Aug. 9, 2021

Brad Oleshansky: the man behind Motor Enclave, M1 Concourse, drivers social club

Brad Oleshansky 

1:51 many people told Brad that he was crazy. He ended up buying a former General Motors factory out of the bankruptcy in 2012.
3:46 No racing
5:28 what Top Golf does for golf, Brad does for driving.
5:45 Butts in seats is better than an auto show for factories.

16:01 300 private garages. Some call them car condominiums. A version of the auto country club, less racing focus, more community focus. Garages, a 1.6 mile performance track and 80 acre off road track a two acre skid pad, and a 35,000 square foot corporate event space.
17:43 garage entry price is $215,000. 24' ceiling allows mezzanine and up to 3 level car lift
23:38 Strategically located near Tampa Exec Airport.
24:34 Some of our greatest events are not driving events. They're actually wine tastings and dinners and I take 20 couples to drive through Italy every year. We do charity events. There's an Italian night and there's a food truck rally and there's a charity thing and it's just, you know, but the common denominator is generally cars.
30:31 The wealthy are careful with their money.
30:53 A Bentley client talks Jeff into taking a premium over MSRP on a car.
35:18 They're nicer than most people's houses, honestly. They have bathrooms and kitchens and bars and wine cellars and and armories and cars on lifts and workshops.
35:46 right after the GM bankruptcy, there was a federal trust created to take 88 properties
36:20 competing against real real estate developers
36:29 there's no better way to revitalize a historic automotive property into a modern automotive destination.
37:49 M1 Concourse in Pontiac spurred $1 billion of new development on the same street we're on it's called south south Boulevard... our cars and coffee there, we get 1300-1400 hour cars on a Saturday morning.
And I was looking at some of the photos at em one concourse, and I can't really tell unless I didn't go deep enough. But did you remove the original plant? Or did you use the bones and build in it? Or what are the fact
38:19 we spent five months crushing concrete.
38:50 did you find Jimmy Hoffa?
41:03 all this with a 4 person staff
42:15 Selling happiness
45:01 The Totem Pole and Ted's on Woodward Av
47:16 Track use calendar
48:51 The mid 80s Supra and that roof panel...
51:00 Mickey Shore's
53:29 Best story on Jeff's show yet?
54:09 Jeff pretending not to be blind

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Brad Oleshansky

Founder & CEO

Brad Oleshansky spent the first 12+ years of his career as an entertainment attorney in Los Angeles, CA, including roles at Virgin Records, The Walt Disney Company, a boutique Beverly Hills law firm and several global marketing services agencies. He moved home to Michigan in 2004 to join digital marketing firm Big Communications in its infancy as Chief Operating Officer. He oversaw the rapid growth of the company as it focused solely on the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, and then orchestrated its sale in 2008 to Meredith Corporation (NYSE: MDP). After the acquisition, Brad took on the Chief Executive Officer role and was responsible for the consolidation of all healthcare related business under the MXM Health brand.

Brad left Meredith Corporation in December 2012 to develop and build M1 Concourse (, a $75M+ auto enthusiast destination in Pontiac, MI. Against significant odds, Brad built M1 Concourse into the largest private garage community in the world and the premiere destination for automotive inspired events. Brad exited M1 Concourse in early 2019 so he could launch The Motor Enclave (, the first ever unified brand for experiential automotive communities. The Motor Enclave is currently developing projects in Tampa, FL and Nashville, TN.

Brad is a graduate of Ithaca College (Ithaca, NY) and Southwestern University School of Law (Los Angeles, CA). He is a member of the California and District of Columbia Bars. Brad is an active member of the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) and on the advisory board of Ann Arbor, MI based venture capital fund, Huron River Ventures. He is also a board member for ORT, a global charity focused on education.

Brad is a two-time winner of the prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award (in 2012 for Big Communications and 2018 for M1 Concourse), and currently serves as a judge for the competition.