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We've sort of handcuffed me and kicked the crap out of me to the trailer park park. Residents are out there in their bathrobe. Here's the police beating me with flashlights.

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Jeff Sterns connected through cars, if they're big wigs, we'll have him on the show. And yes, we'll talk about cars and everything else. Here he is now, Jeff Sterns

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are we seeing this? I'm seeing this guy voted for B 1968 56 inch chest 25 inch arms look at me

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know that this might even be a boring part of your life when it was beginning like you already lived a full life by by this photo.

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Oh, that was that was 21 year old Jim Ziegler. It was a different day in time. Got a lot of trouble that car

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now was this the one with the police chase and the disassembly and whatever.

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versus the one with the police chase. December 28 1968. Now I have custom ordered that car. The Plymouth Road Runner had come out earlier in 1968. And that car was $2,800 drive out 383 high performance engine super be a ticket to Stanley Mizel and Stanley Mizel had a company called performance engineering and Performance Engineering. He owned a world record holding a Hemi Cuda. He was he was doing 10 seconds, which was the record at the time. He was doing 10 seconds and a Hemi Cuda. So Stanley Mizel I gave Stanley $1,000 on a $2,800 car so I said make it faster. December 28 1968 met two guys that that had two cars. One of them was a 55 Chevrolet and the other was a 68 Plymouth Road Runner, and we decided we're going to go to the city dump and drag race, which I did a lot of that. Okay, the 55 Chevrolet in the Road Runner ran first. The 55 Chevrolet won the race. So then I lined up on the on the 55 Chevrolet we as soon as we turn tires, that dump lit up with police cars there were five police cars hidden in the dump. They knew we were going to be there somebody somebody had made a phone call that we were headed to the dump to drag race so I don't know why I did it Jeff but I decided to run

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so you're saying right now you don't know why you decided to do it. But like really you can't like go back like is it just a random thought you sound like you sound like a salesman filling out an upcard what brought him in and he decided to turn

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the 55 Chevrolet pulled over and took the ticket I I stepped on it. How guy ran 14 miles in six minutes I have distanced five patrol cars. I blew one of them up they were the police nose days were driving Chevrolet 396 cubic inch empowers. Okay, so I blew up one of the police car engines out distance five of them and ran a roadblock. And after the roadblock I pulled over and put my hands up. I'm done

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to no consequence right there is no consequence. I'll just laughed and shook hands and they let you leave.

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No, the handcuffs sort of. The police sort of handcuffed me and kicked the crap out of me. I had pulled over next to a trailer park and all the residents of the Trenton this is one o'clock in the morning. So the trailer park park residents are out there and they're bathrobes and whatever. They're out there. We're there all the police cars doing in front of the trailer park with the lights on. Here's the police beating me with flashlights. So we get to court. And the judge was Judge John San Tora. And I said, Your Honor, I think I need an attorney. He said you better have an attorney and they've rescheduled the case. Fortunately for me, the police had had worked me over in front of 5060 witnesses. So we were able to plea bargain our way out of all the felony counts. Oh my god. So they dismissed all the felony counts be and we traded it off and I wasn't going to sue or litigate against the city. So they dismissed all the felony counts and at that point, Judge Santorum a year without a driver's license that Make the fine was $1,000 and I had to dismantle the engine and sell the

Jeff Sterns  5:06  
car. Dismantle the just the engine like remove the engine from the

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back there's no take the speed parts off the engine return it to stock and the placement in the chase. Who's that? The actually actually the arresting officer. Anybody in Jacksonville might know that was JJ Brady. And JJ Brady. You became a good friend of mine. I knew him for years. He bought the super V.

Jeff Sterns  5:35  
Oh, so the cop no kidding buys the car the Hot Pursuit car

Unknown Speaker  5:40  
cop in the chase bought the car and he bought the speed parts I'd taken off of it.

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This has been Jeff Sterns connected through cars

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