Nov. 9, 2021


0:43 you can elect to share your DNA with 20 million person database 1:55 "...51.9% of my DNA. Dove is my daughter..." 2:22 "I called 23andMe. 'Your algorithm must be wrong!'" 4:01 "...her mother's name is in my diary. Oh my god..." 4:26 and two...

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0:43 you can elect to share your DNA with 20 million person database

1:55 "...51.9% of my DNA. Dove is my daughter..."

2:22 "I called 23andMe. 'Your algorithm must be wrong!'"

4:01 "...her mother's name is in my diary. Oh my god..."

4:26 and two grandsons

6:14 "...I'm not going to tell you the name of the of the series I've got developed... I've made a sizzle for this already.... It'll blow your socks off.... I've got it with my Hollywood agent right now..."


Unknown Speaker  0:00  
Have you heard 23andme, which is genealogy genealogy, my wife gave me a subscription to 23andme. And you get your saliva and you spit into a tube, and then you send it off in the mail. And then they sequenced your DNA. And they match that up against 20 million other people they have in the database, right? And I didn't, you know, I got it for Christmas present, and I didn't expect anything out of it. And then you can, inside that application, you can when they give you the your, your DNA, you become part of the entire 20 million universe that they have. And others have given more. And you can elect to share your DNA with that entire group. 20 million people. So you can push a button and slide it over. And now you're entered into the entire database.

Jeff Sterns  0:58  
Now, does this mean that they're allowed to know about you and vice versa? Or what does that mean? Be in the database?

Unknown Speaker  1:05  
Well, yeah, you give them a lot of details about your personal who you are. But I mean,

Jeff Sterns  1:09  
does that mean that another 23andme subscriber or member can now know that they're related to Stephen Poland? Here's his email and phone number.

Unknown Speaker  1:18  
No, not email and phone number. Yeah, but that, yeah, that that's the idea of this, when you elect and you agree that you share it, you know, is under some requirements, you share your DNA in this database, and up pops all of your suspected relatives. Okay. So I have a currently about 1800 relatives, people who have my DNA, and they're all over the world. Now, at the top of the list, most DNA is one girl, her name is dove. And she has thick, it's 51.9% of my DNA. So she's my daughter.

Jeff Sterns  2:01  
Actually, I don't I wouldn't know the percentage of DNA that makes Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  2:05  
that makes her my daughter.

Jeff Sterns  2:08  
Okay, so pretty similar thing. I want more story well told here. Yeah. Pick yourself up from the floor.

Unknown Speaker  2:13  
You go. What? Is you kidding me? I said, I don't have a daughter, you know? Yes, you do. And I checked, I called 23andme. And I said, What is this? Your algorithm must be wrong. Something went wrong with this whole thing? It's another guy. No, she's definitely your daughter. And so we began began communicating inside a text app, just like you have on your computer here, right? texting back and forth. And you know, asking each other questions, hey, they say that we're, you know, father and daughter here. And so had this happen. Do you believe it? She said, No, you know, I had a daddy died two years ago, and my mother just died a year and a half ago. So I don't know anything about my mom's previous life. And I'm 34 is 34 years ago. So long story short,

Jeff Sterns  3:09  
your mother at a Rolling Stones concert? I

Unknown Speaker  3:12  
go ahead. Yeah, well, so go back to the 80s. So where was Steve in the 80s? Steve was in Dallas, Texas. Her mom was in Dallas, Texas at the same time. And I go, Well, let's narrows it down a little bit. So I get Okay, well, I better do some more research on this. So in my garage, I have every a diary. Like I have a diary like this. I'm holding up here. This is my diary for 2021. Right. And every day I write a note in the diary about what happened, what happens to me, right? So I have every dime, every diary for like 30 years or something like that. So I went in the garage when we can route around found 1984 1985 Diaries. And sure enough, her mother's name is in the diary. Oh my god. And I go, well,

Jeff Sterns  4:07  
well, okay, good chance now.

Unknown Speaker  4:10  
Now, we should get into this a bit, you know, so it's turned out that yeah, she. We had an affair and it went on for about three or four months. And the result is this beautiful girl named dove and got to two grandsons. So now I have two grandsons, and my son who's 29 He's got a sister. And surreal. And have you met? We met she she lived in Long Beach. Oh perfect. So years and so we it was easy for us to hook up and spend a lot of time together and she's got a great little family. But they just moved to Texas because they want to buy a house. Buy Houses for nothing over there. And they moved to Texas. raising their family up north of Austin country. So, it's been an interesting, interesting situation.

Jeff Sterns  5:08  
Um, so as far as you're developing formats in that area, this is this come out of your 23andme experience, which is amazing, by the way, like, amazing. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  5:19  
How is your wife by the way? How is your wife? With you having a daughter? Yeah. Oh, you know, we've been married about 10 years. And so it's like a straight arrow anyway, so she could appreciate that, you know, tracks are from Australia. Loose. In those days, the 80s. You know, kind of get away with it. I mean, it's, she doesn't really care. I mean, she, she's fine. They've met and they've great friends now. You know. So that's the way it is. It's like this, this, these things happen. People have

Jeff Sterns  5:58  
an amazing, amazing story. That's honestly and I'm sincerely for you, personally. Very happy for you. Very happy for dove. Especially losing her parents that she knew. Yeah. Oh, it's fun to be able to have you show up like that.

Unknown Speaker  6:13  
I show up. And here I am. I'm available, dad. So I'm not going to tell you the name of the of the series. I've got developed. And I've made a sizzle for this already. And it'll blow your socks off. I mean, it's, I've got it with my Hollywood agent right now. And he's, he's so excited about it, then they gonna shop it around for me. And I think it's, I mean, I get moved every time I see the sizzle, because I did it about about our first meeting when we first met up. It'll just blow you away. So I figured I can do that 100 times.

Jeff Sterns  6:56  
This has been Jeff Sterns connected through cars

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