be edited, but you don't have bloopers here. Talking about fucking driving of an insane car. And just to show you how I keep a record of that. Okay, this is on my board. Just to show you guys just to show you my board your I don't know. care for you ever in my lair? Did you ever come up to the office in New York? Oh my god. Okay, so here's, this is good. I mean, and I haven't touched this for the show. Just look at this. Okay. Hold on. I think I could turn this. Can I turn this around? Yeah. Oh, okay. So Jeff. Jeff, what's that? Not Willie Mays, the slant nose. That's the slant nose. Okay. That was when I was doing gray market cars. Those girls came with the rolls. Yes, they did. And right now those two women are grandmother. Those two women are probably grandmothers right now. But back then. They were really hot. And like 19 that was I think that was 85 when we were importing gray market cars. There's another gray market. We brought. We brought in a bunch of those 928. Yep. And what we used to do to them, Jeff, we use the pull the exhausts off of the 928. Okay, yes, we would pull the exhausts off of the 928 put in a straight pipe answer.

And the freakin that car, like I'm not joking. If you ever heard what a jet like if you're up close to a jet engine. The thing made a sound. We're here. If you had the windows open up the night 28 you would you'd be deaf. It was like a low it was a rumble. And when you hit the gas pedal and that thing you know why they who those why Porsche discontinued going down that road but that thing hauled ass and was on rails. That was an eight cylinder. Wait as opposed to that. Which that car we employ is I was doing it with a couple of buddies of mine back back in the 80s and we were importing some really wild automobiles. And that car happened to be a Swiss police car. That was a chase vehicle. I'm not joking. It had a 3.5 liter engine in it, it was a 19. It was like a, I think it was the 170/5 Porsche Turbo, that Porsche built for speed race gearbox. It would, I'll put it this way, the thing would wheel spin, okay, you smoke the tires in second gear at 80 to 90 miles an hour, the tires would read smoke. So if you were on anything slick, and you were going to 8590 and shifting it into second gear, those cars just they just took off sideways. There was there was only one way to drive that car. And that was like this. You had to be keep spinning that front wheel because it was it was literally jet jet propulsion in that vehicle. Oh, and then here just to just to show you the wall, my wall of shame. So Jeff, do you see that? Yes. You see that ticket? Yes. That's from the 100th running 100 running of the Indy 500. And that was that was a pretty incredible, incredible, pretty incredible, you no time to go, I took my two sons to that they were both blown away. And just to take you through the car wall of fame, and I'm, I'm not a I'm not a garage. This might look like a garage. But it actually used to do investment banking. And obviously Paul Newman, a little hail to Paul Newman. And then I'll work my way down here. That's Montreal, where I took care. There's the race tickets from Montreal from Formula One, right? Oh, yeah, that was their first f1 race that they ever saw. And like I said, I didn't, I didn't set this up for you. That's my, that's my a typical wall of wall of I mean, there's actually more more car stuff up there. A lot of Porsche paraphernalia, because at the end of the day, you know, you've got to pick your weapon, as they say, if you if you like to drive, and I'm sure you like to drive, as well. But I'm not, you know, all all bullshit aside. You know, I've driven to z I've driven I mean, I don't know what I have. I like to say I don't know what I haven't driven, I guess you know, other than like the new Ford GT, or some of the new like crazy Aston Martin's that are out, which I hear great things about. But as, as far as machines go, that you could try the living shit out of every day. And if you really don't want to change the oil, you don't want to do anything do to just drive it until stuff falls off. And it's still fun. There's nothing like a 911 I don't care. I don't care what anybody you know, I don't care what anybody says it might not be the most comfortable car because, um, people want you know, they want that Aston Martin and they want you know, and even Ferrari, he's got a little cushier. But

nothing like that car, you can use the only car I've ever driven that you can place. Any place on the road is Wi Fi, as long as you know how to drive it. Well. It's it's the equivalent of a motorcycle at certain points. And I have to admit, if I see one more video of a new GT three, which I don't know, have you seen this car yet? Have you taken a look? New gt three? Yeah, the new GT threes? Yes. The one they so they make one that's like insane with like the tail and all that horseshit on it. And then they've actually done the smart thing, which is, they've done a GT three. That's for like, you could drive every day. Which is amazing, because you can probably take the car to the track, right? If you drive it around your block, but it doesn't have like a whaletail on it or anything. But it's just a magnificent car, what they've done on they brought it, they took manual transmission out of that car, put it Yes, they put they put a PDK in that gt three, which is amazing. Now don't get me wrong. I'm a purist. I love the stick shift. I liked the manual, all that. However, for those of you out there in Jeff stern land, that have actually changed out the transmission in a Porsche, when the when the gearbox goes, and they go, because everybody abuses second and third gear in nine elevens you've got to drop the whole freakin engine. It's a it's an insane job and a half. So, you know, having the, you know, as I mean, I drove in tiptronic back in, you know, 99 and then you know, I've used their their PDK um, my jury's only out on it because they've turbocharged All their cars. So you can't really, you can't really judge it to some extent anymore. Because you there's always that little bit of turbo lag. You know, no matter how much you get rid of it, you know, maybe in the in the turbo model, there's no one there's there's no more lag. You know, right, they've got rid, there's no more lag you give it you can't tell where it kicks in anymore and there's it's certainly not anemic get low rpm and I don't know, you know, I don't know, you know, I just, you know, so I want to know a little more about the roles you sent the pic. You showed us the picture that looks like a shadow with the girls, right? I'll live with a long real long we'll be shadow my friend. But you said this is from when I was doing gray market. But unless it's another story, or I confuse stories, I think you told me once a guy owed you money and gave you one of these. Am I right? Or did I miss that? Yep. That's how that's how we knew how to ship it over. And and the guy owed me about 10 grand. And he shipped me a car instead because he didn't have the money. And he shipped me over that car instead. And I luckily, you know, we were doing gray market. I mean, yeah, I kept the picture of the of the 928 brought in a bunch of 928. We brought in that 935 turbo, a couple of nine elevens that were just amazing. But you're going out in this role. So this this was what late 80s. Oh, this was 1985 86. You're 2021 8586. What was that? You were 20 or 21? And 85 or 86? Yeah, that's right. We're, we're wearing a top Jeff a tank top looking looking studly cruising around in a right hand drive roller on the streets of New York City. It was hilarious. We used to let me let me ask this, because I remember the style. So you're wearing a tank top it was probably tucked in to your jeans. Come on with like,

hold up over the jeans. It was worth it was aka Joe remember the aka Joe? Remember ACA? You don't remember Acapulco Joe? I don't think so. Wow, maybe you know what? You got to Google that? You know what I'm gonna get you a tank top that says aka on it says ACA very popular back in those days. But, um, you know what the thing was? I think I was able to get nine people in that car at one point. And I was driving, leaving a nightclub in the Hamptons at the time in Long Island. And I had at least I'm not joking. There were two people in the front seat with me. And there were at least seven people in the back. I mean, there were 10 people, including me. And of course, most of them were young ladies in the back there probably like probably at least like four. Yeah, probably for at least four girls in the back. And we get pulled over. And it's four o'clock in the morning. And the officer pulls us over. And he's streaming is because I had done like a complete illegal U turn in the middle of the road itself. So it was was the reason why we're pulled over and the officer is screaming his head off. Are you crazy? Or what are you doing? I want to see your driver's license registration insurance. And at the time, just to look even cooler. I kept my English plates on the car. I never I never put my actual plates. I kept them. I kept them in the boot as the English call it. Like I kept my regular plates in the in the booth. And the officers screaming his head off. And then it dawns on him that he's screaming at the passenger because it was a right hand drive. So I was just sitting there in the corner. And the officer just looks up and he goes, No, not one of these. Not one of these. And he looks in the car and he just goes go home to wherever your home is now. I do. I don't ever want to see this car on the road at this hour of the night. If it is I'm taking everybody in and we just drove off. Because the guy just it was it was one of those cars and I kid you not because I only use the car in the summertime. I would leave that car double parked in front of restaurants outside New York City with the windows down Jeff. I couldn't leave the keys in it in the ignition and nobody no one would go near it. No one go near. It was hilarious. It was the funny it was definitely one of the funniest vehicles that I've owned. And, you know, in that timeframe, and of course, I ran it until the hydraulics exploded which is what they do. Which is Yeah, they do I mean it. spheres break accumulate. Yeah. Oh, yeah. The car the ash of the car during rack. Oh, yeah, it could have it could almost hit the ground. And to certain point, if I put luggage in it, I probably could have hit the ground with it. And I remember calling up there was a dealership in New York called Harvey's. I don't know if you view if you know, yeah, he was like the he was the Rolls Royce guy in New York City at the time Rolls Royce and at Bentley really wasn't cranking yet. But I brought it into Harvey's and he took a look at and he goes, Oh, yeah, we can fix this. It's like, you know, like, 2020 22,000, you know, 20 something. And that's when I said, I'm selling this car. And, and subsequently, I I sold the vehicle for probably the same amount that the guy owed me money on. I mean, I got great use out of it. Until it until it went nuclear and, and some lucky person got because the car Other than that, that fixed point. I think that thing had a 6.75 liter freaking engine in that thing. That's what they had. Yes. Yeah. And it was good. I'm not gonna lie. It was gorgeous. I wish I knew more how to how to work on it. But the thing was, it was a work of art. I mean, I believe that was the engine. Or a version of it was in like the Spitfire and the and the, and the, what's it called the air would have are now mostly Rolls Royce Aero now. I think it was in the rolls. I think the Rolls Royce engines were in ruin the airplanes. No. Sorry to burst your bubble. You don't think so? No, they're not putting some iron block 6.75 liter. Our engine in a plane?

No, I think it was a Rolls Royce, what they call a Rolls Royce Merlin Rolls Royce still makes airplane engines Rolls Royces in the airplane engine business. It just wasn't that way. Right? Well, maybe it wasn't that one. But it was a similar one. Now, Jay Leno has a car with the Merlin engine. And now you're talking. That's the engine? Yes. That the engine. The engine that you're talking about? enrols is really legendary. And they've always used 6.75 liter and even the new fat and fan of the all new rolls is still they still use 6.75 liter. That's why what why is that their number do you do is there it's only tradition. It's really started with the ghosts. Right? They call it waft stability. They never disclose horsepower, the horsepower is always adequate, right. And, but the torque was monster. So the idea was without any fanfare, without any noise without any RPM, you give it just a little gas, it would go you know, New York is one of those places that if you drive really fast there you could either lose a wheel, because odds are I mean, the police sometimes are not really readily available. You know, at least not in certain hours of the day. But, you know, because the roads are so inadequate and just horrible. It was more of a contest of do I get a flat or Buster rim or anything along those lines. But it was it was usually to get to the airport. I mean, that's usually the the drag race that people would make. Jeff not only what is speeding tickets, I had my license taken away by a judge. I must have had like 20 points. I think I had 20 points. And the judge I came in and the judge just ripped up my license in front of my face. Because when they were you know, the paper when they were a paper license, and he ripped it in half in front of me and said you, you don't you don't and and I did the a typical, you know, thing. And I figured out I went I must have been maybe I was 20 years old. And and I said wait a minute. There's 50 states, right? Every state gives you a license. So they took it away in New York. There's new jersey show I went I took the test over and I took the driving test. I did it all. No, I didn't just you know, and I gotta I got it. I was I was from Jersey for about probably about three years. And I made it through I made it. It was it wasn't I didn't whip it out. Well excuse me. I didn't take out the license for you know to show girls because you know, you know they see New Jersey. They give you a look but You know, it was it was fine. And I figured, you know, if I lost the jersey one, I would just, you know, go to Connecticut and work my way. work my way West, you know? Yeah. So yeah, there were a lot of very nice police officers out there they really are. Any time that you pass an officer going over 80 miles an hour or more, they will give chase. They will, I can I can attest to the chase, the chase model, the only time I got out of a chase in and I was in my a Porsche 911 cabrio, which I tweaked it, and I changed the chip and I lowered the suspension. And the gorgeous home Did you know even though it was one of the first ones out, it was a 996, which everybody makes fun of. But I probably had about 330, you know, and change horsepower to the wheels of the car move. And you know, the guy pulled me over and gave chase for a little while. And he pulled over and he gets out of the car and comes over. And the first thing I said to him was officer, my carpet was stuck under my accelerator. And it was the first thing I said to him. And be you know, they're they're wired up when they come over, you know, they're, they're recording it. So he looked at me and he said, open your door, I want to look and and luckily, luckily I had pushed it with my feet, you know, under it. And I like games, I get locked on my stuff. And he opened my door and sticks a flashlight and he goes because that was a good response. And he and he goes give me a license right now he goes give me a license registration shirts, I give them everything. And I had to clean. I was totally clean at the time. And

he came back and he goes, he gave me a warning. He said you know, I'll remember. I remember this call. And I was like Thank you. No thank you officer. My worst. My worst speeding ticket was of course, is he hang on? Sure. How does the mat bunched up under the accelerator. Make it accelerate? Wouldn't that make it annex D celery? It was just caught. I just explained to me that it was like caught in it and I couldn't hit the accelerator pedal. I couldn't get the accelerator pedal outbreak. This is before Did you remember this was an analog call this analog in a Testarossa? I haven't Testarossa that I almost shut off the car. I couldn't understand why I was accelerating on me on the freeway. See, and it was the carpet. Yeah, no, it has, it does happen. But I just, it was just I just had to come up with some kind of horseshit. Because if not, I knew I was looking at like, you know, he probably clocked me at like, 90 something, you know, because I, I slowed down when I saw the blue, you know, the little blue car, you know, it was one of those blue state trooper cars in, in southern Long Island. And I was like, whoops, I saw him too late. So the worst ticket Sorry, I interrupted. Yeah, so the worst the worst one I got, because you as a parent will understand this. So I have both my sons and I was actually using my wife's Range Rover at the time. And I was in the Hlv lane. Probably doing I don't know, let's say at 85. You know, there was no traffic. And of course, my youngest decides that he must go to the bathroom. And you know what it's like when the little people need to use the bathroom. It's right. It's either it's happening on the seats, or it's going out the window or, and it's mayhem. So I of course put my blinker on because you know, why not? And I got out of that Hlv lane across like, I don't know how many double, triple quadruple yellow lines to get to the exit. And, of course, as luck would have it, there was a a wonderful probably just out of the Marine Corps police officer who, who most likely had just finished basic training and then decided to become a cop. And and he pulls me over and not only was I unshaven because it was like all the week I was like, unshaven no shade. No no shower, sunglasses. And on top of it, Jeff, no license. I forgot. I forgot no license on me. Usually in my car, I always keep my my registration and insurance card in the glove compartment. However, unbeknownst to me, even though I had made copies of those things, um, my ex wife, but wife at the time, decided to use the copy of the registration and the copy of the insurance card as tissue paper for her to go. So yeah, exactly, exactly. So that when I reached in when I reached in to get the registration and insurance guard it, it was let's just say not presentable. I love you, Jeff. Thank you. Thank you so much for joining, talk to you soon.

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