Aug. 25, 2021


0:34 Izzy's grandfather gives him Matchbox cars. The Ford GT was his favorite 1:19 Age 40 Izzy is high bidder on a 40th Anniversary Ford GT 3:03 "I made the mistake of telling my wife about it." 5:23 If I got divorced, I would have been OJ on the...

0:34 Izzy's grandfather gives him Matchbox cars. The Ford GT was his favorite
1:19 Age 40 Izzy is high bidder on a 40th Anniversary Ford GT
3:03 "I made the mistake of telling my wife about it."
5:23 If I got divorced, I would have been OJ on the freeway with that car


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My grandfather actually used to buy me, you know, Matchbox cars and they used to come. I don't know if you remember. Yeah, you definitely do. They used to come in a little box. Remember? I'm here? Yeah, they used to come in a little box and my grandfather, always every time I saw my grandfather, give me another car, another car. And even got the little motorcycles to eventually but, and, and, and the first car that I remember I loved as a little kid was just, you know, I didn't know what the hell it was. And it was it was, you know, the Ford GT, which of course, you know, was big winner back in 6465 66. I think 6067 do or I don't remember if it was 67 or they started to dwindle off in 67. I don't remember. But anyway, 40s Yeah, yeah.

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I really don't know, I had Marty shore on here who had an opportunity to buy one of the original racecars and run by it for five because he thought it would be 3500 the next year.

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Oh my god. Oh my god. Little did he know that it's a couple of million bucks. But you know, you wouldn't be you know, you see the kid cars have it out there today. But But what happened to me was I was turning 40. And when I was turning 40 Little did I know that Ford was going to roll out that car for the 40th anniversary of the GT 40 the original, you know, the original guard. And you know, nobody really wasn't getting a lot of fanfare. And I figured you know, I'm turning 40 and that would be a perfect car to own and at the time I had, I had a it had to be 2000 I forgot what year was but I had already I had the Range Rover. I had a Porsche cabrio at the time that I loved. And I figured you know, why not get a two seater? That basically I was planning on taking the other seat out the passenger seat so that my wife couldn't even go in the car with me and and just drive around you know, by myself and have my own like peaceful soda like a male just to a male room just to drive around me you know, thank you. Exactly. Ugh sanctuary with wheels on it. And I ended up bidding on the car on eBay. And the crazy thing is i mean i i actually I mean I have the Pete I got the paperwork from when I won the bid. I sent him my $1,000 deposit. And and it was it was it was that tungsten silver. It had like that off like not a white stripe, it was like a semi white, silvery stripe down the center. And the thing was just go It was absolutely magnificent car. And I think I had it at i think i think the price was like I think a Gambit like 105 or something like that. You know, I was so happy that I I made the mistake of telling my wife about it. You know, it's just I should have just done it the same way I bought my Porsche which is have it delivered to the house and then there's nothing they could say. But I sat there at dinner and I remember it like yesterday and I was like honey I'm getting myself like birthday present it's right pegged for me it's 40 year anniversary, it's right on my birthday. It's perfect. You know and I love silver. I love silver sportscards you know you I don't care what it is. You know if it's in silver with a black interior and no goddamn you know cupholders I'm in and she gave me that look, you know you know that look Jeff you get that look they look at you like but where you're going to put it? That's right garage space in Long Island. There's two cars in the garage now where you're going to have to store it and I was thinking okay, so you know store I'm only going to use it in the summer maybe you know, three months a year max. You're only going to use it three months a year. Why? Why would you buy that it's this. It doesn't make any sense. Can I use it? And I was like well you know it's a stick and I know you not to drive a stick on E which is the only one of the only reasons why I married you at the time. Because you were the you know you were actually very pretty and you drove a stick but you know that work that helps it helps close a deal on the first marriage. And and I thought about it you know for like a couple of days. And and I didn't get it and even though I probably backed out of the deal. I backed out of the deal. They I know and I have the I've got the VIN number on it in the files in the in the in the records, the car records, I've got the VIN number retake the receipt, the whole thing, shipping date everything. And you know, I probably would have had to have cut it in half. So my divorce, you know, because it would have been like a Solomon thing you know? is no way I would have given it to him. No way I never would have given. I wish I would have been it. This is dope. I don't know if your audience ever gets this up. I would have been like the way oj was running in the white Bronco. I would have been on the run in the silver gt going across the country. And it would it would have taken them they would have had to have roadblocks.

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This has been

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Jeff Sterns connected through cars.

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