June 2, 2021

BILLY W. MERRITT | Start programming yourself now, for a better tomorrow

I am so happy and grateful that money comes to me in increasing quantities through multiple sources on a continuous basis!

The inflatable gangster hamster on the roof dealerships during his now legendary "Buy Back Billy" Facebook events can only misdirect or water down what you might think of the Billy you never met and not have you on proper alert to the depth of the man who gave birth to this idea after a series of lost jobs. His decade long mantra: "I am so happy and grateful that money comes to me in increasing quantities through multiple sources on a continuous basis!" along with 1 book per week consumed will make you understand that Facebook events, better known as Buy Back Billy events (whether they are thrown by Billy or a competitor) are only a surprise in their success....because they seem too low a star for Billy's reach. If you're going to watch one of my shows, see this. You're welcome. To reach Billy about an event, BDC training, CRM, the book, life advice for your kids...https://www.billymerritt.com/ Billy's YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/billymerritt920 Buy THE ART OF TEXT MESSAGE SELLING HERE: https://amzn.to/3wQu1WM ( so I get my 5%! Any idea what this video production costs?!?) Show notes: :53 Billy is the inventor and pioneer of the original Facebook event, which has been recognized as the most effective marketing campaign in the car business. Also, the founder and creator of DigiNinja, which is CRM for texting. Also the author of THE ART OF TEXT MESSAGE SELLING. 7:17 "I want to start by saying this...it's my mission in life to help people, primarily young people, because when I was a young person, I was...very misdirected... to say the very least...But before I got it all together, I was 33 years old. And from from age 16, to age 33, I bet you I should have been dead 100 times...But for some reason I'm here. So now what I want to do... it doesn't matter how old you are, if you feel young, then I want to help you too. But I have a message. And my message is very clear. You can turn your life around, and you absolutely can have everything that you ever dreamed of you really can." 8:14 "...you can learn one of two ways...through someone else's mistakes or through your own mistakes." 9:14 "You can't go wrong with anything by Napoleon Hill,... one thing that I'm very, very clear about that I make sure that everybody needs to understand. Be very particular who you take your advice from and never listen to someone who hasn't already done what it is that you're trying to do." 9:45 "...the number one reason that we fail in life number one is being married to the wrong person...number two is listening to our friends and our loved ones our family our family... It's not because they want us to fail. It's they just don't have the right information..." 14:10 The law of the universe. 16:09 Is it good to be born into a rich family? 18:35 money=oxygen? 22:35 Work for money. Money working for you. What you can do for others with money. 24:55 Real affirmation. Putting something into your mind with such such intention, such repetition, and such emotion. 26:33 adding value to the marketplace 26:57 "I am so happy and grateful that money comes to me in increasing quantities through multiple sources on a continuous basis!" 42:07 When your inside and outside don't match 45:42 Billy hits bottom. 47:03 Success that surprised him. 47:47 Start programming yourself now, for a better tomorrow. 49:21 You are creating your reality and you can create the reality you want.  


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If you sell anything, you need to know the 23 rules to text message selling. I strongly believe that and you can learn one of two ways I'm sure you know this, Jeff, you can learn through someone else's mistakes or through your own mistakes. If you can get started early man, you can have a much better life than trying to wait to your 33. Now, having said that, from age 33, to age 43, I read at least one book per week. The number one reason that we fail in life number one is being married to the wrong person, there's not a better condition to be in than in a state of gratitude, and thankfulness. That's because I got fired from several dealerships, but I wasn't being the most responsible father to breathe in. It's never too late. My passion in life is to open the blinded eyes and to inspire people.

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Jeff Sterns connected through color if they're bigwigs, we'll have him on the show. And yes, we'll talk about cars and everything else here. He is now Jeff Sterns, Jeff

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Sterns connected through through cars with my good friend, Billy Merritt. Now, Billy is the inventor and pioneer of the original Facebook event, which has been recognized as the most effective marketing campaign ability, you can tell me anything I'm saying, but the most effective marketing campaign in the car business. And the reason I know it's good is as a chat provider, God knows how many people that I help manage the chats from the events they have knocking off of your event, which is, of course, the best compliment in the world. And also, I promise I'm gonna let you speak. Also, the founder and inventor, although not a software engineer, but told all the ingredients that need to go in into digit Ninja, which is a software platform, which is CRM for texting. Because what Billy's company's focus on his text, including the book you wrote, that I have, what am I missing?

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I think you got it there, man, the art of text message selling is how it all started. I knew that there needed to be a manual in the car business to teach people how to talk to people virtually, or through texts, and any type of communication, including chat. So I got that book out there. I'm glad you're I'm glad you know, you're a big, big player in the game. So I'm glad you actually have the book. And then I do I decided that the software that was available could be also be improved. So we did that as well. That's once I got into the you know, the vendor side of the automotive industry. So I think this is pretty simple story.

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I really now feeling like a slight resentment that I bought the book. I just feel like that I probably if I worked too hard enough could have gotten you to send me one,

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you know, and I try really hard not to give away the book. One thing that I think you'll agree with is if somebody is given something for free, they may or may not even use it, but if you make it right, if you make them pay for it, they'll dive into it to see what the value see what they paid for.

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You know, Billy, I had a recorded conversation with Ben gay the third, do you know that name? And it's familiar, but I'm not, did not know exactly who that is. Okay, so Ben gay. The third wrote a book called The closers and the closers. Two, I read his book in the late 80s. So many times that the cover was half worn off, and the pages were falling apart. And I lent it or gave it to so many people, and bought another one he either worked with or mentored under or mentored Zig Ziglar. Norman Vincent Peale. And thinking Grow Rich, I can't think of the name. Now. Napoleon Hill was his personal paid mentor for two and a half years until he passed away when he was president of a company in his early 20s. Ben gay. Okay. So, to your point about giving a book versus buying a book, Ben has a perfect 75 year old copy of a book autographed. And I can't remember now if it was Norman, Vincent Peale. But whomever and the size of the book are bright, red, perfect. The pages are perfect. The spine isn't split in any way. But the back of the spine is completely sunbleached. So somebody said let me get that book autographed. And they stuck it on their shelf. And that's all they did with it. So we got to make this interesting for people not in the car business. So people that have been listening to my show know that I'm a car business background guy, whether it's retail, whether it's selling now to dealers, consulting with dealers, but this isn't all about the car business. We've had people on that were my clients, you know, founder Red Lobster, or racecar driver or whoever but we want to make it a little car business and I want to give Billy a little bit of recognition. I heard about his book and bought his book, and I read that book. And it's well done. So if you're in the car business, and customers do want to text, I strongly recommend getting what the art of text message selling. Is that what it's called,

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that is the art of text message selling, you can just search for it right there on Amazon, it'll take you straight to it.

Jeff Sterns  5:25  
If you're not in the car business, I don't know that I wouldn't get it. If I'm in any kind of a sales that could have a customer, whether it be b2b or b2c texting with you, I believe it would translate. I don't think it's only made for the car business. Do

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you agree we've helped a lot of real estate agents, primarily real estate in the auto industry. But if you sell anything, you need to know the 23 rules to text message selling. I strongly believe that

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now if you can't afford a whole book, and Billy suggests that you shouldn't get one for free, because then you won't have skin in the game, and you won't invest your time reading it. I will loan you mine for half of what I paid.

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I tell you what, I'll do a better job than that. Just go to YouTube, Billy w Merritt. And basically all the 23 rules are on there in video form. So there that isn't giving away the whole, you know, the secret sauce what he is.

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So breaking the rule of I don't want to give it away for free because then you won't dive in. Alright. Billy, you're like the Andes Mountains, you're the land of contrasts from your rain forest to your snowcat mount, okay, you're all over the place. If I'm nothing else, I am self contradicting. It serves me well. Perfect. So I'm so thrilled to have you on Billy. I mean, for those of you not in the business, you can't be in the car business and not know who Billy Merritt is. That's all I'm gonna say about that you might see in your Facebook feeds about a dealership offering to buy back your trade or some special offer. Most likely, it's through Billy's company, or through somebody that learned from Billy, so he's truly a true legend. So he belongs on my show. But, Billy, I'd like to start with a little bit of origin. If you don't mind. We're not scripted out. So can you tell us where you started? Absolutely.

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I want to start by saying this, you know, we're car guys, but it's my mission in life to help people, primarily young people, because when I was a young person, I was a very misdirected youth to say the very least it took me I was age 33. Before I got my, my I don't know what what rating this show is. But before I got it all together, I was 33 years old. And from from age 16, to age 33, I bet you I should have been dead 100 times, right. But for some reason I'm here. So now what I want to do is if it doesn't matter how old you are, if you feel young, then I want to help you too. But I have a message. And my message is very clear. You can turn your life around, and you absolutely can have everything that you ever dreamed of you really can. I'm living proof of that. And there is some very important lessons that I learned along the way. And you can learn one of two ways I'm sure you know, this, Jeff, you can learn through someone else's mistakes or through your own mistakes. So I have a lot of young people at once, one time I had up to 48 people who were under 25 years old working here, I don't have the exact numbers now. But we had 48 people under 28 years old, and maybe under 25 even but these young people, you know, I make it my mission to make sure they understand that their choices matter. And you know, you can, if you can get started early man, you can have a much better life than trying to wait till you're 33. Now, having said that, for me, it's 33 to age 43. I read at least one book per week, for 10 straight years. And at 43. I put that in action, and now we have the businesses that we have today.

Jeff Sterns  9:01  
Wow. So I'm not even going to try to get into your reading list. Are there a few that you continue to revisit or a few that with your young people under 30? That you're saying for sure pick up this one.

Unknown Speaker  9:14  
You can't go wrong with anything by Napoleon Hill, you know, you can read if you only read one book, you can pick a few of them. Tony Robbins winning in the money game that's, you know, what's more important? You know, let's learn from someone who who knows, right? And one thing that I'm very, very clear about that I make sure that everybody needs to understand. Be very particular who you take your advice from and never listen to someone who hasn't already done what it is that you're trying to do. Because many many times number one, the number one reason that we fail in life number one is being married to the wrong person. But number two is listening to our friends and our loved ones our family our family Miss guides us more than anybody else on the planet. It's not because they want us to fail. It's they just don't have the right information

Jeff Sterns  10:01  
expand a little bit on marrying the right person.

Unknown Speaker  10:05  
Well, it goes back to Napoleon Hill now. And I try really hard to be a sponge and soak up if I'm going to take because I don't love reading. But if I'm going to take the time to read an hour a day, then I better try to remember or remember what I read. I can't memorize it all. But I can remember what I read. Napoleon Hill said that being married to the wrong person is just an absolute recipe for failure. You can't, you absolutely cannot make it to where you want to go. If your partner doesn't know where you want to go, and doesn't want to make sacrifices to help get you where you want to go. So, you know, if you, you can do one of two things you can give up on your dreams, or you can find the right mate.

Jeff Sterns  10:46  
That's very good advice.

Unknown Speaker  10:49  
I mean, it's just true man. And I'm not being ugly. So many people settle. Okay. Now the people, the 48 young people that I had working here, some of them are gone already. But there's a few that are hanging around trying to get in that inner circle of mine, that are not going to college, some are going to college, I've got three kids in college, by the way, my my own children, and but the children, the kids that are here, I call them all kids they are, they're young, some of them are college material, and they'll do well in college to have a college career. Some will make excellent employees. But there are a few that have no business going to college and have no business being an employee, they need to be an entrepreneur. And it's just, it's a very few. It's a small circle of people as a small percentage of people who can do it and do it well. But those who want to do it can do it. If they have the right information in the right tools. And the information is out there, you just have to be doing willing to do a couple of things. When you read a book, the first thing you need to ask yourself, does this person know what they're talking about? Or are they full of it. And if they're full of it, throw the book down, don't Don't, don't regard anything they said again. But if they if you really believe that they know what they're talking about, and they're giving you advice, that's what most books are, then do everything that that person tells you to do until you find a better piece of advice. And that's hard to do. But if you listen to the people with the good advice, your life will be a lot different.

Jeff Sterns  12:14  
And I know that you're reading the book, Billy, because when I was trying to get my screenshare tool to work here, I saw you waiting for me in the studio, and I saw while you're waiting, picked up the book, I saw your reading,

Unknown Speaker  12:25  
if there's downtime, if there's ever any downtime, I always have a book with me because, you know, we only got so much time man, and we can squander our time, you know, the billionaires of the world. And you know, in all of us, I would think, wouldn't mind being in that, in that class of a billionaire. All the billionaires have the same 24 hours that we do, they just use their time differently. So learning to use your time appropriately. And guess what we're all running out of it. So it's kind of serious. If you think about it, we only have so much time and we're all running out of it. Why would you waste your time putting garbage in or allowing garbage to come into your your mind, which is the most precious asset that we do have.

Jeff Sterns  13:10  
So you're intentional, I'm so glad you're talking about this, I have a fellow at work here that I really love. He's having some struggles, pet some family issues had a loss in his family, single dad. So just going through a little bit of a tough time. And I've been talking about to him about what he puts in. And he's a little bit of a literal guy. So when I'm explaining this to him, he sometimes thinks I'm coming from the rah rah position, or the motivational speaker position. And I'm trying to let him know that there's a little bit of science behind affirmation, who you intentionally have around you in your circle as far as people, where are they going? What values are they bringing? Are they your friends supporting you, whatever you'll do, or your real friend, holding you accountable for what you said you're going to do, or whatever your values are. Reading, what you're doing is making sure that you're intending what's going in,

Unknown Speaker  14:06  
I'm sorry, I just have to say this. It's not. It's not a little bit of truth, man. It's the law of the universe. So anybody that thinks that it's rah, rah or woowoo, they just don't understand what I'm really talking about. You know, there are laws that govern this universe. And it is just as true as the law of gravity, that what you put into your brain, your subconscious mind is going to pick up on and you are going to act it out. Now I'm not a psychologist, I'm not a psychiatrist. But I've talked to a lot of women, I'm telling you, this is the truth. And I've read a lot of books. Every person that I've read, has every successful person that has already done what I'm trying to do. And every successful person that got me to where I am, which is a long way from where I used to be. I'm experiencing a lot of success now but it's because of the information that I put in, and it's because of acting with intention, understanding that it is a law of the universe. And if you can't escape it, if you put things out there into the universe that are trashy, you're going to get things the same thing back, you're going to get those results. If you practice, and when I say practice, because you can't just get it right. And we can't help but all the we're all programmed with bad information. That's why it's so important that I read so much with good information, because I was poisoned, not intentionally, but with bad information from my teachers, my parents, my aunts, my uncles, my grandparents, you know, my Sunday school teachers, my preachers, they all gave me a bunch of terrible information. They didn't know any better, they weren't trying to harm me. But they didn't understand that there's information out there that can really get you to where you're trying to go.

Jeff Sterns  15:44  
So Wow. So I actually understand about these people in your life, not intending to give you bad information or something that can harm you. But are you able to come up with an example of something that might be coming from love and care or concern, but is actually core experimental,

Unknown Speaker  16:03  
of course, I can get I mean, we hopefully we were not going to be here for, you know, five or six hours, but I could go on and on. Number one is, you know, your parents, if they're not rich, and most of our parents weren't rich, if you were lucky enough to be born in a rich family, that's very good. That's a good thing. Don't let anybody tell you differently. And if you were born, born poor, like me, then get rid of this thought that rich people are bad, and that they did something bad to get their money, and that they're greedy, because the rich people are some of the most giving people are no, you know, you can't help people if you don't have a lot of money, or it's much easier to help people if you have a lot of money and a lot of resources. So our family, I'm speaking as a former poor person, our families tell us things like money doesn't make you happy. Money, isn't the answer. Well, that's that's just kind of insane for somebody to say that all that is, is isn't is an excuse for why they don't have money. Because I've never met a rich person that said, Money makes me happy. And money is my purpose. They understand that adding value to the marketplace and adding value to the planet is how they got their money. And that the money is just a result of doing the right things. You know, there's, of course, there's some, some crooked people that have a lot of money. But most the overwhelming majority of wealth is built by adding value to the marketplace. So saying silly things like, you know, it's not about the money or don't get caught up in money or you know, it's okay to be to be poor. And that love grows best in small houses and all those things. I mean, they say those things because they don't they themselves don't know how to have the big house and have the money and have the security have the will. Now by the way, let me stop right here. The signals that most people are sending on social media, about the big house and the big cars, most of that's Bs, most true wealthy people don't put it out there like that, but they have it. So it's not about the physical things. It's about the security and the freedom to make the choices that are best for you and your family. That's what wealth generation and wealth creation. And holding onto wealth is all about. It's not about the flashy cars and the big houses. I just got some of that bad programming coming out of me when I use that as an example.

Jeff Sterns  18:18  
Well, I mean, small self talk is a very important thing. So what I noticed in you is if you set it wrong, you catch it, you own it, you correct it, and you move on, you're watching yourself talk.

Unknown Speaker  18:31  
Yes, self talk is the biggest part man. So I mean, that is the biggest part. Do not let me not talk about that.

Jeff Sterns  18:38  
I will not let you not talk about that. If you don't mind, I just want to interject one piece, and I'll give you the floor back to me, Billy, money is just oxygen. If you empty this room of air, all I'm thinking about is getting some air. When there's enough air in the room, I forget about it, and I go into my creativity. I can live creatively instead of contracted when there's enough. I don't think about money, other than when there's not enough. And as far as what you said, You can't help somebody. If you don't have the resources. For those of you listening that might poopoo it. Oh, you know, giving your time is much more important than giving money. It could be depending on what the situation is giving someone attention can obviously do a lot more than throwing money at a problem. But if you're behind on your bills, and you need to work extra and can't get away, to go give someone the attention. We still have a little bit of a problem. What Billy said is money gives a little bit of freedom. And I was it's funny, Billy because I was on a phone call with a dear friend of mine son just before this, the show and he was having some struggle about money in the spirituality of it. love money versus doing the right thing. He just said that place in his life. And, you know, I let him know that I personally don't ever care about money. All I ever care about is what I'm trying to get done and what I can get done with money. I have a son that of course I love. He's 21 years old. His name is Max. He didn't walk or speak until he was five years old. He's got mild cerebral palsy got mild autism, he's doing great now. But what I just told this fella on the phone call, because he was having a struggle about Is it okay to make money? Probably coming from that programming that you're talking about from something in his past. I let him know that one reason that I love money is that between my son's age of one and 11, so in that 10 year span, I know because it's on my taxes, I wrote it off. I spent about $435,000 out of pocket on medical. And I was able to say and he's doing terrific. This is not a substitute. But it was beautiful is anything that my wife at the time or his mother came up with? That could be an interesting therapy for him that was outside of insurance or unorthodox or the immune immunologist in Hawaii, or the Thera suit from Poland or, you know, whatever we did, or hyperbaric chamber was all about, yeah, let's try it. Yeah, let's try it. That's 12 grand, let's try that's five grand, let's try. And the the ranges I might because I again, it was on my income tax were between 18 on the latest year and 55,000, on the heaviest year for 10 years, if somebody would have told me that at the beginning, like, here's what you're going to undertake over the next 10 years, I don't know that I could have pictured getting it done. But somehow, every year, we saw what we needed. And luckily for me, I'm in a sales, I've always been in a sales business. So I've been able to impact my income by either learning more, or working more, but at least I can impact it. And I was able to do something about it. Last year, I had a new baby, there was a little bit of medical with the pregnancy, I like to feed my kids organic food. I've studied and seen what that can do for the health of the kids. So what you want to do with your money and take care of some charities, etc. But what you want to do with your money, is what it's about what you can use it for as a tool. Now, what is it I wasn't supposed to let you not talk about or not forget to talk about

Unknown Speaker  22:26  
self talk, I'm not going to forget about that. Because I'm self taught. I'm going to give an example of a couple things. Number one a book and what I learned in that book, and it is referring to self talk, when I want to talk about that money thing again, you know, and people who say, you know, your time is more important? Well, you can have more time if you have more money, because there's only a certain right, there's only a few ways that you can make money, you can work for your money by trading your time for money, you know, you can work for, you can have a few other people work for you in the small business that's trading their time for your money, you can have a big business where hundreds of people are trading their time for your money. Or if you get enough money, you can let your money work for you. And then you have all the time that you can go and spend helping all the charities and all the people you want to help with your time. But you can do way more. the more money you have, the more money you have, the more things the more freedom The more time you have. So money is an absolute wonderful thing. I'll stop there. So I could go on and on about that and why that is. But I want to talk about self talk. Okay. I want to give you an example you asked me about my past, you know, I was born poor when I was born, actually was a little later. We lived in a mobile home, two bedroom mobile home. The bedroom my bedroom was small enough, I could touch all four walls, you know, within an arm's distance like this. Okay. We were happy. We didn't i didn't know we were poor. Right. So that's good, but had some wonderful parents hard working parents grandparents that that provided. But as I started getting new information I came across a guy named Bob Proctor. Are you familiar with Bob Proctor? No, okay, he's I'm sure he knows that guy that being gay guy because he the nightingale he worked for Earl Nightingale as well. So he has a lot of YouTube videos and I started listening to some of the stuff and it sounded you know, kind of wacky kind of woowoo I'm like, What is this guy talking about? But the more I studied it, the more I found out about affirmations and how affirmations really work now most people Jeff had the wrong idea about affirmations. They think that is a magic spell that you know you you that you say or that you chant or whatever it is that you say this magic spell and if you and if you meditate just right in your head you hold your fingers right you cross your legs right and you look at the right spot in the sky that you you know that you magically get this thing that you're that you're desiring that you will kind of name it claim it top thing but it's not what a real affirmation is. is saying something or putting Something into your mind was such such intention, such repetition, and such emotion that your subconscious, which controls the majority of what we do, you don't have to tell yourself to breathe. When you drive home from work, you're not thinking about changing lanes and looking in the rearview mirror and hitting the brakes, when somebody is in front of you, your subconscious mind is doing this. So when in order for our subconscious mind to act out what we want, we have to put that into our brain into our mind rather, through repetition, emotion, and intention. And it's a law of the universe, it is not Whoo, it is not a little bit of truth, it is the law, the governing law of the universe is that all the way back to reap what you sow, there's so many ways that people say it, but they don't explain how to get it. So if you want to reap what you sow, you need to be sowing that which you want. So I'm gonna give you an example, that I used when I was a very challenged person that did not have the money figured out. And before the before we were on this show, you were talking about the fact that I have, you know, a private plane, and I have the business as you mentioned, the business is on here. But remember, I told you don't ever take advice from somebody who hasn't already done, what you're trying to do, or what you want to do. So you know, I have a whole lot of financial success now, you know, real estate, businesses, equity, cash, stocks, retirements, a lot of things, you know, worth a lot of money that I acquired by adding value to the marketplace, but by also teaching myself that I needed in that that deserve this money. So I'm gonna give you a mantra to I'm going to give you a affirmation that helped me get to where I am today and this and I still use it to this day to get to the next level, because the more money I have, the more freedom I have set, okay,

Jeff Sterns  26:57  
I got my pen out,

Unknown Speaker  26:58  
okay, you can just I think you're recording this, you can go back and watch it. Now remember, doing this with intention and with the motion is very important. You might look silly The first time you do it. So get into your when you're in the car by yourself. That's when I used to do it when I was driving to work. I am so happy and grateful that money comes to me in increasing quantities through multiple sources on a continuous basis. I am so happy and great. Again, I'm gonna say it again, because you got to do it 10,000 times if you want it to work, I am so happy and grateful that money comes to me in increasing quantities through multiple sources on a continuous basis. I am so happy and grateful that money comes to me in increasing quantities through multiple sources on a continuous basis say that self teachers say that to yourself. 10,000 times you can't help but be changed.

Jeff Sterns  27:52  
Can I offer something here, please? Wow. Okay, so I'm resonating with you so much. You're so up my alley. Oh my god, I just love you what you said about the affirmations we have about when you drive and you don't pay attention to your turn your turn, signal and mirror etc. This is all happening at a subconscious level. I agree with you that everything that we're good at, we do on a subconscious level, we don't think about which side we start on brushing our teeth, we don't think about if we inhale or exhale on our back stroke and a golf course. I mean, you know, whatever we can do well, we don't have to think about so what a flight and you have a plane. So what a flight simulator is for professional pilots or fighter pilots. I don't Well, I mean, I guess now on anyone's computer, you could have a flight simulator. But what a flight simulator is Billy is the same thing that you're describing. This is putting in the subconscious over and over and over and over again, a scenario that a pilot will go through so that if that emergency situation really happens or that scenario heartland with a crosswind, whatever really happens. The pilot has already experienced it, although they've never experienced it.

Unknown Speaker  29:05  
Yes, I have a simulator my Powells man, I have the three the three screens and I have all the different programs to give you all those things are talking about that you that you hopefully you never experienced, but in politics and I think the same can be true in life itself. The the the old adage that you rise to the occasion is not true. You're not going to just you know if if a I have a little bit of mixed martial arts background, so I could do well against a lot of people. But if you know, some guys from the UFC showed up and said, Hey, you know, let's let's let's spar, I'm not going to rise to their level. What I'm going to do is I'm going to fall to the level of my most intense training, so that that's what the fight flight simulator, anything you do repetitively for a purpose. You better do it an awful lot if you want to get good at it because you're not going to rise to the occasion when you're needed when that extra Intelligence and that extra, often all that's needed, you're not going to know how to fly that plane. If you haven't practiced that in a simulator, or at least with a safety pilot with you, you have to, to train in whatever scenario it is that you want at a life.

Jeff Sterns  30:16  
Well, your affirmation though, really, to me is that flight simulator, in that, so here's what we have, we have current reality and our vision. So at one time in your life, you had a current reality that you weren't so happy with, I understand that you still aspire for more. That is what it is. But there was a time where you weren't really happy with your situation. And you created in your mind, a stronger vision than what creative what current reality was. So what we have is all humans, a conscious, a subconscious, and a creative subconscious. So what we do consciously, we're not really that good at if it's something that you have to really, really think about. If you are going to land that plane. And there was that crosswind or whatever was going on. And you weren't you didn't have it down pat, in your subconscious, where you almost you could do it with half your brain tied behind your back, and you're operating consciously, like counting every breath, there's a good chance that something could go wrong. Absolutely, if, if I told you to walk toe to toe from one of the room, one into the room to the other on a bet or for 10 bucks, you would do it, no problem. If I put you on a two foot wide board, and put it between 2000 foot high buildings, and say go ahead and walk toe to toe for 10 grand, there's a good chance you wouldn't take me up on it, you'd be thinking so much about it, even though the amount of ground that you need for your feet is really the same. You'd have a foot on either side. Okay. So the reason and when I was selling exotic cars, I dealt with a lot of what I call windfall people, I believe me, I dealt with a lot of business people, a lot of people that earned it, you know, who knows, but I, when I said I dealt with a lot of windfall people, I ran into an inordinate amount of people who won the lottery, got an inheritance, got a baseball contract, sold a business. So what's interesting is, even somebody that sold a business, you'd think that they would be more disciplined, but often when they would make, let's say, a good living a few 100,000 a year, but now all of a sudden, they have a couple of million at once, they would have to get rid of that money. So here's what I mean, battered women or I guess what's even abuse husbands. So abused, people in a relationship, often go back to that person or that kind of relationship, the person who yo yo diets, who loses weight and puts it back on or the person my windfall, people win a lottery, Sell a Business, get an inheritance, whatever. There's books written and studies done on lottery winners that most of them go broke. The reason is, is the way that creative subconscious sees them is I'm broke, I'm abused. I'm overweight or unhealthy, whatever. And the creative subconscious, its only job is to keep things the way they are. So the subconscious only records everything. And that's what you're putting in with your affirmation. It only records it doesn't judge it doesn't say good or bad. So it could record I'm so happy and grateful etc, etc. multiple sources, greater quantities. It could be recording that that is current reality, but it can also be recording. I don't deserve. I am something negative. I'm always late. It's it's not judging. It's just recording. And then the creative subconscious has to keep everything the way it is. So when you're doing your affirmation, I love it. And I'm paying by the way, I couldn't keep it all down. But you're right, we're recording this and I will note this because I love your affirmation. The affirmation and when you said put emotion in it is the feeling that you have associated with having Yes,

Unknown Speaker  34:16  
right? Absolutely. When you keep saying it, you can't help but start feeling differently. And then when you allow yourself when you when you intentionally allow yourself to number one feel very, very grateful, very thankful. But feel excited that money comes to you in increasing quantities through multiple sources and that your idea that that starts becoming fact you get more and more emotionally involved in a good way good emotions, because as you said, your subconscious is not going to judge. If you say you're unlucky and you say it with enough enthusiasm and enough times you're going to be unlucky. I'm the luckiest person I know by the way,

Jeff Sterns  34:53  
that it thanks for thanks for saying that. So now and and i would definitely want to give the floor back to you but I just I love This topic. So when you're saying this affirmation in overtime 10,000 times 100,000 times I'm so happy and grateful this becomes reality for your subconscious and then it's your creative subconscious job to make things get things back to how they are as though the universe man. Yep, except you created how things are you created it either way, affirmations about my relationship, my marriage, my relationship with my kids, how I feel about myself, my health, I mean, anything that matters to you, your ministry, what you do for others, I mean, your spirituality, all of this is on your balance wheel, you really need all of it,

Unknown Speaker  35:41  
you're right, we absolutely need to bring all these things, our relationship, you know, our, our parenting skills, all these things into balance with the way we ideally want them to be. And there is not a better state Jeff, than a state of gratitude. So I'm going to give you my ultimate affirmation right here, you've already heard part of it. And that is, I am so happy and grateful that I am happy and grateful. Perfect, you know, and there's not a better condition to be in, then in a state of gratitude, and thankfulness. Because it creates more gratitude, and things to be thankful for. So that's the perfect situation to be in is an attitude of I am so happy and grateful that I'm happy and grateful. If I can wake up every single day and be happy and grateful. That's enough. But here is a personal example of how my self programming, it's more than self talk is self programming. When you say it enough, and you do it enough, and you do it in a state of faith. with emotion baptised any emotion, you can't help but change. So I was in a job. And by the way, I was I think we talked about this earlier on my podcast, I was never the best employee, I was a very effective employee so I could get a job and I can make some money selling I was in sales like you. But I just didn't like rules and things like that. So I struggled I got fired. You mentioned I work for a lot of dealerships. That's because I got fired from several dealerships I just couldn't, I couldn't toe the line and, and do it their way always want to do it Billy's way and that worked against me for a long time. But at my last job, I was the general manager of a dealership and my my goals and aspirations were to become a partner in the dealership, okay, not already been practicing. I'm so happy and grateful that money comes to me in increasing quantities through multiple sources on a continuous basis. I just didn't have the plan, the right plan. So sometimes when you start doing this, you're going to go through some a lot of discomfort, because the best plan may not be the most logical plan to you, Jeff, you understand this? Okay, let me ask let me use it. Let me ask you some questions to get this to get this point across. If I'm at a B law where we have 100 cars, and we're selling 80 cars per month, putting up 200 grand in gross and I want to become a 50% partner in that what what type of annual income, what type of future what cut what type of goals would be attainable in a situation like that monetarily,

Jeff Sterns  38:27  
what kind of goals would be attainable? What kind of income would be attainable if you're 50% partner at that store? Throwing up 200 grand a month it's making 2.4 millionaire here make a million bucks unless it's minus expense.

Unknown Speaker  38:40  
Yep. So it is it is minus expense. So I think my goals were okay I'm become a partner

Jeff Sterns  38:47  
you're making make 300 grand,

Unknown Speaker  38:50  
I want to make 250 to 300 grand per year, I'm going to save my money. And then you know, our basically buying a new car franchise and when I'm 50 when I'm 60 I can have you know a nice house on the coast. Whatever that was my that was my plan to get to, we'll say five to $10,000,000.05 to $10 million dollars. nest egg you can kind of live in a decent place on the coast and have a pretty decent life. Right? So that was my plan and I was sacrificing I was doing a lot of sacrifice and to try to put this plan into action. By the way, you can't do any of this without some type of sacrifice and another law for another podcast is the law of sacrifice and how you must not sacrifice in vain. Make sure your sacrifice is with intention as well. And for a purpose. So I was sacrificing I thought I was sacrificing for my career as a new car dealer. Meanwhile, I got fired. Okay, after three years of sacrificing pouring everything I had into this you know the drill nine to 10 9pm to 10pm at night, six days a week to get the job done to take you from from 20 cars to 60 cars to 80 cars to 100 cars, you know, you have to do a lot of sacrifice and well, the owner, still the owner, and even though you're doing all these things, he can still do what he wants to do including fire you when you have a disagreement about a Facebook event. So I left there and this was less than five years ago, Jeff, and I went home. And I told my wife that I just got fired. Now she doesn't handle stress as well as I do. But we still are very good team. And she's she sees the vision. So she helps me whatever that vision is. I said, but I have a plan, or I have an idea. Now it wasn't my plan. It was just you just, you know, program that creative subconscious, I guess you could say gave it to me. Or you can say that God gave it to us, whatever. However you want to say that it happened to plan and an idea came up to where I would use Facebook events to help car dealers all over the country. I didn't have a whole lot of money, but I had enough to buy some plane tickets to go visit a few dealerships. What what resulted was something monetarily and in every way 110 times monetary better, but 100 times in every other way better than running a dealership. You know, now, I've worked with over 2000 dealerships across the country, I don't have any inventory, I have my real estate and all my equipment in my call center that we serve these dealers with, and I'm making more money than I, I can't say that I hope to because I remember I was always using those affirmations. But I had a whole lot of doubt. So you have to do these things. And even even though there's doubt there, you have to keep persisting with the emotion and practicing your faith, in spite of the doubt, until your new current reality, your vision becomes your reality. But I got a reality that was better than I even saw. So it's not important to have the perfect plan. It's just important to start taking action and steps towards your vision with faith and an open mind.

Jeff Sterns  41:52  
You exceeded your plan.

Unknown Speaker  41:54  
Yes to next for sure. You know, so that that is that is what going for it will do for you if you do it in the state of faith and just keep practicing those affirmations and you have to work your ass off, by the way,

Jeff Sterns  42:07  
Billy, it's called dissonance. So when you're inside doesn't match, you're outside. And when I was talking to Ben gay, I mean, I knew the concept. And I know you know the concept, but he worded it perfectly. He was born into a family of means in Atlanta, grew up in a country club. His father did was a good salesperson or sales manager. But in the sales business did well. The people in the country club were Coca Cola executives and various businesses that had branches in Atlanta, which is plenty of them. So this is where he grew up. When he got married. And he told his father, he was going to get married, his father said Congratulations, I think she's a terrific girl. And the gravy train has ended. Now it's on you to take care of everything. He was already living in an apartment as a bachelor, you know, bachelor pad with a buddy and didn't have much. But the gravy train had not ended, his dad was helping him out from time to time. So he moved into a place with his new wife. It was a two room, not two bedroom, a two room apartment, wash dishes in the bathtub, and half the furniture that he took from his bachelor pad, if you can imagine. And this to me, it was this explains it. And I'm not the shortest of you know, I'm not so unworthy. But this is perfect. He said, compared to his previous life, I don't belong here. That's it. So what happens is with your affirmations, that creates a reality that's stronger than what's current. And you're saying or your subconscious saying, I don't belong here.

Unknown Speaker  43:51  
And it feels more comfortable to have the more comfortable surrounding in your case, because that's what you want. That's what you that's, that's right, you create, I created that internally. And everybody you can do that too. You can create it internally. And once you create that internally, you realize I don't belong here. those opportunities are subconscious. As Jeff pointed out, we start looking for those opportunities, kind of forcing those opportunities into fruition and you will get to where you belong, you will get to that that reality that you've been creating to all those seeds that you've been putting out there. I tell you this one time back in 2015. I was standing in a parking lot looking down the interstate, I was doing an event for this car dealer and I still do events today but I was doing it the old school way with direct mail and it was getting stale. So I was standing out there on the on the parking lot looking down the interstate and I was saying I am so happy and grateful that money comes to me in increasing quantities through multiple sources on a continuous basis. And I was putting that out there into the universe and down that interstate. Fast forward five years when when the Facebook event started I went back to that dealership, same place I was in and it was a totally different reality. Not people were just rushing in there to buy cars, you know That, that that affirmation that I put out there, three, four or five years earlier was was coming true in the present moment. It's just an amazing thing. It's an amazing thing to experience.

Jeff Sterns  45:09  
So if you don't mind, and you know, we're not scripted here. This just came to mind for me about motivating people who might think it's too late or there's not enough runway left for me. What age are you? Or what age range? Are you? 46 right now? Okay, so you're 46 and you said that you really didn't get serious in business till you're What? 33?

Unknown Speaker  45:32  
Yeah, but actually, not, I was not serious in business. I was not serious about life. You know, at 33 years old, talking about I don't belong here. I woke up one morning when I was 33 years old, I already had my first son, but I wasn't being the most responsible father. You know, I was there. I was there. But I was, I was drinking too much. And I was just not being the father that I needed to be. And I woke up one morning, I said, I'm gonna go for go for a run, I'd always been, you know, an athlete. So I'm gonna go for a run, I'm gonna run down a mile, and I'm gonna run back a mile, about 200 yards down past, you know, from the beginning, I had to stop and I was out of breath. And I was out of shape. And my lifestyle, just fail on top of me right there. And I saw who I was, and where, where I was, what my current reality was. I walked back home, and I went into the bathroom, and I looked in the mirror, and I looked myself in the eyes, and I said, this is not me. This is not me, I do not belong here. This is not who I want to be. And that that day, that very moment, changed my life, man. And I said, I started putting things into action. I haven't been perfect by any stretch of the imagination. But I got my thoughts together, I got my goals together. And I started reading. And I started with thinking Grow Rich, and I started with Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and I started you know, I started with us, look, okay, I have a money problem, by the way, because I'm not being the most responsible person. So let me get my money, right. So I started reading people who already got their money, right. And I started learning some things. For 10 years, I did pretty well got better each year at 43. It all came together. And it's just like, all all the programming that I did, from 33 to 43 started happening. And then from 43, to the day, I mean, it's like being like a rocket ship, man, like, to the moon and tomorrow. So it's just been an amazing thing to happen. But you know, so at 30, if you're 33, it's definitely not too late. If you're 43. It's definitely not too late. I'm 46, my 2021 is going to be better than my 2020. So this never too late, man. If you're breathing, it's never too late. You can do it, you can start programming yourself right now, for a better tomorrow.

Jeff Sterns  47:47  
Start programming yourself now, for a better tomorrow. Billy, when I invited you on the show, I'm thinking, let me just be honest, I'm thinking vendor to the car business. This isn't really a vendor fest show necessarily for dealers, this is really for people that might enjoy some carbs and stories that aren't in the business or might enjoy some car business stories that are in the business. But this show has been so uplifting for me, because I've had some conversations with some people that have really, really, really enriched my life. And I feel that way right now with you no doubt about I mean, I'm getting a lot out of this. And I'm really praying that the, the guest or the audience, because what I really want and what you really want is something for the person listening some value. I hope they're getting what I'm getting this is beautiful,

Unknown Speaker  48:37  
someone will and the fact that you and I are kindred spirits that we're that we're both getting the same when I had you on the show the first time I'm like, Who is this cat? Was it you know, was he really about? Let me see what he's got. I learned an awful lot from you. And I can I could tell there was something deeper there. So, you know, when you invited me on the show, I'm like, I can't I think I can bring something to value Smith Smith and my producer, he told me what they said, this is not a car show for vendors. I said, Look, I don't even like this. I mean, can I be honest, I don't even like being a vendor for car dealers. It's just how I made my money. You know what I'm saying? My passion in life is to open the blinded eyes. And to inspire people I'm not a motivator over motivates you a little bit. But to wake people up and to let you understand what's really going on. You are creating your reality and you can create the reality you want. I gotta say this before I forget about it. Okay, you can edit this and put it wherever you want to. Another huge key beyond the affirmations is to sit down and fantasize to absolutely sit down and fantasize about your dream life and what it would look like. And I wish I had it in here. I have notebooks and notebooks and when I wrote my goals down in the present tense, you know, one of them was a fly my own jet. Well I don't have a jet yet but i do fly my own plane right so and And then one of them was $1 amount that I would make in residual income. And that's already checked off. There's so many things that I've checked off. But I sat down Jeff and I wrote a story like a novel a day and a novel my dream life with how that would go from morning to working out on the beach, to getting on a plane and going see going to see dealers, to meeting with dealers, inspiring sales people, that's my biggest calling is to help salespeople, inspiring sales people, helping them improve their lives, get back on my plane, and fly back into the Amelia Island near airport and go home. Now, a lot of that is still fantasy, because I don't have a home on the beach yet. But we have done all of that I fly to see dealers. I fly my plane to Fernandina to Amelia Island, I stay on the beach, I get up and I workout on the beach and all these things I'm doing. And I'm going to sit down and I'm going to write another another day another chapter. And I'm going to add to my fantasy because when you do that with emotion, you allow yourself to daydream, your daydreams become your reality.

Jeff Sterns  51:08  
I am with you all the way

Unknown Speaker  51:10  
if you haven't noticed Smith Smith is a big fan because half of the videos that I post on my end, he does all the posting for me half the videos that I post on my YouTube and that I post on my Facebook, and I post on LinkedIn and I post on Twitter, you can find me in all those places too. But half the videos that I post now have Jeff as you know, on there with me so he really likes to message you brought to my people as well. Absolutely. Well.

Jeff Sterns  51:32  
I'm glad we met.

Unknown Speaker  51:33  
Thank you so much. Thank you for having me on and I'll be thrilled to come back anytime.

Unknown Speaker  51:39  
This has been Jeff Sterns connected through cars

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