April 5, 2021

LIGHTWEIGHT ENGINE -Malcolm Bricklin explains why innovation in multi billion $$ corps is RARE.

Malcolm agrees that he himself may have not adapted in the factory's shoes!

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Malcolm took on low cost, small, lightweight, amazing gas mileage engine. Mechanics Illustrated loved it and put it on the cover. A project with a partner that was doomed from the start...even when shown direct to Henry Ford! 


Right after I've gone out of business, I get a call from my good friend Tucker, the guy who did the doors for me. He says, Malcolm, I've been working on an engine forever. I'd like to make your deal do you come be my partner? Give me some money. And I put your name on it so we can get attention. I said, No, no, no, no, it's not mine. I'll give you my name. But it has to be our name together. breckland derner. Okay. So what is this engine, this engine is very light, six pistons. Move it away, You'll never believe in a million years, the thing that attracted me is, I don't know anything about an engine, I couldn't take one, I wouldn't know where the first places to take it apart, you can take this engine apart in five minutes and put it back together again, with a screwdriver and a pair of pliers. Anybody could do it. I don't have to have a couple of pictures. And we put it together to show everybody. And he had already built a 20 horsepower that was this big. And a 200 horsepower that was this big. And a 500 horsepower machine that only weighed 200 pounds, machined that lightweight omega had a built on dinos, they go to 18,000 RPM, and is 100 RPM had 100 foot pounds of torque, that quiet as can be. And it was bent, take a hotdog and bend it. So the pistons, they are called going in and out but actually just move this way. And because it was different space, as you went down the thing, it's the same thing as going in and out. You find what I'm saying? piston is going this all 12 of them are going this way. But it's closer to here and farther away here because it's bent. Anyhow, they had a more amazing, incredible gas miles really quiet, clean as hell. Alright, so now I'm doing what I'm supposed to do get publicity and mechanics illustrator comes in, and they put us on the cover. And in the article, get that one to 1974 I think it was. And in fact, I can send you the cover the article said or waivers in the front. Unbelievable, but we saw it all work. We let him shoot anything they want. They had to diagnose whatever they wanted to do. There it is. Very shortly thereafter, the first world's automotive Congress was happening in Detroit by automotive news first, whenever okay. And by way I get yours mixed up. I think it was 74. For all these things. Crane was putting together speakers for the first speaker that opened the whole session. And by the way, it was at the high end across from the Ford headquarters. Your i think i think is the highest net the question whenever that hotel across the street from the Ford headquarters. And the first speech was given by Henry Ford, the next day or so I gave the next presentation. And the last presentation was john DeLorean interesting world. So now I have this the inventor, I have the front cover of mechanics illustrated it remind me before we hang up to send you a copy a copy of the cover. Now I got to figure out how to sell an engine. So I figured, well, Henry Ford is going to be at this thing. So I get ahold of him. And I say I want to have a meeting. after I'm finished making my speech, no problem come across, we'll meet. So I take my second wife at the time, who is really gorgeous, blue eyed bond. We go up to see Henry on the 14th floor. Everybody who's running around with gray suits and white gloves. And it's quiet. And it's like he's in his fiefdom, with all his slaves running around. I mean, they're scared kind of polite thing. Come now I had a film of all the engines and the guy. And that's what my presentation was about this great motor and cover mechanics illustrated and him to answer any questions. And it was a big hit. Go across there with my wife. We sit there. And I say after we do the bullshit needs flirted with my wife. I take the 20 horsepower. This is this big and I handed it to him. I said, Henry, here's the deal. Here's all the things that the film and mechanics will handle mechanic sales. He said, we have them. You don't have to have them. Anything you want to see we have. I went willing to give you this engine. With this engine. You can own the car business. He said now I couldn't own business. I said, why not? He said I'll have enough money. Is it Henry? you lend me your name for day and a half. I'll get you all the money you want. Ah laughs I said I give you the engine. Your commitment is you will put it in a vehicle in a way that you would put it in so that you can act He showed that it can be manufactured in that vehicle. And I give you five years to do whatever you want with that engine. At the end of five years, we split 5050. You don't have to give me a penny up front. I got the prototypes, you can start using. Wow. How can you miss with that? Okay, sending my engineer down to meet you in Graham, Texas. He comes back with a good report. We have a deal that after that, I made a deal with him for that I got my job. That's all I could do. Right. I fly into Graham, Texas. Had engineers there. Mr. Brooklyn, can I see you for a minute? Yeah, I wanted to tell you I'm here to invalidate your project. I think about invalidated. Why would he? Then I say what the hell is wrong with me? Let's see what I just asked this man to do. Take your billions and billions and billions of dollars to do aven, tooling, engineering, and design, throw them all away, because now you've got to build a different kind of vehicle for the motor, the small, and I mean, it's a totally different to everything has to be different, and then invest that amount of money again, for this motor. Why would anybody in the right mind do that? In fact, I wonder if the board would let them do it without firing them. And then I said, I wonder if I would do it. If I were him. The answer was not what Who the hell gives a shit? Then you'd have something better if you have to get rid of everything you got. That's crazy. That's why innovation does not happen. This has been Jeff Sterns connected through cars