Aug. 25, 2021


0:22 Guy owes Izzy $10k and sends a LWB Shadow instead 1:16 cruising around in a right hand drive roller on the streets of New York City. 3:17 the officer's screaming his head off. He's screaming at the passenger, because it was a right hand drive...

0:22 Guy owes Izzy $10k and sends a LWB Shadow instead
1:16 cruising around in a right hand drive roller on the streets of New York City.
3:17 the officer's screaming his head off. He's screaming at the passenger, because it was a right hand drive...


Jeff Sterns  0:00  
So I want to know a little more about the roles you sent the picture. You showed us the picture that looks like a shadow with the girls, right?

Unknown Speaker  0:08  
Oh, it was a long wheel. long wheelbase shadow my friend.

Jeff Sterns  0:12  
But you said this is from when I was doing gray market. But unless it's another story, or I confuse stories, I think you told me once a guy owed you money and gave you one of these, am I right? Or did I miss that?

Unknown Speaker  0:22  
That's how that's how we knew how to ship it over. And, and the guy owed me about 10 grand. And he shipped me a car instead. Because he didn't have the money. And he shipped me over that car instead. And I luckily, you know, we were doing gray market. I mean, yeah, I kept the picture of the of the 928 brought in a bunch of 928. We brought in that 935 turbo, a couple of nine elevens that were just amazing. But

Jeff Sterns  0:50  
you're going out in this role. So

Unknown Speaker  0:51  
this this was what late 80s. Oh, this was 1985 86.

Jeff Sterns  0:59  
You're 2021 8586. What was that? You were 20 or 21? And 85 or 86?

Unknown Speaker  1:06  
Yeah, that's right. We're in it. Were a top just a tank top looking looking studly cruising around in a right hand drive roller on the streets of New York City. It was hilarious.

Jeff Sterns  1:21  
We used to let me let me ask this cuz I remember the style. So you're wearing a tank top it was probably tucked in to come on with like, work holed up over the jeans.

Unknown Speaker  1:33  
It was worse. It was awkward. Joe remember the aka Joe? Remember ACA? You don't remember Acapulco Joe? I don't think so. Wow, maybe you know what? You got to Google that? You know what, I'm gonna get you a tank top that says aka on it says ACA very popular back in those days. But, um, you know what the thing was? I think I was able to get nine people in that car at one point. And I was driving, leaving a nightclub in the Hamptons at the time in Long Island. And I had at least I'm not joking. There were two people in the front seat with me. And there were at least seven people in the back. I mean, there were 10 people, including me. And of course, most of them were young ladies in the back there probably like, probably at least like four. Yeah, probably for at least four girls in the back. And we get pulled over. And it's four o'clock in the morning. And then the officer pulls us over. And he streaming is because I had done like a complete illegal U turn in the middle of the road itself. So it was was the reason why we're pulled over. And the officer is screaming his head off. Are you crazy? Or what are you doing? I want to see your driver's license registration insurance. And at the time, just to look even cooler. I kept my English plates on the car. I never I never put my actual plates. I kept them. I kept them in the booth as the English call it. Like I kept my regular plates in the in the booth. And the officers screaming his head off. And then it dawns on him that he's screaming at the passenger, because it was a right hand drive. So I was just sitting there in the corner. And the officer just looks up and he goes, No, not one of these. Not one of these. And he looks in the car and he just goes go home to wherever you're homeless now. I do. I don't ever want to see this car on the road at this hour of the night. If it is I'm taking everybody in. And we just drove off. Because the guy just it was it was one of those cars and I kid you not because I only use the car in the summertime. I would leave that car double parked in front of restaurants outside New York City with the windows down Jeff. I couldn't leave the keys in it in the ignition. And nobody, no one would go near it. No one go there. It was hilarious. It was the fun. It was definitely one of the funniest vehicles that I've owned. And you know, in that timeframe, and of course, I ran it until the hydraulics exploded which is what they do. Which is Yeah, they do I mean it spheres break accumulate. Oh yeah, the car the assets of the car during rack. Oh yeah, it could have it could almost hit the ground and a certain point if I put luggage in it, I probably could have hit the ground with it. And I remember calling up there was a dealership in New York. Cold Harvey's I don't know if you if you if you know, yeah, he was like the he was the Rolls Royce guy in New York City at the time Rolls Royce and at Bentley really wasn't cranking yet. And I brought it into Arby's and he took a look at it, he goes, Oh yeah, we can fix this. It's like, you know, like, 2020 22,000 you know, 20 something. And that's when I said, I'm selling this car. And and subsequently, I I sold the vehicle for probably the same amount that the guy owed me money on. I mean, I got great use out of it. Until it until it went nuclear and, and some lucky person got because the car Other than that, that fixed point. I think that thing had a 6.75 liter freakin engine in that thing. That's what they had. Yes. Yeah. And it was good. I'm not gonna lie. It was gorgeous. I wish I knew more how to how to work on it. But the thing was, it was a work of art. I mean, I believe that was the engine. Or a version of it was in like the Spitfire and the end. The end the what's it called the air would have are now mostly Rolls Royce

Jeff Sterns  6:11  
Aero now. I think it was in the rolls. I think the Rolls Royce engines were in ruin the airplane. No. Sorry to burst your bubble. You don't think so? Oh, they're not putting some iron block 6.75 liter. Our engine in a plane was a Rolls Royce, what they call a Rolls Royce Merlin Rolls Royce still makes airplane engines Rolls Royce is in the airplane. Engine business. It just wasn't that good. Right. Well, maybe it wasn't that one. But it was a similar one. Now Jay Leno has a car with the Merlin engine.

Unknown Speaker  6:51  
Now you're talking. That's the engine? Yes. That's the engine. That was

Jeff Sterns  6:58  
the engine that you're talking about. enrols is really legendary. And they've always used 6.75 liter and even the new Falcon fan and all new rolls is still they still use 6.75 liter. That's exactly why

Unknown Speaker  7:09  
what why is that their number do is

Jeff Sterns  7:12  
there. It's only tradition. It's really started with the ghosts. Right? They call it waft ability. They never disclose horsepower. The horsepower is always adequate, right. And but the torque was monster. So the idea was without any fanfare without any noise without any rpm. You give it just a little gas it would go This has been Jeff Sterns connected through cars.

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