Dec. 2, 2021

Cannonball Run | FIREBALL RUN | Alec Baldwin Movie Ranch | UFOs | Astronauts | S.E. Turquoise

Cannonball Run | FIREBALL RUN | Alec Baldwin Movie Ranch | UFOs | Astronauts | S.E. Turquoise

4:09 visual effects industry 4:15 global advertising and PR company 4:23 film industry, television producer 4:26 created the FIREBALL RUN television series 5:33 we bought a movie ranch SCARAMANGA. I was friends with Sir Roger Moore. 7:00 One Lap of...

4:09 visual effects industry
4:15 global advertising and PR company
4:23 film industry, television producer
4:26 created the FIREBALL RUN television series
5:33 we bought a movie ranch SCARAMANGA. I was friends with Sir Roger Moore.
7:00 One Lap of America
8:05 private CANNONBALL RUN screening party....with the stars and crew
13:27 How FIREBALL RUN got its name
17:13 Dave Sterns promoted MEET THE BEATLES
23:41 J's grandfather was a POW in Japan. Pretended to be dead to escape.
26:08 The real deterrent to war
28:46 USA military weaponry: "So advanced it's ridiculous"
30:15 Tech borrowed from aliens?
31:37 a quantifiable group of friends who are astronauts
34:58 1956, you saw black diamond fly through the sky
35:54 astronauts not allowed to talk about UFOs
36:13 RUST Baldwin Bonanza Creek (adjacent to Sanchez' Movie Ranch) stuff
54:03 what % must be GLBT to have a vote??
59:31 regarding turquoise
1:00:29 Florida life
1:03:59 daily driver was a 76 Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith ll
1:08:15 My dad was a typical Hispanic dad, you know, the sparks are flying... not gonna kill you!


Unknown Speaker  0:00  
I created the fireball run television series which is kind of like an Amazon's version of Amazing Race only smarter this show wrapped its 11th season we bought a movie ranch when I was friends with Sir Roger Moore. The history of the property is in the 70s. It was owned by a drug lord. I raced in Brock Gates's and so I raced in his One Lap of America, they'd be out there on the on the onion fields. hoeing. Right. He said, and then he says that Japanese General or commander would come out drunk as shit and just start shooting it. Fucking killing people. He escaped because he pretended like he was dead and they throw him on top of the dead bodies. We are caught off guard. I'm reading all this stuff. Our military is caught off guard by DOD. We're not caught off guard by that stuff, man. We are so China's got nothing on this stuff. But we got I'm telling you we are so far advanced. It's ridiculous. I have a what I would say is a quantifiable group of friends who are astronauts.

Jeff Sterns  0:59  
You have a movie studio. Yeah. Scaramanga?

Unknown Speaker  1:03  
No that's the movie ranch. Yeah, and then on property, we have stuffs got a manga Scaramanga Francisco's got a Manga The Man with the Golden get

Jeff Sterns  1:10  
connected to the ranch where all this rust Baldwin stuff, but then they're

Unknown Speaker  1:15  
scrambling for money in this magic suitcase is supposed to be driven here, even though the sparks are flying right into you and burning you out. He's like that, that kind of kill you stop being a baby.

Jeff Sterns  1:24  
How do you want to be addressed here or introduced here?

Unknown Speaker  1:27  
Just Jay Jay is fine. JJ came from when I was in the cannonball events. And that nickname came my name is always J Sanchez. But when I did the cannonball events with Brock Yates, we looked very overhyped like movie. And so they folks on the track, nicknamed me JJ mccluer, which is the Burt Reynolds character from Cannonball Run. And so, so, racers were calling me JJ. And then when I was doing the television series, a few of them were in the show, and they call me JJ. And then everybody started calling me JJ. But at first it was a way that I could distinguish between my racing friends and others.

Jeff Sterns  2:08  
No relation to JJ Walker

Unknown Speaker  2:10  
now. No, I'm much too much to Blonko for that.

Jeff Sterns  2:15  
And did you say Sanchez? Yes,

Unknown Speaker  2:16  
Sanchez? Yeah, that's a Spanish pronunciation. I'm Castilian.

Jeff Sterns  2:20  
So that's like the uppity the uppity Spain. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  2:24  
it's not for the faint. Can you tell? I'm white as a sheet. It's funny people look at me. They're like, you're kind of white. And I'm like, Whoa, yeah, cuz I'm Spanish. Oh, I thought most Spanish people were duck. I was like, Have you been to Spain? We're not. It's we're not Mexican. Not that there's anything wrong with being Mexican. But now my family's 13th generation New Mexicans. So we're one generation off of finding this place. Santa Fe, New Mexico is the oldest capital in the United States. Oldest capital and everything goes on Pittsburgh or whatever. You know what I mean? It's an Washington I'm think I'm in Florida. So

Jeff Sterns  3:00  
I'm thinking St. Augustine, the oldest city but you're saying oldest capital I got okay.

Unknown Speaker  3:03  
We're the oldest capital. And that's because it was a capital for Spain long before the whole United States stuff. So the oldest capital in the United States? Is Santa Fe. A lot of history out here. So when when is when is Jimmy Fallon coming on? Because I thought you were the warm up fact. No, Jimmy Fallon. I'm like wondering, how'd this get booked? I thought I was doing a favor.

Unknown Speaker  3:27  
Jeff Sterns connected through cars, if they're big wigs, we'll have him on the show. And yes, we'll talk about cars and everything else. Here he is now. Jeff Sterns.

Jeff Sterns  3:44  
Jeff Sterns connected through cars with my good longtime friend Jay Sanchez, not to be mistaken with a commoner Sanchez, the producer of the 11 season fireball run, that was on 11 on Amazon, and I write that you are 11 seasons correct is on Amazon. And you did a lot of other things that we'll get into here, but I can't put it into the introduction.

Unknown Speaker  4:07  
I started as in the visual effects industry and the visual effects company and then I owned a global advertising and PR company. And then when I decided to retire from that, I said, I've made enough money to lose it back in the film industry. So I became a television producer. And, and I did, I created the fireball run television series, which is kind of like an Amazon's version of Amazing Race only smarter than amazing, amazing race real dumb show. Ours was a real sophisticated show, but and then that's what I've done since right so the show wrapped its 11th season in 2018, I believe. And then I took a little sabbatical. We're headquartered at Universal Studios, Florida, and then I but after 11 seasons as a showrunner Which is unusual usually a showrunner burns out after three seasons showrunner is the actual real executive producer, the one who actually runs the show, right? The burnout is usually three seasons, I was held on for 11. And then I told the folks at Amazon that if they asked me to do another one, I'm gonna jump here out of my window at Universal Studios. And so they backed off, and I ended up relocating everything and a few people to to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where we bought a movie ranch got a manga ranch, and we named it Scarman. I was friends with Sir Roger Moore. I wanted to name when I bought the ranch. We have our own Canyon. It's one of five privately owned canyons in the state. Super cool. That's why people come here to film although we're building sets now to a little town set. But I, because Sir Roger Moore was a good friend. And I wanted to name everything on property after a bond thing. So the the canyon is now known as high fat Canyon, it's good night's Gulch, you know, and all the all the parts of the of the property here are named after bond things. And the history of the property is in the 70s. It was owned by a drug lord. And, and they were growing marijuana out of the canyon. Until as I as until I was, as I was told till the helicopters got him when put when the sheriff start using his helicopter. And so I said, You know what, I'm going to name it after Francisco, Scaramanga The Man with the Golden Gun, because he was he was a drug lord. So that's how it got that's how it got named that but you know, I created fireball run and everything you know, I was, many people might not know this. So I, I raced in Brock gates is for those people who don't know, Brock Yates is he was a legendary automotive journalist for corn driver, and the creator of the original cannonball Baker sea to shining sea Memorial dash race, which ran four times. And so I racing this One Lap of America because somebody connected me to get in and medium headed off and I was actually brought in to bring the movie back.

Unknown Speaker  7:10  
After I raced once there and then Brock found out a little bit behind behind the scenes about me. He called me up and he says, Hey, J bird, want you to come up to the to the estate and let's talk about getting this movie back together. Cuz you're like, you're younger at the time as young guy, young guy, you got the connections, because nothing's happening on this thing. And I got it the closest I'll be honest with you, man, we had everybody on board. How Needham allready a Brock. These are all the producers right? And and Raymond Chow from Golden Harvest. And at the time, Raymond Chow was probably 200 years old. Lord knows the man still alive today. But nobody had gotten these guys back together. You know, the 70s. Nobody knows. These contracts are written so loosely, right? Nobody knows who really controls it ready think who produced the Godfather thinks he controls it? How thought he could I got all these guys together for a private party at my house in Winter Park, Florida, and didn't tell any of them that I brought the other ones. And, and it was I gotta tell you, we had Terry belay there, you know, Hulk Hogan and a few others. And it was just it was so fine. And we screened the movie in my home theater had a theater that the home theater that looked like a movie theater, and we screened the movie Pammi his wife Brock's wife is like oh my god, Jay she he has not seen this since like 1982 and we screened it How's doing talking about it? Brock's talking about Brock's like that guy did Martin there. Hey, he really drinking that she had real alcohol right there. And cracking. I mean, we're just cracking up. They're telling me about Sir Roger Tamizh like, that's Brock's wife, Pam. He's like, Oh my god. dirtiest mouth on the planet. That guy had a had a dirty joke every two seconds. But it was super cool cuz I had stunt drivers there and all these all these friends from the industry. Everybody is so jam packed. You guys see the photo jam packed in here, listening to what would be a DVD, you know, the DVD narration in real time happening while these guys are talking about all this shit that really went down. And we got it there. I gotta tell you for whatever animosity was between those guys for all those years. It totally melted away. They were all like kids again. All in love with each other. All like let's do this dadadada da and the only one who didn't come was Raymond Chow. Right. And Golden Harvest big company and Raymond Chow is a bazillionaire. And at the time, I think like he saves the two most been 200 years old at that time. We had everybody on board including Raymond and then right when it came down to the final signing. I get a phone call from Raymond's people, and they said you know, Jay Raymond respects you very much. And he, he thinks you'd be great and you know the whole pounding it on because you're gonna get dropped off a cliff. But he's he says it's gonna be a pass. And that that was the end of that, right? So since that summit tell you right now for anybody who even knows what Cannonball Run is that movie? We'll never get remade will not okay, rocks now passed away. House passed away allready is on his last leg. Again. Raymond Chow still powers through at 300 years old. But what happens is these contracts are so loosely written in the 70s. Anytime anybody breathes doing a cannonball film, The lawsuits happen. And it goes nowhere. And so the last one was, I think 2013 al Ruddy, said, we're going to do a cannonball. And then they got so watered down. We're going to do it in Europe, because it'll be in the United States would have anything to do with the movie. And they need to underwrite it with brands. And it was like, and I got all everybody called me. Oh, God, is there. Do you see the press announcement that I said, I'm gonna tell you what I believe it want to see it never happened?

Jeff Sterns  11:09  
Well, you know that it won't. But the thing that you got to feel good about is these guys that had issues with each other, when they're from a distance, they're able to carry it around, let the other guy make the first move or create their own story about what's wrong with the other guy. But when you didn't tell the others that who else was gonna be there when you were inviting them? Then now we're

Unknown Speaker  11:29  
here. You know, it's like high school. It's like high school, right? You only remember the good parts. When they got back together. And they're watching that movie. It hit them how cool it was. And, and they wanted to do it again. And we were and we were so close. And then when Raymond did that, there's no way to do it. I mean, there's you got to have everybody on board or somebody is going to sue, and nobody wants to take that on. And so I told Brock, when that happened, I said, you know, what we we look at a little bit different. What if we? What if we did something that where the movie was inspired from the real event? Why don't we create a product inspired from the movie and we create I said, and we'll call it, you know, whatever and broccoli like jaybird anything you want to do and right behind you because there's never gonna happen bla bla bla, and it was Tom. Okay, so we created this concept of this quasi reality show, even though everything's authentic. Okay? Not like amazing race where it's all staged. Literally an amazing race. They tell him okay, get out of the car and run off the cliff. And then do it again. Only this time throw a purse at your wife in color a whore. Right that they're called produced. It's all reality is that way ours was more like Doc, you tainment right? Because we didn't. We didn't. I mean, the shit that went down on our show really, actually went down. It's hilarious. So we struggled though for like six months trying to come up with a name. Right. And Brock was co producer and, and we couldn't come up with any I finally told a few friends and Florida. I you know who Mani Pat. You remember Monty Patterson? Very well, yeah. Monty was like my mentor, man. I love that man is so sorry. That he had passed away. I love that man. Like, like, like another father. That guy was to me. And Monty. And Tom LaPointe. And David Hickman, who was the president of my ad agency. I said, Look, here's what we're going to do. We're going to go downtown Orlando. I forgot what what this eatery was, but it was a hot wings place. We're gonna order hot wings and get fucking wasted. But we are not leaving here until we come up with a name. And let me tell you, Tom, Tom came in with a book of NASCAR legends. Right? So we're all talking and we're at this point, we're probably three sheets to the wind because we're still trying to come up with a name. And and and Tom opens that book up it goes Hey, did you know there was a NASCAR legend? Named Fireball Roberts? And I'm like, get the what his name was fireball. I mean, sounds like cannon wrong. And of course cannon ball got ball in it. Yeah. And hit right and and Brock named cannonball after cannonball Baker. I'm like, Okay, we named Mars after Fireball Roberts. And and we're in. And then I said, Nobody talks until we get the registered trademarks cleared, because I don't need you know, 20 Century Fox on my ass. And they've never peaked. They never peaked on the show. Even though we're clearly a spin off of some sorts, right? But now we're actually trying to produce a movie based on fireball run series. But, you know, basically it's the Cannonball Run movie. Nobody can produce with all these wacky characters and antics, but it'll be scripted. It's scripted, right? So, but it kind of plays on the same thing. So we're able to bring it back that nobody can bring back but that's one movie. Everybody wants to see Cannonball Run. It's just never. It's never gonna happen. It's never gonna happen. You know, if I died tomorrow, Jeff. I literally tell folks I can Not complaining, I would not find it tomorrow. If I knew it was going to happen. It just would. I've, I am very lucky and honored and privileged and humbled to have lived so many lives as in the Air Force went to those in Desert Storm. I was in the visual effects business deal with MTV for you know, I went to a little sign company and asked if I do props and of course, I lied my ass off MTV mm. Prop right now prop King tricked him into doing business with me. And after that I was in the visual effects industry and no more signs. We went from a 300 square foot facility to like 50,000 square feet and 45 people. Mind you, I was still active duty Air Force at the time. And and then after Hurricane Opal flattened Destin, Florida. I said, You know what, my uncle who was the chief of police in Lakeland, Florida, I said, Why don't you come out here and see data? And I said, now let me see. I thought it's looked good on paper. Right? You're right between Tampa and Orlando, and place called Lakeland. And that turned out to be a really horrible idea to move company there. Because nobody thought you were creative. What the hell you doing in Lakeland? Okay, but I gotta have some. Okay, look, okay, that car is bothering me. That's in the scene. It looks super cool. Right? What is it the car or the car to your? Right, right? Yeah, that big one is what is that? Is that a model? Or what is it? This is

Jeff Sterns  16:25  
a 1953 Nash plaster show room? Model. Oh, that is cool. And it was in my dad's office in his car lot.

Unknown Speaker  16:40  
Right prominence. Got it.

Jeff Sterns  16:42  
That he Oh, my dad opened his lot in 1965 when he resigned Capitol Records while my mom was pregnant with me because a buddy of his had a car lot. And he saw he was driving a 65 Eldorado and he's like, how did you afford that? He goes open a car lot. So but his inventory was two grand for the whole whole thing.

Unknown Speaker  17:01  
Nash you don't hear about this. I mean, vant

Jeff Sterns  17:06  
my dad promoted.

Unknown Speaker  17:08  
So this stuff has always been in your blood shyster.

Jeff Sterns  17:11  
Before he resigned. He promoted meet the Beatles and brought meet the Beatles.

Unknown Speaker  17:20  
Whoa, whoa, whoa, this just went a whole different direction. He was a car dealer and then he

Jeff Sterns  17:27  
not know. My dad was a record promoter for Capitol Records for the Midwest.

Unknown Speaker  17:34  
Oh my god, that is so freakin cool. So

Jeff Sterns  17:36  
that idea was that meant getting it on the radio, getting it on the end caps in the record stores, whatever. I'm just saying. But which big deal? You know, I mean,

Unknown Speaker  17:50  
I'm good friends with Mitch Davis or not Mitch with Mitch Davis was is the son of Clive Davis. And we're good friends. But that I mean that's super cool man. So he

Jeff Sterns  18:00  
so he just does meet the Beatles. Gets all the awards for that he didn't love the Beatles. He's got a I had a whole bunch of bands I like better than them but that was his assignment. Right? And his buddy pulls up in a new and I not exactly my dad lost my dad 10 years ago but I think you know give or take 65 Eldorado remember my dad said trip triple white Eldorado convertible. And he said how did you buy that and his buddy said I opened a car lot so my dad quit while my mom was pregnant with me from Capitol Records and opened a car lot just to use cards so he very cool classic stuff I grew up around all that but he loaned cars to the city of Detroit for Fourth of July parades and all that business we'd ride in the back of the rumble seat Model A or whatever in the Fourth of July parade and then in the race riots in Detroit, his first lot everything got burned in Kenosha of Detroit

Unknown Speaker  18:59  
well clearly nothing's changed over the years

Jeff Sterns  19:03  
you know during a peaceful protests in Detroit when everything got burned and all the glass got smashed

Unknown Speaker  19:08  
peaceful protest not a riot unless it's unless it's the state capitol then that's definitely arrived

Jeff Sterns  19:15  
I'm on your I'm on your we're together on it. So right in like walking in between the ropes so but don't mention the don't mind this car burning over here Summer of Love. So anyway, all the property burned on either side of it. My dad didn't get a dollars damage he doesn't know for sure but on the garage behind him in his garage behind it. He had an apartment above it that he rented to to black prostitutes

Unknown Speaker  19:42  
because why not? Everybody's got to have a place to live.

Jeff Sterns  19:44  
So he thinks he does he never knew that. They put some mark out there you know anyway, not a broken nothing. Anyway, after the riots he moved to another part but I'm a little bit of a car guy. My grandpa was a designer for Ford and Dearborn my other grandpa was a tool and guy for the business and my stepdad designed assembly line equipment.

Unknown Speaker  20:04  
That's freakin amazing. That's like a lot of stuff I didn't know about you like you are really dialed in the automotive industry. I'm fake automotive industry. I don't know. Somebody told me hey, I can get you into Brock Gates's event. And I said, Yeah, sure, that'd be awesome. And then I had to go to Racing School and all this shit and came in 95th out of 98 people with five four of them breaking down.

Jeff Sterns  20:27  
Speaking of Brock gates, my 19 year old son is however old I'm feeding him with a bottle. still drinking out of a bottle. I'm sitting on the couch reading cannonball by Brock gates. I mentioned I sold some cars to Gil nickel of foreign and they winery. So when I'm reading the book, I see and Gil nickel and the 74 SL or SEL or whatever he was in, came in second or third or something like that. So I'm reading that. And I'm like, oh my god, I sold this guy a couple of cars so I ring them and he answers the phone and it's funny when you're there exotic car guy surgeons businessmen, they'll always get interrupted Dr. Jones office. Yeah, this is Jeff from where demit Rolls Royce and Bentley and oh, he said to interrupt him if you call and he come in, he's like, I'm in surgery. What do you got? So whenever it's about their car, so Gil Nicole answers. He's like, uh, Hi, Jeff. Ah, I'm in a meeting. I'm really sorry. Did you find that car yet in that he's looking for or whatever? And I says no, I'm reading Brock Yates his book in your mentioned in it. He's like, hang on. So he walked out of the meeting and he's in the hallway and now he starts explaining

Unknown Speaker  21:49  
so he walks out in the middle of a heart surgery. He's he says I gotta take this. Well, this this

Jeff Sterns  21:53  
isn't the doctor. This is the vintner foreign entity winery. Okay. But still, you know, so and, and I don't drink. So, after the deal, he sends me a case of Well, that's your then that's your fault. Exactly. He sends me a case of half red half white wine. And I'm giving it away to the lawn guy and the paper boy in the garbage guys like Merry Christmas, and then a buddy comes over. He's like, that shits like 200 bucks a bottle. Yeah, I've been there. And this was like 20 years ago. Alright. So anyway, so he comes out and he goes in we I would want so he breaks his whole meeting. And he's telling me now how would he he would have won the cannon ball. If I don't remember what malady occurred, or, you know, I don't remember. So anyway, when you whenever you say Brock gates, I can't ever help but think about the late you know, we lost him. Gil nickel, who was in the race. So but Albuquerque. I didn't end up there because I wanted to travel to Albuquerque.

Unknown Speaker  22:59  
Nope. Exactly. 30 years ago, I

Jeff Sterns  23:03  
dated a girl from there and went to visit Gohlke. I was with her a couple of years. So we were there to visit her parents in Albuquerque and quite literally just spoke to her the other day. She was out in LA for a long time. And she just moved back to Albuquerque because her folks are old. She's moved three doors down to help them and she helped hates Albuquerque, but God bless her to want to be around her parents.

Unknown Speaker  23:23  
Everybody hates Albuquerque. It's a crime fest.

Jeff Sterns  23:26  
But I'm gonna do a podcast with her dad who was a Korean War vet. Pilot captured and has never been willing to talk about it at all his entire life. And he's going to do with me starting next week. We're going to do a couple of records.

Unknown Speaker  23:41  
Let me tell you, man, these guys, man, my grandfather was a he's a prisoner of war. The Japanese for four and a half years. He was in the he was in the Bataan Death March. So there's a big statue of him here and in a little hometown because out of 340 people that that left from the community that were in the Bataan Death March he was the only he's the only survivor he has since of course passed. But being a veteran myself, Air Force was an F 15 crewchief. And then being a storyteller and film and television. Man, I'm telling you, I go to the VA. And if I see one of these guys with a WWE two hats, I have to ask them their story. I have to ask them their story because it's you can learn so much and these guys are like unsung freakin heroes, Vietnam vets. I mean, that thing was just a goddamn disaster. You know, we, we can't win with when you're given a bunch of rules. And, you know, I don't know what the hell that was all about. Of course, that wasn't my time. I was I grew up in the 80s. So I'm, I'm 49. I was I used to for the past five years I've been celebrating still not 50 And that all comes down to ended January. So like I'm really wrestling with the fact that I'm going to be 50 years old. That's like crazy.

Jeff Sterns  25:06  
It's well, I didn't like my 30th birthday but 50 sucks. I'm 5650

Unknown Speaker  25:11  
said, Oh my god, oh god they write you off at that then AARP comes in and I'll, I will

Jeff Sterns  25:18  
not open a AARP mail I will not open air

Unknown Speaker  25:23  
sending a do we already but you know, I have a huge, even though I was only in for six years, right? But it just wasn't my calling business was my calling. And I've always been a business guy. So I've always worked for myself. But it's funny, my buddies from that era, they treat me like I've been in for 20 years with them. We're that kind of connectivity and in closeness, that come out and visit me here at the ranch. And you know, I'm like, guys, you know, like, you guys live like a whole term of career with different people and stuff like this, but for some reason these formative years and Eglin Air Force Base and test mission during Desert, the form. It's kind of like a formative year and stuff like that. But I'll tell you, man, these old guys, these old timers it really Desert Storm, and anything after that is not fucking war, not like those guys had. No, those guys were really, really in war. Now. It's all technological warfare and Quack, quack. And, you know, we're trying to be surgical, which I think is a horrible mistake. Very much. So with a lot of these generals that are like, we don't believe in surgical ward. Because in Star Trek back in the classic days of Star Trek did a great episode about this, right? When they had a couple of aliens that nobody, nobody actually died. It was just the troops that died, it was all digital warfare. And if you got something in then we'd whack out and then those 50 people got to die and but the deterrent towards war itself, right. That's what won World War Two is that, you know, people get upset by that, you know, the bombing of Nagasaki and, and, and all that.

Jeff Sterns  27:03  
Well, so many countries having to rebuild from England to France. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  27:06  
But you know, what the deterrent to war was extinction. Right? Otherwise, the Japanese were not going to stop. My grandfather was a was a prisoner of war. And they were not good at all, to our troops at all. And nobody likes to talk about it. But at all right, my grandfather, they had a big ceremony for him when they put that statue up when I was like, 14 and stuff like this. And they're like your war here. And he said, I'm gonna here. I'm just lucky. So I'm just totally lucky. He used to talk about they'd be out there on the on the onion fields. hoeing. Right. He said, and then he says that Japanese General or commander would come out drunk as shit, and just start shooting it. Fucking killing people. He said, If heaven forbid, your buddy drops right next to you don't even fucking blink. Just keep going. He just keep holding. Because you'll be next. If you catch their attention, you'll be next says so is total luck. He says total luck. You know, he got out because he escaped because he pretended like he was dead. And they throw them on top of the dead bodies. And then for he stayed there for like, I don't know, like a week with dead bodies in the pit. Until he could felt that he could climb out and escape and then and that, you know, people don't get it. And war is real. Right. But this surgical war stuff, it just keeps perpetuating it all perpetuating, right? We stayed in Afghanistan forever. All these things. There has to be casualties, there's not as much consequence, there's no consequence. And again, the deterrent towards war itself. If you don't feel there's a consequence to it, it goes on forever. goes on forever. But you know, it's in Desert Storm. And that was a technology where I was in the Space Command Space Command. I was in Air Force test command, which would dealt with the weapons that shouldn't even be introduced for 40 years, you know, and and we're dealing with stuff that shouldn't even be tested for 40 years and we're running it through now because it was a convenient way to use this stuff. We're so advanced is ridiculous. I know I'm reading all over the internet now that China sent some kind of supersonic something or another aircraft or a missile that went around the world and it detonated somewhere and we're caught off guard I'm reading all this stuff our military is caught off guard by DOD we're not caught off guard by this stuff and we are so China's got nothing on this stuff. But we got I'm telling you we are so far advanced it's ridiculous. And the other folks will say well why why don't we use it? I tell let me tell you what happens if we actually use the weapons we really add the whole world would start coming apart. They will freak out. We are show beyond so beyond.

Jeff Sterns  29:47  
So you you know what you know about how beyond we are in weaponry. This is a serious question and I don't know if you know or don't know aliens are real aliens. Well, that's what I was gonna ask. any of this technology, in your opinion or knowledge, because you're out there, meaning you're you're geographically, I mean, you're out there, but you're geographically out there and you're, you have some knowledge about military. Do you think any of this is technologies borrowed or stolen?

Unknown Speaker  30:15  
One, I think people do not give human ingenuity nearly enough credit. Okay. And I'm just gonna define, I'll define it like this. The difference between us going to the moon, and flying from the first time ever from being any, anything that was an aircraft that existed in the world is only 50 years, 50 years from when we first took flight to we're landing on the damn moon. Think about just our time, Jeff, we're around the around the same age. You know, I remember when remote control was me for television, right dad go change, UHF VHF and dadadada da and then look where we're at now. I mean, this is it's surreal. So I think one people don't give, you know, people I watch these shows, they're hilarious that you know, alien, whatever, astronauts or whatever it's called, did the alien aliens built the the, the pyramids and not at all and I'm like, Man, you give people enough time, like aeons. And we will just, we'll just over and over cheap. I mean, that's how we are. That being said,

Jeff Sterns  31:26  
well, that's just lots of Jews.

Unknown Speaker  31:30  
That being said, I have a what I would say is a quantifiable group of friends who are astronauts, when we were all hanging out one time, you know, I thought give me I'm going to use this as an opportunity. And I'm going to ask that that did not and when I asked, we think remember we were in the confines just us, right? private conversation. And they weren't but the same, you know? Oh, J with like, a billion worlds we could we'd be kind of naive to think again. But don't give me that shit. i What the hell's going on? Come on, come on, guys. I really tried get on the ground. I'm military, we get on the ground level. Right. Okay. So here's the thing about military people, what they don't say, is what they intend to say. And when we got out of that conversation, I was like, Okay, so my belief is, we are engaging, stuff like that. I will say, I never really saw anything like that in what I did in the Air Force. I just the stuff that we had was just beyond beyond, beyond beyond, but I'm in the Air Force, everything's very compartmentalized. Right. So that nobody knows what the hell's going on. Nobody knows the complete story. The President doesn't have to be appraised. Most people don't really get that the military and our government are very

Jeff Sterns  32:49  
distinct. I wouldn't get that I wouldn't have gotten that. Okay.

Unknown Speaker  32:52  
Congress doesn't need to know, the President doesn't need to know, we can literally Greenlight anything in our imagination for however much it is, with no oversight, and no need to seek permission. And this part I didn't understand. But in test mission, this was like the definitive, but so long as it wasn't more than 11 units. I don't don't ask me what the why it was 11. I don't know. But after 11 units if they wanted to buy something they need to congressional approval. So let me let me take you through something with Desert Storm. So remember, 1990 the stealth fighter debuts? Right? Diamond, Black Diamond, the most technologically advanced when it came out? We're gonna use it and Desert Storm and Morocco is like that. Damn. Yeah, we Yeah, let's shoot him up, man. Like we're using the best technology dadadada da. Okay, so it looked like we had a fleet of these things. We didn't we had 11. Okay, we had 11 of them. And they would just repaint the tail numbers and leverage it on camera. Right and American Look, here's the thing when you want more than your 11 allotment, you need congressional approval. Well, when America is behind you going yeah, look new technology. Blah, blah, blah. Right? And yeah, well, Congress will pencil whip anything as long as the people are behind it. So that's how we got more but without saying this is out there, so I'm not saying something that's top secret. Okay, it's out there if you look for but this cuz I can't talk about a lot of stuff I was doing. But I but I will tell you this so stealth fighter was shot in 1990. Right, this BlackDiamond blah, blah, blah, right? Okay, take Jeff work with me. When you think that that aircraft main voyage took place. Pick a year.

Jeff Sterns  34:39  
You didn't say work with you like I'm gonna have to guess. Yeah, guess

Unknown Speaker  34:42  
Take a guess. Look, we started in 1990 was our newest technology. Everybody rat. Let's just fuck everybody up with this thing. Okay, guess

Jeff Sterns  34:49  
when it took its maiden voyage five years before? Yeah, no. 1956 Oh, I would have never. You could give me 10 Guesses okay.

Unknown Speaker  34:58  
1956 really okay at a Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico. Now, if you are in New Mexico, working on your farm, and you saw in 1956, and you saw black diamond fly through the sky, guess what you'd call it? UFO. So that's what 90% I fully believe 90% 95% is just our advanced technology. Yeah, it's our advanced technology. In fact, we're all the hubs hotspots for UFOs sightings, right? If you if you look into it, there's a test base around there. Right? So we're testing different things and stuff like that. But you know, me for be it for me to sound like a conspiracy theorist, because I'm really not. But, you know, you take into account your friends and you go, something's going on. But 95% of it is our own advanced military. The other tech I don't know. I don't know. The astronauts really did it for me. They really did it for me, and they're not allowed to talk, you know, they're not allowed to talk about UFOs. There, it's like a it's like they're, they're not actually allowed to so when somebody brings it up, they have to do the whole well, with billions of planets out there. We would be naive to think that they literally are barred from even talking about that stuff.

Jeff Sterns  36:13  
Okay, so the fact that they can't talk about it if there is nothing to not talk about. Got it. Okay. Yeah. Where you have a movie studio.

Unknown Speaker  36:22  
Yeah. Scaramanga? No that's the movie ranch. Yeah. And then on property, we have stuffs got a manga Scaramanga. Francisco's got a Manga The Man with the Golden Gun

Jeff Sterns  36:31  
connected to the ranch are all this rust Baldwin stuff,

Unknown Speaker  36:35  
the rust and yeah, that's it that happened at Bonanza Creek. I'm a gene Hughes, who was the owner, a dear, dear friend of mine, I love to say this lady was 86 years old, right? skinny as a rail, beehive haircut in gray hair that was twice her size. I say I was in love with this woman. I was in love with her. Right? She She really took me in under a wing and was showing me how to do the whole movie ranch stuff. We'd have midnight pizza once a month over at her place. She's just a godly, wonderful person who like knew everybody on you know, like Ron Howard. She called Ronnie. Oh, Ronnie was here, blah, blah, blah. They all love this lady. She's got the largest movie ranch and most historic in New Mexico. It's 2500 acres. Bonanza Creek. It's got like seven dependent sets. And it's it's fantastic. We're small. By all comparison. We're only 25 acres. But we own a canyon that nobody else owns. Right. But wonderful people. I'm a gene sadly passed away two weeks prior to this incident with the Alec Baldwin incident. And you know, in the end the damn going like sadly. I mean, thank God, she missed it. Yeah, cuz I don't think she handled it very well. I mean, they've been in the business for over 60 years in the movie ranch business, and never had an incident. Right? Never. But then this happens, right? And I did a bunch of streaming interviews for folks that you know, because we're close to it, and they find out I'm a producer, what are my thoughts? All things being true? And of course, that's what we're finding out is all things are true. Right? There can be no better poster choice poster child for gross negligence than this film. I mean, Jeff, you may know this maybe not so legally speaking, right? In legal terms. The two highest hardest things to prove in court. Okay, so when people go oh my see you for fraud bla bla bla, you hear that a lot? Right? Well, good luck. Fraud is one of the hardest things you can sue for. That's like if you it is a high threshold to prove fraud. The other one is gross negligence, and that's that's a legal term, not just negligence, willful negligence anything like gross negligence. That means like you literally had to know better and we've proven it right this film and I hear I know from insiders because correspondent when one big happy film industry here right this thing was the poster child for this thing it was just bad from day one lacks a daisy sketchy on the investment. This 501 C three type investments that are now like all the rage in Hollywood, which are really just a write off, right for people who want to maximize an investment. Right the Jews got it they got a down Jews got it down. That's why they make well in in Phil, they got it down. I invest in 10 only need to hit on one. But I'm gonna literally watch nine investments burn up like a hot wing, right? But this new 501 C three investment and film which is this new way of people being able to put money into film, right so that they can basically take it so that it's not taxed and all this sort of

Jeff Sterns  39:54  
stuff. So this is using a charity entity or shell using a

Unknown Speaker  39:58  
charity type entity. Which I find anytime you get. I won't touch anything that that even breeds charity, right? Because people manipulate that all the time. And if you do get caught, it's going to beat you're going to go to jail. Right? But this film was done that way. Right? So it's a, it's a, whatever. $2.5 million film, which really means it's 2 million. Okay. 500,000 is burned off to producers, right? But this thing these guys, boy, they literally did not. They hired the worst people, the cheapest people, their film crew walks off that morning. Thank God for those folks. Right? They literally walked off the set because of the, the, you know, being being cheap on everything. Right? Half the crew was sleeping on the ranch because they didn't want to drive 15 minutes after getting off at like 1230 at midnight and having to come in at four in the morning. They didn't want to drive to Albuquerque, they was promised places in Santa Fe, and they didn't get it. And so they just sleep there. Right. And finally the camera crew had enough and they quit. Right? And let me tell you who's in trouble here. Everyone. Okay, a lot of this focus is on the the armor. Okay, she's gonna go down first. Okay, then it's on the ad. He's gonna go down next. Okay. And then after that there's Baldwin's right in there. He's he can't play the I'm just an actor in this thing. Right. and executive producer by title. He co wrote the thing, right, he's in, he's involved in all the day to day he is the ground level executive producer, right, aka showrunner. But in film, right? So none of this. It's not like this stuff is a surprise. He knew people were complaining. He knew people were upset. He knew people weren't getting to sleep properly. And then this accidental firing of the weapon a couple of times, they hired this young girl that did not nearly qualified to be running all that and then gave her three titles to be cheaper on top of that, right? So she's overwhelmed. Right? And he can't escape that. Or you can say you can play it off while I'm just the actor, I'm to pay. If he was just the actor, he get the lowest slap on the wrist? Because he'd say there's four people above me that should have known better, even though he should have checked the weapon. Right? He's the last in the line of this last time you didn't do it. Right. But on top of it all. And then the one you're not hearing about, yes, the director because the director was shot behind, you know, went through the cinematographer hit him. And he's getting sympathy right now because he was hit but I'm going to tell you right now, in a television series, most people don't know, in a television series, the director is not important. There are superflous. Title.

Jeff Sterns  42:41  
Explain that. Or you please explain for the audience including me that doesn't wouldn't know what tell us wire.

Unknown Speaker  42:47  
Okay. In television, the producers govern. Right. We're the controller's of the creative content and the vibe of the show and all this stuff in television, right? The director is literally a hired hand. Right? They're there just to orchestrate and get through this episode. Right? So you can have multiple episodes, you know, with, I mean, you can have a director, like, if you're like, all in the family, or all these things, it was like literally a new director for every episode. Okay, because the director doesn't call. They're literally just orchestrating it, right and keeping it organized, and we get through this thing. But who makes the creative call and the decisions is the producer level. Now, that being said, In film, it's just the opposite. In film, the most important person is the director, beyond the producers, the director is it's their vision and data Don, they make the call, okay? So there's impossible that all these negative things are happening in this anger with the crew, and they're walking off the off the set and then being told if they don't get off set, they're going to the cops are going to be called, you don't do that without the director setting that perspective in place, right. So he's the linchpin and all this, nobody's talking about it. Because he's gaining, he's getting empathy because he was shot. But that I'm going to tell you as this stuff flushes out, that guy is going to be back in this mix, because he is the quintessential top this right then it would go down to the executives, the ground level executive producers, active producers, that would be Baldwin, right. So there's your there's your four people, right, you got Baldwin, you've got the director, you've got your ad, which just goes to ding dong, and then your armor, and I can't blame the armor. The thing is people are so desperate to get in this industry. They take these rolls on, right. And I don't want to say I don't want to blame her. She should have been checking her shit. Okay. But what I'm saying is they brought in like seriously under experienced armor on a show that is going to be using shit, tons of weaponry, right and then on top of all of these Cheap asses. They gave her two other titles, didn't give her any assistance, right, that can help control all this stuff, again, on a show that is using fucking weapons, she's overwhelmed. Now again, that's not an excuse. When you accept that job, and you accept those terms than you, you got to live up to him. But my point is, these shows are trying are being cheap. And it is it's not have had nothing to do with independent, independent film getting kicked in the ass right now I call independent. No, it's the investment method. It's the investment model that's causing this, right, these people are doing this investment model don't give an absolute crap about the quality of the show or what they're doing. They just want to get in as cheap as they can, hoping that something good comes out of it. So they can maximize their profits. It's not like when a studio is investing, or you got private investors in your film, and everything is raw, raw, raw, we want this to be the greatest film ever. These are people that are these producers that they had. They're not real producers, they arguably say they are but they're not real producers, that all they care about is the investment model and maximizing the money back to the investors under this model. But you know, this thing was bound to happen. They're cutting so many corners, this is just the most extreme. This is the most extreme thing, but something was gonna happen. This is just the most extreme. I mean, I'd be relieved to be one of those camera crew guys who left the morning before, right? Because everybody was I met if I was working on a another film that's funded in a totally different way. But similarly, that was up here at the ranch. Oh, my Lord and Anthony sabato film, oh, my god, couldn't have been I couldn't my Protestant was getting rid of them. But some of the crew that was on that came from the rust production. Because of course, their time got cut short. And they jumped in from one frying pan into another, where these guys couldn't even pay people. It was ridiculous, because of the investment model. But what happens is independent film gets kicked in the ass for this stuff. And now everybody's all independent film. No, no, there's a lot of great film out there. These are just not good. But yeah, the rust thing had everybody on pins and needles. Everybody was in fact, the sabato film got rid of all their weaponry as a reaction, you know, kind of a knee jerk reaction to that not that it was any better. Yeah, I'll never see that guy the same again. I'm going to be very frank with that, that that guy is

Unknown Speaker  47:30  
whatever. Here's the thing, that's a red flag for me in any film, when the actors are in charge of the production, as a producer, or a director, which Sebata was, that's never a good sign. I call it trying to make your own work. Because enough works not coming in. Right? never good. Second, you're not experienced. And these people weren't experienced, it was a damn nightmare for the people in New Mexico here. But they did get rid of all their weapons. As a reaction to this. They were supposed to film over at financial Creek, the end of filming here under duress, because I got and the reason why I let them is because a friend, a very influential friend of mine, called me and was attached to the film and said, Hey, would you mind helping them out at night, and I was willing to do it. But they didn't know what the hell they were doing either. That was pretty damn evident. But that's the problem is when you're a trying to create work for yourself. And this man, I know, nobody likes to talk about this. I'm saying this. And you're probably you're probably the only person Jeff to hear something like this just raw off the cuff from a producer. Right. But the fact of the matter is, when an actor is involved in being a director or being a producer, like a real producer, right? They're trying to create work for themselves. And it doesn't work out because actors are just not the same. You get a few Ron Howard, right, you get a few that these people they got behind that camera and start working at and they became more of a producer after that, right, and cinematographers but most of them are really trying to create work for themselves in these low budget films. Right. And that's just never good. Because it's not going to end well. This one didn't end well at all. I mean, to go in, I don't want to go into too many details, but it was horrific. And then leaving the state and going and filming in Oklahoma, and blaming everybody in the state of New Mexico for their problems to which they had rightfully so they did business with a very bad person. But, and I was called, I'm called to have helped them with the, you know, give them a location. And then within a day this thing is like a nightmare. And I get called again saying, Jay, can you come in and help them as a producer and straighten this all out? To which he Oh my God, oh, my guy walked into a sea of

Jeff Sterns  49:48  
so that's a lot different than just being the landlord, if that's what you are when they're using your dirt.

Unknown Speaker  49:54  
Right? I mean, you're renting the property right? You're renting the property but I am a producer. And when people call me too, even though I produce my own content, they call me to, usually to save something, right? Fix it. Make It Right. And I got called for this, and I went to talk about it. It's just an it was seriously the investment was just ridiculous. And while they, they did get screwed, that being the case, if you're telling people it's a $2.8 million budget, and again, knowing that 8.8 is being burned off, not on the production, but people's pockets, right. I was like, how the hell do you step off of a plane, and even organize a crew without having $2 million in the bank, they end up burning through half a million dollars in like two weeks, and not shooting the thing. The only day they shot was on my property. The only day they actually shocked, right, but then they're scrambling for money in this magic suitcase is supposed to be driven here with cash, which is, I mean, surreal, right. I mean, use a wire transfer. I don't know why we have to wait on a magic suitcase being driven from California with cash that just has screams all sorts of that's weird. And I don't like weird. My all my show. Fireball run, which was a seriously complex show, operated in the general public with public involved. All this stuff shot in real time, right? We never had one incident that we just didn't write because I'm not going to allow that I make sure every every T is crossed and I's dotted. I learned from rd Molesey my mentor who's the one of the biggest names in the business and rd, when I asked him about, hey, how do I make a how do I be a very safe product? RDS like, here's what I do every day when I wake up on set J, I think about what's the worst fucking thing that can happen a day. And then I work backwards. And I've heard that my insurance for my, okay, they don't even insure it. There's only two people that insure reality type shows in the first place. And it's expensive, like, oh, hell, yeah, my insurance company, I pay $1,500 per season, which is unheard of. Because we've never had an incident and because of the safety protocol,

Jeff Sterns  52:12  
how much could it have been? I have no context of 1500 17 to

Unknown Speaker  52:15  
29. No, 1017 to 20.

Jeff Sterns  52:20  
Okay, so you paid no more than a 10th I'm paying nothing.

Unknown Speaker  52:23  
But that's because we've never had an incident. Our protocols were solid, they wanted to see the protocols. And then course after that, they feel more relaxed.

Unknown Speaker  52:39  
And we're, we're biological beings, right? It was meant to be that people are straight, just like animals, right? But we're biological biological being and things can get crossed in the in the in the hairs. And and you can't fault people for that.

Jeff Sterns  52:55  
Well, because that even exists in the animal kingdom as a matter of fact, but it does,

Unknown Speaker  52:59  
but it does. We're biological things don't always go well. That's why you got people with Down Syndrome and different people that get his people get cancer, right? Sometimes things go wrong, and we can't blame people. For when when things are not part of what people would call the mainstream norm. I don't fault anybody for that. And I want people to have happiness, and I want them to find love. And I don't care. As far as I'm concerned, as your as a grown adult, consensual adult, I don't really give a damn what you do. As long as you're not hurting someone, right? Or doing something against somebody will. I really don't care. It's not my damn business. We're but what gets weird, the GLBT community, the government's record, is that it's 10%. My argument is it's 20% of people are inclined, or GLBT or bi or something like that. Right? Which again, that's fantastic. That's fine. But if you take that percentage, right? The folks that are like Trent, right? That's less than 1% of that. Okay? And I, I'm all like, I'm a minority, I get you know, minorities have a voice, but there has to come a time where if you're that much of a minority, you can't we want to hear you but we can't be changing all kinds of policies. It's like the kid that the other day, which really fucking pissed me off, they put flags on the grave sites of military members who had passed away and some college dumbass goes in there and grabs all the flags and throws them in the garbage because he finds it offensive if the person was military, I mean this this is these are the things that really you know, it just again common sense, right? What Why the hell are you doing it and it's all for attention. Every wants to be a YouTuber Star in a blah blah blah and go viral and stuff, but we're doing it at a cost of hurting people. All right. In fact, this guy here in May or Bloomfield, Bloomfield, New Mexico, when we were out there with the show. It's kind of funny. This topic comes up, right? Matt's got Eckstein, good friend, I love the man, when we were filming out there, they had this statue of the 10 commandments. And one person, one person complaint, one person. And now the ACLU and everybody's getting involved, and they're coming down on the small town about having the 10 commandments, right? Here. Here's my thing. Here's my thing, right? And I'm a recovering Catholic. So I'm like agnostic at this point. I'm like, as I tell people by my religion, I believe in all right, because it's like, you remember watching the cartoon, the Superfriends Superman and Wonder when they all come together come with evil. When shit goes hell like that. And we're gonna need them all. I need Allah. I need baby Horus. I need baby Jesus, I need them. All right, I need all of them the Superfriends cuz that's the only thing that's gonna beat this shit. But, you know, we included in the show as part of the 10 commandments. We've used him in the show that the contestants had to find them and, and in something like that at all, as my kind of push back, because you know what, let's be honest. I mean, whether you're Christian or Catholic, or whatever the hell. The 10 commandments aren't exactly a bad set of rules. Right? Thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not commit adultery, thou shalt not steal. Okay. All right. So let's, in the context of things, not a bad guideline for life. Right? Taking all religion out of it, right. So I don't know what the deal is. And this town was just being besieged as a small town in New Mexico being besieged. And the mayor, and every is coming down on him. Because this one person felt offended. Right? And I'm like this, Hey, you want to look you like Satan? Then? Let's make it equal for everybody. Just, you know, we'll city will if long as you pay for your statue. We'll put the Satan statue in there. Right? Who cares? Right, everybody gets equal opportunity. But because one person complains, and that's the society we're in right now, Jeff, one person complains, and everybody's got a ratified because of it. Right? And we're not talking like a lynching people, right? I mean, I have you how, how's the thing goes, so my best friends are black. I just don't see color. I grew up in a state that doesn't have New Mexico, it really doesn't see color. Because well, we're a Hispanic state. Right? So you really don't. And I, when I went to prom, my my girlfriend was African American. I just don't see color. Right? It just just doesn't exist. I don't I don't see color. I don't see men or women different leadership, although I've been a part of many places that are a little bit too misogynistic, right? And it just blows me away. I don't see a difference in a female leader to a male leader. But you've got people that are coming up with these so micro, right? I don't I don't, I don't like the way you look wearing yellow. And now I don't want anybody to wear yellow. And it's just getting so out of hand. And you know, the sad thing is, there's no end in sight. That's the sad thing. But in Hollywood, you know, there's a lot of conservative people in Hollywood. And I want to say conservative in the sense that nobody adheres to a like, I don't believe in party line Alliance, because there's plenty not to like about the Republican Party. And none of these efforts. care about you. Anybody who thinks that either Democrats Oh, they care about me or the Robocop that they care about me. You're fooling yourself.

Jeff Sterns  58:48  
But you know who does care about you? DeSantis I you know

Unknown Speaker  58:51  
what, though? I freakin love that guy. That's gonna run for president and he's gonna win. Here's what he is. He's Trump without the drama. He's a business guy. He understands like he wouldn't shut that state down this state here in New Mexico. That ding ding out here shutting everything down. This state only has so many industries. New Mexico. Oil tourism, right. That's all Yeah, right. And the federal government we have a governor here that was hell bent on effing up that that's the problem with New Mexico.

Jeff Sterns  59:28  
I think he got a nice turquoise jewelry trade but I don't know where that

Unknown Speaker  59:31  
okay here. Let me give you some truth. Okay on that just funny sidebar, right. Funny sidebar. Okay. So turquoise jewelry, which is you know, turquoise is like everybody the Southwest is all about the turquoise. Right? Watch this in the gemstone grades as a gemstone. Southwest Turquoise is the lowest grade. Yeah, right, China. China has the highest grade as a gemstone new, not New Mexico particularly but Southwest is the lowest grade Just so happens my friend owns the turquoise Museum and is the definitive person that grades the turquoise. So Argentina comes up with a turquoise. They send it to him to grade it. And so you're like, Whoa, I was like, whoa, what? For all the brainwashing I've had. He's like, Yeah, it's the lowest grade is Jim. So this is the thing that makes it valuable is the art piece that the Native American puts into it.

Jeff Sterns  1:00:26  
Okay, well, you got that. You got that? Okay, right.

Unknown Speaker  1:00:29  
But isn't that funny, right? You people are buying turquoise blue. This comes out of the blah blah blah mineshaft? And you're like me, you know, it's hilarious.

Jeff Sterns  1:00:38  
No, that's, that's unbelievable. So you spent some time in Lakeland? Yeah, a few years. Did you know that the very first since my I had the founder Red Lobster on as a guest. You know, the very first Red Lobster was in Lakeland 1974. Darden

Unknown Speaker  1:00:52  
Yeah. knew a lot about the Darden was a client of my agency,

Jeff Sterns  1:00:55  
I don't know Darden and this was a partner of the founder Charlie Woods B. Who's the Charlie of Charlie steakhouse out in Orlando and in Tampa.

Unknown Speaker  1:01:04  
That's awesome. You know what Florida's got just some great if it once a damn humid and packed you know, and I can't say

Jeff Sterns  1:01:14  
I was That's why my skin so supple. It's wet all the time. And when I lived out there all my friends from high school oh my god, so awesome to live in the tropics. I

Unknown Speaker  1:01:22  
said, Let me Screw that. Let me tell you what people Florida. We don't go outside. People from Florida. Here's what we do. We live in an air conditioned box. Then we take a motorized air conditioned box to another air conditioned box. And that's how we live our life. ain't none of us go into the beach? Because we're all like, Oh, hell no with that stuff. The beach stuff gets old after a few times. And you're just like, oh, this is kind of hot out here and the mosquitoes luckily out here. I don't have mosquitoes.

Jeff Sterns  1:01:53  
Oh, you don't have mosquitoes? Okay,

Unknown Speaker  1:01:54  
we don't have mosquitoes. I love it. I mean, the weather in Santa Fe is phenomenal. Right? It's not like Arizona which I don't know how most people live out there got plenty of friends in Arizona that chamber president of MESA Area Chamber of Commerce good friend. And I'm like, it was hilarious. Okay, so we had the show was filming in Mesa. And I was big at that point during the show, you know, you're big on working out. So I got up early in the morning before we go out to our scouting stuff, get up. Go do a little jog, right and do my my jogging. And I leave the Marriot. And I'm waving at these guys. You know the people at the front desk that leave me with a bottle of water. I go out I'm like, three, it's like at 730 in the morning. Three minutes in I need to get to the end of the hotel. And I came right back in like oh my god, that's fucking crazy. And I'm dying because these I know these bastards over there at that Marriot. We're betting on like let's see how long this shit last right? And I camera it's too freakin hot. But New Mexico's you know what's neat about New Mexico is that we don't have any natural disasters period. We just don't have we don't have earthquakes. We don't have tornadoes. We don't we don't really have any natural disasters. It's beautiful out here. You just have to be willing to deal with the fact that is absolutely asked backwards when it comes to business.

Jeff Sterns  1:03:18  
I want to know what someone would be surprised to know about you. I can weld. You can weld Alright, that's it, there's a clip. And do you have any more?

Unknown Speaker  1:03:30  
Well, no his thing. So you know, people only know you for the environment that you're in. Right? So folks in Orlando, which I've been there forever, right? That's like, to me that's more of a hometown than New Mexico is right? Because I was here till 18 And then I left and built my career up there. And I lived you know, good kind of I'm not gonna lie society life, right. Living in the Dr. Phillips area. Very nice place. You know, my daily driver was a 76 rolls, silver rate two. And it's not that they're, you know, let me put it this way. Is it as valuable as a brand new Phantom new, but once you park the two next to each other, nobody takes a picture of the Phantom they're all about the classic roles,

Jeff Sterns  1:04:18  
right? Plus the maintenance you know, 10 years in you bought a phantom anyway,

Unknown Speaker  1:04:22  
what you get that's the other part. Okay. Which I learned Mani Mani Patterson, who was you know, with Rolls Royce Orlando and all these things and money was a big gift a mentor to me, right? When I got this thing, Mani flipped the gasket, he flipped a gasket. Why the hell would you buy that without consulting me? But I just Mr. Diaz, young guy, look at me, I'm trying to be my own person. Bla bla bla bla bla. And you know what? He says, Let me tell you, you should have just bought a damn new one. Because what you pay in maintenance is going to be per year. You could have bought a new one. And I'm going to tell you Right now, he was

Jeff Sterns  1:05:01  
absolutely right. Five grand a year if nothing goes wrong, right or wrong. No, no higher 12 Okay 12 gz and it was steering racks suspensions fears brake accumulators and

Unknown Speaker  1:05:12  
yeah, yeah. And I had to go through three mechanics for I found a good one this guy Jeff Davis in Orlando. This guy is freaking awesome. I tell my friends they ship their Rolls Royces from Manhattan, wherever to get it done by Jeff. Honest, dude, great guy. I mean, always tried to find the best way, the mechanic before that. We have problems with the thing, right? And I'm like, man, it's an F 15 crewchief. Okay, so at the end of the day, I'm actually a mechanic. Alright. It either works some chemical object, okay, there's no computer in it. So mechanic either works, or doesn't this guy. I don't like to give his name, but I sued him and about a few others did to him. He's like, Oh, you just got to whack it with a stick every once in a while. And I'm like a see you're telling me when Rolls Royce gave this to the Queen. They told her to whack it with the stick. Right? Because a carburetor the carburetor system is the absolute worst on that thing. That is the that's your downfall. I have a friend who's a German engineer who engineered a new type of carburetor bracket. That allowed me to put a four barrel auto Brock on it. And it worked fantastically, but it was an adapter. That means if I want to switch it back out to the original roll stuff, you know, you want to be a purist there. But I wanted a car that worked. Right. But that's the only thing I did that was not original.

Jeff Sterns  1:06:34  
Well, at least you didn't put a 350 in the car. So that's okay.

Unknown Speaker  1:06:37  
Oh God, no, you know what he my dad said that. He's like, Well, I just put up Blah, blah, blah. And I'm like, well, then daddy wouldn't be a rolls. Can't do that.

Jeff Sterns  1:06:45  
Do you know about the three positions on an English light switch? No going off dim and flicker.

Unknown Speaker  1:06:54  
Makes sense. Makes sense. But I love these. I love these old roles. And Bentley. There's so

Jeff Sterns  1:07:00  
is there anything more about welding in any of this? Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. So

Unknown Speaker  1:07:03  
yeah. On a tangent brother. Let's add. Let's add. So when people know, you right, Jeff, I know you only from this world, but the world that you're in, right? So sometimes you take people and pop them in a different world, folks can't see it. Most people could not see as especially being a producer. Right? That they just can't imagine me being in the military. They just they're like, Whoa, I mean, J actually taking that. But I learned a lot in the military on how to run my business, right? And how not to run a business. But when I said I was going to move out here, I think you get heard of Ben trop from all my friends. Right? They're like, what are you what? And then I'm going to build a movie ranch. And I'm going to do it myself. You know how to build. And it's hilarious. I had people during long doing this stuff going. You don't J there's such a thing as Why don't you just hire somebody to do it. And I said, but it's not creative like that. I'm a creative guy. But my dad was a my dad restored classic automobiles. And I learned a lot from my dad all not to be afraid of tools. Little sparks aren't going to burn you. i My dad was a typical Hispanic dad, you know, the sparks are flying it down. You know, I'm not gonna kill you. Even though the sparks are flying right into you and burning you out. He's like that, that gonna kill you stop being a baby. And so I've learned that right. So I learned to weld and things like this. And when I'm down here, people are like, whoa, you can weld. Like, I didn't say I can weld. Good. I just said I can weld.

Jeff Sterns  1:08:39  
How about something you'd like us to know about you?

Unknown Speaker  1:08:42  
Nice guy. Right? I'm gonna I'm uh, you either lose nice photo, either. Look, I'm just that personality either like me or you absolutely hate me. There's literally no media with me.

Jeff Sterns  1:08:54  
I don't know who couldn't like you, man. I mean, unless there's I'm in a different context.

Unknown Speaker  1:08:58  
But I'm, I'm loyal. I love I'm very dedicated folks. Thanks to the military. If you're on my side, I'm, I'll stand right there with you as you get shot. On the other hand, if you if you try to screw me over, I don't forget. And I am a very patient guy.

Jeff Sterns  1:09:15  
Okay, we've been together over two hours now. How does it feel?

Unknown Speaker  1:09:18  
Then you feel like two hours just talking to friends. Because

Jeff Sterns  1:09:21  
earlier when you were a big shot producer with a young punk with a new YouTube channel asking you for a thing you're like, how long is it gonna be? Yeah, they No, no, no, no. How long are you gonna be played? I'll play I love can I put you down for 45 Maybe I'll give you well you know

Unknown Speaker  1:09:37  
what also I got to give myself room to bail out.

Unknown Speaker  1:09:42  
This has been Jeff Sterns connected through cars.

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