Oct. 24, 2021


https://collectorpartexchange.com/search 1:18 it doesn't have to be a Ferrari or a Lamborghini 2:53 Project cars, new parts, new old stock parts, rebuilt parts and we offer services right alongside the parts 4:16 automotive flea market 4:23 car models...

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1:18 it doesn't have to be a Ferrari or a Lamborghini

2:53 Project cars, new parts, new old stock parts, rebuilt parts and we offer services right alongside the parts

4:16 automotive flea market

4:23 car models and dinky toys and all sorts of posters and cool stuff


Jeff Sterns  0:00  
Is there a kind of car or a category of cars that you feel to be most collectible? You know,

Unknown Speaker  0:07  
it's interesting I just got back from Hershey and I was at Monterey this year and all of that the clicker productions right now is mostly focused on European sports cars from the 40s to the 80s. Just as a starting point, we'll get into antique cars and us cars and all of that, but I honestly think that's probably the most collectible range as well because there are lots of different varieties of cars. So it isn't like, you know, when you get into American cars, like how many Mustangs were produced, I mean, there's there were probably more Mustangs produced then there were cars in Italy produced in any given year, you know, so it kind of becomes there's, there's very minor variations. It's like, Oh, you've got a little different Engine Setup, or a different transmission or a sports package or whatever. In the the European stuff, there's so much variety that there is really uniqueness and differentiation within the market. So I think that dries up the valuations and makes it much, much more collectible.

Jeff Sterns  1:08  
So is your blanket answer European,

Unknown Speaker  1:11  
European sports cars from the probably the 40s through the 70s, I'd say maybe 80s. And it doesn't have to be a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. My Alfa Romeo. I don't know I spent $17,000 on it. It's not like a very valuable car. But I tell you, I just on my blog, I wrote a love letter to it the other day, because I took it on a tour and it was so much fun to drive that car on that tour, even though it only has 85 horsepower. I think it really annoys me watching all these new hypercars and things like that they are, they are Marvels they are Engineering Marvels. But they kind of take the driving out of it. And they become basically a marketing ploy for fast zero to 60 times or Nurburgring laps and things like that. And they, they you can't enjoy them in the real world. You just can't like even if you go to a track if you don't have the capacity, I bet to drive those cars to their their extent. And if you try, you're going to pay deer. So that's right. You know, to take an 85 horsepower, four door sedan out for mayo and rip it on some back roads, I'm going to be having a ball whereas somebody in a modern Corvettes just going to be cruising and drinking that star cup of Starbucks. I'm going to be downshift in blipping the throttle, pulling it trying to carry momentum through the corners and I will never exceed the speed limit and I'll be having a blast back to CPS. You bet.

Jeff Sterns  2:45  
What else is on there besides parts? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  2:49  
well, we've already talked a little bit about we've got some Project CARS on there. And that's becoming a more popular category we have I think something that really makes us special in different is we offer new parts, new old stock parts, rebuilt parts and the thing that I'm actually most excited about is we offer services right alongside the parts so sometimes people will go out and they search for a new part when they don't realize it but they can take the old part that they have and send it to somebody and have it rebuilt and it'll come back operating like new but it's still the same exact word. It's a much cheaper price. And it's the maximum originality so we've got folks who do that or build upholstery like custom upholstery so they you can order people to make you a leather upholstery for your vintage car and you can do it right through our site. And you know another thing that we've got going on is automobilia is really popular and there is a fair number of books and manuals and different items on there that I think are really fun and and I believe we're going to get a lot of pickup from people listing automobilia on there.

Jeff Sterns  4:09  
I like that so it's you know, it's your online exchange in and I'm not trying to downgrade it but automotive flea market. I mean, you know where you know, the automobilia the vintage toys, maybe?

Unknown Speaker  4:23  
Oh yeah, we've got a lot of car models on there and dinky toys and all sorts of stuff. And there's some when I see some of those Come on, I get pretty tempted and models. We just sold a very expensive model. Like somebody ordered us there was a $750 model of a Rolls Royce that was up there. It's a 1/5 scale. So it's a really large model and complex that's why it costs so much and yeah just sold. So yeah, it's fun to see those sorts of things on there because I don't know anybody who's into cars who doesn't love to have you know, I'm looking at you wall behind you and you've got you know that ceramic car behind you and a bunch of posters and all sorts of cool stuff.

Jeff Sterns  5:07  
You're right. You're right. I love it. I mean if I had unlimited space and unlimited budget less kids. Yeah. I want to tell my kid you know how many pedal cars I could have if you weren't here? Okay. I'll make sure to remind them every day. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  5:23  
do they appreciate that?


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My earliest memories are filled with Hot Wheels and Indy 500s on ABC’s Wide World of Sports. Life changing events include watching the Lambo in the opening scene of Cannonball Run and the R&T cover story on the Ferrari 288 GTO. My first interesting car was a Porsche 928 which I drove every day and put 175K miles on.

I most recently was co-founder of Zapproved, a legal software company, which is now part of the Vista Equity portfolio. Prior to that, I was with Pixelworks, a semiconductor company that went public in 2000, and co-founded a marketing agency serving tech startups. Currently, I also am an executive partner at Elevate Capital.