Dec. 10, 2021

DEREK BELL & JEFF have an informal video-call to discuss their 1st (and Jeff's 1st) podcast together

1:20 I stayed with Mr. Ferrari when I first joined Ferrari and he would come and have dinner with us 13:13 I've just got a shitty car 15:11 Nobody ever wrote about my first win 24:20 They were just looking for people that look natural 26:58 the Ronald...

1:20 I stayed with Mr. Ferrari when I first joined Ferrari and he would come and have dinner with us
13:13 I've just got a shitty car
15:11 Nobody ever wrote about my first win
24:20 They were just looking for people that look natural26:58 the Ronald Reagan ski classic at Beaver Creek. Franz Klammer joins up with us
21:09 2001 Vegas Speedway Arnage driving event (is where Derek and Jeff met)
41:47 I was 100% convinced that his head fell on my lap. I thought he got decapitated
46:45 my fastest speed was 246 mph
48:09 I didn't realize that Ford wants to buy Ferrari
51:09 the Steve McQueen movie I was flat out
53:10 About Paul Newman


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December 21 2020, Derrick Bell agreed to meet me to do a practice interview, while we figured out how to get this podcast going, very, very generous of him. And then two weeks later, we finally did one when I had a studio with backdrop and lighting and a good camera and a microphone.

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But I'll never forget how nervous I was calling certain people in my phone and saying, I haven't spoken to you in 10 or 15 years, and I want to start this thing and will you help me get it started?

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Derek was very, very gracious. In agreeing to do the first one with me. We put eight episodes together, before releasing Jeff And before posting to our YouTube channel so that we would have a little bit of content when we got started. But I'll never forget how generous Derek was in helping me get started. And I'm grateful to the audience, for where you've taken us in just under a year.

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Jeff Sterns connected through cars, if they're big wigs, we'll have him on the show. And yes, we'll talk about cars and everything else. Hearing is now Jeff Sterns.

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I stayed with Mr. Ferrari when I first joined Ferrari and he would come and have dinner with us there. I had the most amazing evenings out with him. My dad taught me growing up in Detroit, my dad was a dealer in Detroit, and he says to get along in business, and to do well with people, he said, at British but think Yiddish. Is that right? Yeah. I've heard that since I was five. That's amazing. That's amazing. Yeah, I mean, I've never heard that one. Now that's one of the better ones. I'm feeding it with a throttle pedal. And I'm not moving the wheel. Everybody was standing like, shit. Look at this. This smoke was pouring on. Eric, slow down. My feet are up in the air Derrick Steve McQueen movie when we did drive blood in it to the full speed. And then I turn around and talk to the people in the back and they'd be chatting when they go shit, you're not looking.

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So what I'm doing for the real podcast is I ordered some lighting and a nice camera and you know better microphone and I want it to be great, but you're doing fun. I can listen to me fascinating.

Unknown Speaker  2:20  
So we're sort of on anyway, all we are right now. So we just chat. And then your business is not the thing. This is not whether we do it in two weeks or a month. This is not the thing.

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What have we done the podcast? Oh, this isn't the podcast? No, this was just I wanted to prep because the other day I talked to you flat out.

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Okay, I was the portion. And you know what Derek I was I've been thinking about it thinking about it, because I'm trying to put together a whole season before I release it. Now, here's where I'm stuck. And maybe I'll take your advice. Because you've done more interview stuff than I have. I'm not a journalist guy. Next dealer. Right. So and now I do software and consulting for cardio. So is it better? In your opinion? Is it better? So I could have a few framework things to make sure that we don't forget to talk about it? Or is it better to get natural reactions and hit you with shit that you didn't even know was coming? Like for an interview? What do you think? Well, I thought is, I mean, yeah, I mean, you sent me a list. Yeah. Which was for some use with another person. It was actually their suggestion of what to talk to them that they was

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really you should you need to know me better, or you should know me better than he did. And therefore, as I think I pointed out, you know, some of the questions where we're not really we're not very, very interesting or pointless, bring it up with me when actually in reality with sort of, you know, black 50 years of racing to talk about if you wanted to, there's plenty there without bloody roaming of talking about other things. I mean, sure. I mean, I think the I haven't got the questions in front of me right now. I don't want to because it'll confuse the issue. But I mean, I mean, it's obviously to sort of, basically you'll go through Well, what you know, what got you into cars. I mean, logically, you start you don't start off with Steve McQueen, and then go back to how it's done. But you can easily leapfrog from how I started to Steve McQueen. But on the way you, you would logically say, Well, you know, it's all very well, but and the one thing that intrigues me about other drivers is what made them go racing. And I know so little about Brian Redmond David Hobbs. I know David booster bar, his mother's a 14 or whatever the hell it was. I remember Frank Williams used to borrow his mother's a 35. And he would take it out, put rounds on go race it on the Saturday bring it back on the Sunday. And around England, which are things we could do in those days. We could hear calls, and you know, none of the guys do. I know. I mean, John Fitzpatrick I mean, communication with him a lot in England, because he was one of the group and even the other week we did a we did a zoom that was the team that raced the Jaguars back in the late 70s are what they call the big cat. It was a two door

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Jack's the big one. Not the not the not the sports car XJ 12 coupe. It was cool. So there was John Fitzpatrick, myself, Tim shanken, Brian Redmond, and David Hobbs. And we all had a chat. And it was, and we did it for about 4008. We've done in nearly an hour, if not an hour. And it was so great because none of us have talked for some years, we meet at various events like Rennsport, possibly, right. But you don't go off and talk about the past. You talk about the present. Having this phenomenal chat, we decided we should do it more frequently. But really, it would be incredible to record it. Yeah. Because we're all talking about events that happened during our career, because the only thing we have in common really drunk or something like that, again, gets back to stuff that I Well, we did it for example, while we were doing there was a story that for both Fitz and shanken. And I knew about the others didn't last when we were racing at the Nurburgring. But we were driving 930 fives and the story how we went out and found this little village and it was a riot. And we couldn't repeat the story, you know, the world to hear the love to hear it. But it was the most killer of a story. And afterwards, I found that I texted Fitz. I said, lucky we didn't bring up that story about the village. You know, of course, John's got the most hideous memory. So he said, Yeah, that sounds so village and the name of the nightclub we went into and all that sort of thing. It was absolutely amazing. But, you know, there weren't many occasions. But I think it gets back also to the fact that we had such a bloody good time. Right, you know, in those days, because wherever we wait, I mean, Grand Prix ease or Formula Two races around the world was wherever we were on the Sunday night, we wouldn't deepen our plane. And because we didn't have planes, we couldn't afford trains and disappear off because we weren't on a bloody

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What do you call it? simulator? algae's. We never had Laddies simulators. And I went, the ones I ever drove were absolutely diabolical. I mean, there's no representation of what cars are like racing. But of course, they've improved and I did go one in Singapore, Hong Kong, five years four years ago, when I was invited out there for a Ferrari general with Gary collection, whose car I had driven the very first race

Unknown Speaker  7:17  
of my life in the sports car at

Unknown Speaker  7:20  
the 1000 keys. And from that Mr. Ferrari pulled me back into the factory to drive at the mall with Ronnie Peterson. And that car, this chap ended up buying.

Unknown Speaker  7:31  
And he ended up with several cars, Ferraris that I had driven in his collection for delightful gentlemen from Hong Kong. And I went over there and they treated me and my wife to go over and we say this glorious hotel, and that sort of thing. And we they took me around places, and it was just a lovely, lovely weekend. But he had quite a few bits and pieces memorabilia of my career, which was totally surprised me, but the car was actually being is kept at the factory in Stuttgart, or was that so Stoker Maranello? Right that time. And when I went back the other day, in fact, somebody sent me a photograph of me standing beside the car in the Ferrari Museum, which was a very, it was brilliant because it was yellow. And it was the only yellow for were two yellow five one twos, but this was the one that I drove number 23 Generally it was always see me that that's the number I had on it but spa. And, you know, you sort of you have you have so many recollections like that with that sort of person and things that you do, you know, so you guys need to get together make the video that no one's allowed to see make it put it in the will that when everybody's gone, that it gets really generally by that is a off to the races that always be a party. Sure, it would all be back at our hotel. And if you stayed at Monza, it was the center of store geo where many I stayed with Mr. Ferrari when I first joined Ferrari and he would come and have dinner with us there and that sort of thing. And the party would be there and we'd be jumping in the in the pond, not the pool. It was a pond where there was I don't think there any fishes there where by the time we finished, but we're all jumping in it. You know, it was only about a foot deep. It was an average everybody has a lot to drink. They're very relieved and then we got hurt to speak any English or did you speak any Italian? Like how did that go? No, no, Enzo could speak English, I believe. Okay, I think you can understand it. But it's a bit like me. I can understand Italian but I can't necessarily speak it. Okay, I can't speak I can speak a moderate around now. No, so we spoke in French, which made it life interesting, because I was okay. I was okay at French. Now he was he was better than me at French. That was the only con but I had the most amazing evenings out with him. And I was so lucky to get that relationship. And the strange thing is I've thought about it just the other day because, you know, this is there's there's always a celebration of some manufacturers, you know, 1000s Grand Prix or their, you know, 100th year or manufacturer or something, but there was a fabulous

Unknown Speaker  10:00  
poster came out the other day of the 1000s Grand Prix. Okay, about five weeks ago, I guess it was Monza and they were this super poster and I'd really like to get one. But there was the poster for the race. And they'd had all the drivers that had ever raced for Enzo and I'm one of them, which was, you know, only in a small way, because I was only a small player. Not me. But the fact I was so surprised when I saw my, my, my my face on that. But so you don't have the poster now like you wish you could find out when nobody has I haven't seen any I probably when I you know, if I should I'll try to get hold of some if I see somebody from Ferrari at a certain point. I say by the way, what or I haven't looked into it, i i Should it because otherwise they'll disappear. But they must have been a poster. But there had them. It was a sort of poster for the given out at the Italian Grand Prix that what era would this have been went around with this post to be released in the largest month ago? The last reason? Okay, okay. Oh, yeah, Italian girl. And when they did their 1000, we have to find that when they did their 1000 scrum Prix.

Unknown Speaker  11:04  
But it was fabulous. Because they had a head and shoulder or a head, or whatever, of every driver. Of course, the heroes like Michael and people like that. We're we know we're full front. We're much more head and shoulders and there were bigger. But I was just flattered to be even on there. Sure. I went, I wonder if I'm on that. I went right over there. Well, I'm sure I'm sure there's a lot of people that were flattered to be on the same poster that you're on two years.

Unknown Speaker  11:30  
Probably over you're pretty humble. You're pretty humble. Well, yeah, but yeah, I, I didn't I think yeah, I don't try to be I guess I am. But it's almost the English way of sort of being a bit like that, you know, in some, I mean, it's just a way we're in a way brought up or the way I was brought up. And also, you know, I never thought I honestly never thought I had a talent. And remember,

Unknown Speaker  11:54  
I knew I knew I'd done well, you know, I mean, if you want to form a to race, or whatever, or you followed, you can read one and I would come 10 years behind him, I knew I must have done quite well. And, you know, I finished second to Jackie Stewart at Thruxton. And these sorts of things. So and I sat next to him on the grid in my little Brabham, and he was in almost the works car. Right. So and he was well champion as well, you know, to me, and I was just coming up. So at the time you you're delighted you're there. And like my first Grand Prix at Monza, I was on the third row of the grid, you know, next to Stuart and Helm. And Jackie X was on the second row and Chris a mom was on the front row all in the works Ferraris my first Grand Prix. And I remember being so pissed off, because I was actually only on the third row. And I was, you know, whatever. I tend to the second slower than Jackie Stewart, and I was, I was I was upset. But I reflect on it you go sunshine, a lot of guys will be happy to be on the third row, next to Jackie Stewart and our first Grand Prix. But anyway, that's that. That's the way it is. But I think you i Not that I'm suggesting anybody should be sort of humble, but I wouldn't say the word was humble. But I'd never wondered why I was up there. But I thought I should have done better. But I didn't think I was that good. You know, it's a strange thing. I'm better than all these guys. I've just got a shitty car. I never thought of that. The English humility. You know, my dad taught me growing up in Detroit. My dad was a dealer in Detroit, and he says to get along in business and to do well with people, he said, at British but think Yiddish. Is that right? Yeah. I've heard that since I was five. That's amazing. That's amazing. Yeah, I mean, I've never heard that one. Now. That's one of the better ones. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  13:37  
Yeah. So. But as I say, through that period, I mean, on the way through to formula into Formula Two, and then into Formula One and doing it. I own reflection, I look and go, you know, you and then you see the guys that didn't make it into Formula One. And then you go, actually, I must. I must have been moderately quite a good driver.

Unknown Speaker  14:00  
But I don't know. I know. It wasn't the best. I mean, if you said to me, you know, why did why didn't you get on better and Formula One? Because you got on? Well in sports cars. I mean, it's like being in the right place at the right time. But also, three things. One are certainly two things. One is the fact I'm still here 40 years later. And it's always if I'd stayed in Formula One I probably wouldn't be if you know what I mean? Well, and that's just that saying something, especially at the beginning of your career. I mean, oh, yeah. Very dangerous. Oh, yeah. I mean, I drive we got killed every month, basically. And then you started what? 64? Racing? 64? Yes, in the seven. And it was the US it was just a seven. Yeah, we built it up. And this was your stepfathers pushing you a little bit. No, no, totally me. It was. I was that's the point. You see you. You know, as I said, Nobody very few people ever hear our guys started.

Unknown Speaker  15:00  
You hear? Oh, you want Thruxton that was great. And then you went for and you came served at Monaco and in the, in the form of three race, you know, and they know that because that's the news has not been the net. Nobody ever wrote about my first win. Why should they, you know, is a bloody handicap race, you know, in the pouring rain, and I know they stopped. I was running the car in two in the morning on the public roads, pissing rain, march itself, the 12th or 13th. Now because my partner in crime who came in with me, you know, we put in 300 quid each, I think at the end of the year, we sold the car for 600 quid and got our 300 bank, you know, I mean, it was amazing, really, but that's how we did it. My friend John Penfold, who is still a very close friend, we we communicate nearly every day now. You know, he was so methodical and such an organizer with figures and getting the budget, right. And so what it was going to cost, and all that, so on how to do it. And, you know, I had to because I was doing the first race, he said, Well, you better run it in that, you know, we only finished it at sort of seven in the evening. So I literally took it out on the public roads with no, no fenders on it was, you know, the bicycle fenders, but yeah, Enders on it, because we hadn't belt we hadn't riveted them on. So I took it out of his father's we had been in my workshops, but we actually had it up it is they were agricultural engineers, and they, you know, they sold a John Deere has and, and all sorts of factors and machinery. So

Unknown Speaker  16:28  
it's because they had a spray Bay, and they could put the Lotus seven in there and spread red, which was their company colors, because it was free. And so the bloody thing was red, you know. And so I'm taking it down the road. With all that means March. I mean, March is cold in England, not Clearwater, it was England. And we are wrapped up in sitting in it. And of course, you'd never normally sit there in a blog and a massive sort of great coach, as we would call it. But I guess I had a helmet on I can't remember, probably didn't. I remember taking that. Like he said, You were taking that run the engineer. I mean, you know, we built it basically ourselves, I had a very useful local guy to come and build it for us. 1500 14, a GT engine,

Unknown Speaker  17:08  
Ford engine. And we had a special cylinder head on it. But that was all the rest of it was all, you know, sort of Conrad's and all sorts of things. Were you afraid, though? I mean, cuz you're new though. You didn't have like fear like you think it's no fear? Like you're stupid? No fear? Not at all? No. Like you're missing the gene. No, no, I had no fear at all. I was excited. It was adrenaline that kept you going. If you think of these nutters that, you know, sort of do triple spins in their motocross bikes off a ramp, then they hadn't actually done it before. That's why, you know, so all you know, is that they did it nearly did it before they went six foot then they do 16. And then they do 26 And then 56 foot jumps, or whatever it is, right. And they build up to it. And so by then they got the confidence and that although I'd never driven a racecar, so I actually had I driven at Jim Russell Racing School drivers, you know, drivers school. I went there, in the rare very beginning, but you didn't ask me that. I went there. And you know, during those, how old was I at the time, I suppose at? I just left school now is it college at Cirencester. And I remember starting agriculture, because we lived on a farm. And I remember going there and Jim one day, Jim Russell actually who ran the school, let's him he actually picked me out. He said who was driving that car, you know, formula, basically formula forwards, but they were better than formula or they're actually formula Jr. Because they didn't have formed before then. And he said who was driving that car and of course we were limited you having done that walked corners one weekend, and then three months later, I could afford to go again. And that sort of thing. And I was laughing at this time. And he said that you did 10 laps at 4010 laps at four and a half 10 laps at 510 laps at five and a half and so on. And each time he did 10 laps it was 10 pounds. Well of course these days, 10 pounds nothing but I was only earning 20 pounds a week and then the live out of that. So I didn't go every week I went once a month once for two months and then it in the summer I couldn't go because we're busy on the farm and I was working as a as a as a farm worker with my family. And what ultimately over a year and a year and a quarter year and a half I finished the course but but I never did finish it because we've got all these great things going back to front we're talking about but

Unknown Speaker  19:27  
But I went to I went I went you know up to the Russian school one particular day, one weekend, it was 180 miles from my home to Stetson and I picked my girlfriend up in London and we went on upstate, this dodgy little pub in that in the village there at Snetterton and

Unknown Speaker  19:46  
you know the track the next day I was I think I was running at size six and a half to 7000 reps. I hadn't got up to the maximum speeds. So and you know you if you came in with more reps on they came in, they would come and check you

Unknown Speaker  20:00  
Rev counters and that barbecue high and low gym ago, man if you span out or anything, and he was so right, it was such a discipline and it didn't get the basics he gave me were so, so phenomenal for so we get this like a headmaster telling you you build that up that gym, you know, had been very successful. Now, is this kind of secret? You said, I didn't ask you this. I mean, you're not. That's why we started. You didn't say to me tell you your career from the beginning. So of course I didn't. Where does the career start? You know, okay, because we never even got back. I was driving tractors at nine years old and jeeps on the farm. So I you know what I mean? So I didn't talk about it. Okay. Yeah, that we need to talk about that. Because what's, what's the speed? Like when you're talking about the ribs? What's What's the probably doing 100. And you know, the top speed would be in probably 100 miles an hour, that sort of thing. And I was used to going fast. So it wasn't a problem. But I was doing it on the track. And it's the corners that you got to get right. And Jim said, Who's driving that car that oh, God, what did I do wrong? Because I'd only ever really hurting if somebody abolishing? So I went, Oh, my God, what am I done wrong? And I went, That's my car. And in front of these eight or 10 other students, he said, right, that was amazing. He said, I guarantee, you know, he went on, I can't get in the right order. But basically, I guarantee within a year you'll be in a factory team. No kidding. Yeah. But of course in those days, the race driving schools nowadays they have so sponsorship or shell sponsors and others. So of course they say shell meanwhile, they're looking for a young stuff. So that say, we'll we'll help help him on his way. In those days. There was no commercialism. Your kid need to start today, if he wanted to get into it, as well. I just dread to think I mean, four or five years as soon as you can sit behind the steering wheel really? So sign carding, yeah, the counting, but we never had carts in my day, right. I never did the problem with it. But again, we were straying a little bit, but he raid anyway. He ramped on Sunday after that, but he ramped on about, you know, the challenge I had get out and do another 10 laps, and I thought we were paying a pound a lap. So it cost you 10 pounds every 10 laps. And which seems nothing today, but it was a bloody lot of money when all you out was 20 a week, right? Yeah. And so and he and so anyway, he went out and did 10 more laps, and he came and he came up, he said in front of everybody again, went on and I'm going, this is me. He's talking about I mean, I couldn't. I didn't know. I've never. I mean, I've never been around with anybody else. You know, I mean, I guess I've seen the others. But we weren't allowed to race because it wasn't racing. We were just doing 10 laps. Right. Do follow me. Right. And, but it was it was it was very interesting. But he went on and he said his actual words, so I can't do anything more for you. And I haven't finished the course he said you should. And Jim used to come out and actually, you know, guidance we're getting it was General Motors dealer, he sold voxels. This week, I remember you getting this six seater box or the new Jim would sit there no helmets, I've just seen whatever we were in three never had overalls. In those days. We have helmets, goggles, and we get them. And I remember sitting there with him. And he would just tap go around the track showing us the lines and showing what would happen if we got the wrong line. And I've always remembered the way he drove us. And there I was driving is certainly one of the best drivers in Britain, you know, because it used to race against Sterling and do well against Sterling never went on much from that, I don't think and there he was showing me the way and that's why ever since then, when people say to me, not that I do much driving school stuff. But when I have been out they say contact me, I want to really see the lines. And I'll show them I think that looks so easy. And then I show them the wrong lines. Oh my goodness. And I just think to see you to see a good I mean, I wasn't say I was good at that time. But as times gone on my obviously I became more I came a better driver. But what's the natural part when this when they're watching you from the stands or the whatever, they're watching where that stands, or they're watching you at the school and you're going around and they're checking your rev counter at the end, then they're watching you. Are they trying to look for the combination of high rpm and not hearing tire squeal? That know that? Well, task will didn't mean you're going quickly met you just nearly fell off the roads. But you're right. They were looking for. They were just looking for people that look natural. I mean, honestly, I I I've been involved with driving schools a lot since then. And I and myself and a guy called Ken thangal from Fort Lauderdale started up. Thanks to Porsche. We started up the Porsche precision driving school with Derek Bell in America, the 19 late 80s I think. I mean, you know, I'd been instructing people at various driving events previously for BMW and for Porsche and stuff like that, but not as a driving school. And these people came along with their Porsches and we showed them how to drive them better, which I think is very valuable. It's overdue coming along with your 944

Unknown Speaker  25:00  
Then I'm showing you how to drive a 911. Better, because it doesn't help you with driving your nine for free. And you really need to know how to drive a 911. That's right. Exactly. Yeah. So we start and that's why we start got the school rolling. And we were I mean, we were the very first Porsche driving school people. There's various people around that that think they did it. But we started way before but it wasn't that well known. Although we did have 1000 people through our first year. So anyone bother in a nine to four that had to be the slowest car?

Unknown Speaker  25:29  
We only had nine. Actually not Yeah, nine to fours came and then we had them. We had people would occasionally come like with a Volvo. Another guy came. Because, you know, the Porsche shows in the was being repaired or something. We didn't stop people coming. We had a station wagon a couple of times. Because to drive anything is that you need a talent to drive anything properly. And people couldn't believe this. He can't I still had all the way through my career. Got it. Never. My car wouldn't go like this. And you say it is your car? You know, I've had them when 911 Might I say digital car I'm driving on? Yeah. As he said, but he won't go like that when I drive it. Well, we don't want them to because they haven't got the ability to drive it like that, that when you're shown by good, good driver.

Unknown Speaker  26:12  
You know,

Unknown Speaker  26:14  
you have to take it in. And I think if you drove around with Lewis again, McKenzie, Lewis, Lewis, Hamilton, or, you know, you know, any of the top American drivers or Gilles de Ferran or whoever it is, or, you know, or Bobby Ray, hooray, that they drove you around, you'd be impressed. Your shit is so easy. And they watch how you just talk your way through a corner and you're just talking and saw the movie on the way but how you going around the corner, but I'm feeding it with a throttle pedal, and I'm not moving the wheel. I'm just just, you know, like that. And they can't believe all that. I think it came home to me. When one year and I can't remember when but probably 20 years ago, 25 years ago, I was in the thing called the The American ski classic. And the Ronald Reagan ski classic at Beaver Creek. I remember being there. And we were sort of paired with with top skiers, you know? Right. And, but they would, they would we would be there we got a handicap. They've started like a day and a half later than us. We came down the slalom, you know. And it was just fabulous. The you know, the fun that we had and everything. And then but in the afternoon, we were free. And I remember, we got six of us with I met up with some friends that were there too. We were that we were skiing down from the top of the mountain. And as we came down, halfway down, suddenly up comes trans clamor. And Tom was one of the greatest skiers ever. And he comes down, he joins up with us. And he said, Do you mind? Can I ski down with you? And we weren't sure, sure. We were quite we were quite good. You know, the one. And so we ski down with them and everything like that. And then we said okay, by them. He said, can I come up and go again. So we went up in the cable car we came and this time he got he said to me, you ski behind me, you follow me all the way down. And I follow down with one of the greatest skiers the world's ever known. And I learned so much because he wasn't a teacher. He was showing me perfection. And, and I learned a lot from that. And he gave me confidence, not saying that is the best in the world. But I was pretty good at times. But I felt I knew how to drive well and perfectly. And so I would then have the confidence to teach, say you came along, you know, enthusiastic driver driven down, lots of sort of driving events came down you say, hey, Derek, you know, take me around. And I would take this. And I he gave me confidence to say what I was saying and do what I was doing because I saw Franz Klammer show me how to ski. And I realized that I wasn't an instructor, I was a champion. Or if, again, inverted commas, but I was. And I therefore when I showed the person I was showing, and how myself or Bobby Ray Hall, or, you know, or Lewis Hamilton or wherever you want to say, or a Frankie to how we all drive. And we, I mean, there's people that are wild, and they never stop being wild, and I can name them through my career, you know, as we all can, but we show somebody how to drive and if you can drive smoothly and correctly, then you you'll become a bloody good driver. But you can't what I tell people you cannot 845 Just go out and buy yourself a 911 because you sold your business, you buy a 911 or you buy any car you like no matter what it is, whether it's a race car, or top road car, but something economical, and take it out and drive it become a champion, because nobody has done that. Because you can't stop that age because you've got bad habits. And you didn't instill this natural ability as a young person. Everybody has become good, great or excellent. That started as a younger person, and that there's a big relationship between driving and skiing because when you're following this guy, you're following the line. That's right, exactly. The moon

Unknown Speaker  30:00  
But, right, Booth he turned. And again, I, I don't know how other people's, you know, top drivers drive and just know how I drive. Alright. But I know that I can go through a corner within a matchbox or the white line every left side. And I wonder how the hell did we do it? I don't know, we don't have something to tell you when to turn in. I mean, it could be a post there that often that they put posts there anymore, you know, or you knew 10 feet 1010 yards after the 100 meter board you turn in, for example, but you've got to know in it and if you're going down inside somebody, you know, you've got to be able to get it back on the right line. All right, can I ask you a couple things? Your job? Okay, this is awesome. I wish that so what I'm doing for the real podcast is I ordered some lighting and a nice camera and you know better microphone and I want it to be great, but you're doing fun. I can listen to me fascinating fasten. So we met through Bentley. Yeah, that was that was before we had the GT. Oh, for sure. Yeah, this was 99 or 2000. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, it was it was I joined Bentley. The first time they went saw 2001. So it was Vegas Speedway and one. It was the beginning of one. Yes. Okay. So I was okay. So this was like our NIJ T Black Label, etc. Okay. Okay. So, I mean, I don't I know, you know, I don't expect you to offend any auto manufacturer, but you're a racecar driver, their knowledge is, you know, they're billing it as as high performance. Of course, torque up the ass. But I mean, really? Did it want to fall under itself going around these corner? Yeah, yeah, no good job, showing us what it could do. I mean, what its weight was was gonna do much better than that. But the fact is, you can drive any car very fast. Well, you can, you can drive any car, you can get a good drive and get the best out of any car, you know, even a fit 500 You can drive around and catch, find a limit. Every car has a limit. Right? And not many of them have got vices, and certainly anymore. You

Unknown Speaker  32:04  
don't I mean, there were times in the day or on 911 We catch you out with all that those ID weights at the back. And you know, it was it was a tricky little car. And hence that I never had one in those days, because I thought I throw myself off on the track without having to have the drive home at night from the pub, you know, or from anywhere from a restaurant with wandering around the highway. But certainly, I mean that that bet it was amazing. When we went there. Remember, what actually happened is that you all went through the driving school, right? You drove all the cars but Bond drunk, you remember? Yep. And you Mustangs and all sorts of things. And then at the end of it, you went and did three laps or two laps with me in an hours. And we had, as you said different models. And obviously the top one was the iced tea, you know, and it was pretty, pretty good. I tested it actually hurt an airfield, which is a track and field up in England. Okay. Granting thought when I first joined them, and I never forget it. We I've been with them about a month and I was at the factory in Crewe, which is 180 miles from my home or 220 miles from my home in Sussex. And they said to me, we get I think they were just trying to find out if I was any good or not, you know?

Unknown Speaker  33:23  
They didn't. They didn't believe the papers, you know. And so remember this is that is the same night 2000. So I'd actually done my, you know, to me. And so we went to Bruntingthorpe Brian gushy was the head of engineering and really ahead of the race program, and not engineering, race engineering, but involved with all the development of cars because it didn't produce that many cars that said, Everybody worked in every department. And Brian brought a whole load cut bought four cars along to Bruntingthorpe. And really, it was just using the straight down the middle of runway and then taking, you know, exit parts off it through and then back round again, really. He said, Okay, we're gonna we want you to drive for cars. And we had a, they had a load of guys that I don't know, buddy, 20 people, and if some of them have a factory somewhere, maybe in clients, and he said, then go, and he said, we got this car on that farm that car and he said, we've got an RS T, and it's got this suspension. And we got an entourage of regular owners with this suspension. And I said, don't tell me anything. Let me go and drive the cars. And I'll drive and I'll tell you afterwards, which I think is the best setup, because he'd said we have two analogies. One has this springing setting or this on that and the other. And so we went I went and did that. And he found that very interesting, because I didn't want to hear about it. Drivers who weren't French and now, but they convinced themselves that what they'd put on the car was the best. Yeah, I know that this is the best setup for the car and it was only what was best for them. It wasn't necessarily best for everybody. So that's why somebody else needs to drive as well at some point. And so we did that that day, and then we go

Unknown Speaker  35:00  
The same sort of thing happens. Six months later, we were at Las Vegas. And, you know, I took I drove around the track. And of course, in doing that, of course, I had different models to drive. And as you know, they could only do one, you could only do one out that come through and then slow down that because the bloody brakes were just pointing out, you got our manual brakes like crazy there. Yeah. Well, I mean, the rotors would, I mean, I learnt during the series of the next three or four years in development of the Continental GT. That of course, you know, until we got to carbon brakes, you really couldn't. I mean, I had a battle to do a whole day on a sense of, of a seal discs, you know, which you say, Gee, that's a lot. Well, it wasn't 150 laps, but it was certainly, you know, taking people out, giving them a warm up lap, a quick lap and a call that a lot of heat, right, a lot of heat. But don't be around that day. Remember, that code was bloody heavy, that it wasn't really meant to go sideways. I mean, I've got I know, there was, as we came towards the pits, I've come out of this long left hander, and the tail would be out. And I'd be sort of hat, bringing it towards where everybody was standing by doing shit like this come this smoke was pouring off the 5000 pound cart. Right? That's right. And a bit more, I think, yeah. And it was magnificent, because I couldn't believe it. You know.

Unknown Speaker  36:21  
And, in fact, it was totally drivable, like that, you know, and it was astounding. And I did a similar thing with the moles on, you know, the new big car that they've had for some years now. I've been out at that Miami airfield place. And I've been out at that one where there's a secondary airport, once it's on that road, from, from Miami to to Naples. It's a sort of it's support airport for Miami. Should that be an accident or something that Miami they could use? And then we also I just saw, I went to the what's the one down in southern Florida, south of Miami, the new one was cool.

Unknown Speaker  37:03  
Anyway, that the way the oval is anyway, now, I've said, homestead Thank you. I went there with the moles on you know, which is the latest sort of big car version. And I thought, Oh, God, you know, how, but shall I tell you, I would drive around in the Continental GT with clients in a couple of models, and, and so on. And then just the fun that secondary, take everyone take people individually round in the mall zone. And there's this big luxury car, two wheel drive. And that car was so impressive to drive and to watch. Right? You know, people normally say Yeah, but you're meant to sit there like this for the white gloves on driving along. And that bloody thing you get the tail out it will change direction. It was an amazing because once you you know with all that weight when it did change, you would break loose.

Unknown Speaker  37:54  
And I knew that it was going to do it because I had enough power as long as you shut off the the nannies that stop you from skidding and all that. That's right. Yeah, she locked Beverly. So when she literally at our feet on the top on the ceiling, sitting in the middle of the back with our feet up in the air like that. And you hear my bid year my impersonation of her that I sent you on the tech now like I didn't get it wouldn't come out like oh, so here's my Beverly, are you ready? Yeah, I'm ready. Yeah. Derek, slow down. My feet are up in the air, Derek? Yes, she was. She was brilliant. I didn't know until I looked in the mirror.

Unknown Speaker  38:29  
Well, I again, I bet scares the shit out of you, man. I've you know, I've written with some of you guys, professional drivers when you're in the passenger seat or back seat? Or how about for you as a professional driver? When you're in the passenger seat? Get it? I'm not gonna be a vaccine. Okay, right. I mean, I mean, I would if I had to, because I trust the driver. But you know it, I would rather be in the front. And rather, I'd rather be not being at all. But someone always thinks that the guy driving if they're in the passenger seat is always braking too late when the wall is coming. That's exactly how you can see them go down with their foot. Yeah. And then 911 You see those foot goes down and I'm still flat on the floor, you know that? It's hilarious. It's actually very funny. Because when I drive people's cars like that driving days in their cars, of course, I would never drive it flat out drive it quickly. I can drive it quickly without driving it flat out right. That to them. It's still just flat out to us. Yeah, you've never been that quick before.

Unknown Speaker  39:28  
It's effortless. And as I say people say, Oh, my car won't go like that. And I go and say, well, it is your car.

Unknown Speaker  39:34  
That's right. But no, I mean that day in Las Vegas. You know, I remember we were we actually we had lots of spare time because we got to the driving day quicker than we thought. And Adrian Hallmark said, well see if anybody wants to go again. And every and Beverly included. I got to go again. I want to do it again. They actually loved it. I mean, we were screaming with laughter. And it's not as though it had a boozy lunch. You know what I mean?

Unknown Speaker  39:59  
Everybody was crying.

Unknown Speaker  40:00  
same time listen, I've been taking pills. No, it's amazing what you can do in machinery. Derek we

Unknown Speaker  40:08  
when I was running

Unknown Speaker  40:10  
Tampa Bay,

Unknown Speaker  40:12  
we, I don't know if we rent it or one of the owners gave it to us, but we went to Lakeland speedway. Yeah, have a driving day with our clients and they brought their own cars and I think this is right after our Nash tea was there because I remember we actually had one develop a knock

Unknown Speaker  40:28  
during that. But everyone brought their cars whatever they were they weren't all Bentley's. And we brought a couple of transporters of, I don't know three or six new and pre owned cars. Of course, we're bringing customers hoping someone wanting to take something home. And this partner in the track was well known in the Hooters Car class. And he says, Hey, can I take a ride in that? I think it was an old one Ferrari 360 coupe. Coupe probably you would say, okay, okay. Yeah, and I'm not as proper even though my mom sighs from England and France. I'm not as profitable. So we go out I'm the passenger. We're going around some road core stuff some road core stuff faster fat. I'm already scared. I'm already like, I'd be breaking already. I'd be breaking already but I'm not in the driver's seat. Yes, he's getting warmed up.

Unknown Speaker  41:15  
Finally he does break a little late and we do start skidding toward a wall and we avoid the wall it was one of those place walls you know that you can we avoid the wall and we start heading straight for a chain link fence and Derek I'm watching the top bar of the chain link fence come straight from my head and I actually duck down in the seat because I think it's coming through the windshield. Yeah, we go straight through the chain link fence in this probably 1500 mile couple year old 360

Unknown Speaker  41:45  
Well, while I My eyes were closed, I was 100% convinced that his head fell on my lap. What happened? What I thought he got decapitated. What happened was the windows were open in the passenger mirror came off and flew into my lap.

Unknown Speaker  42:02  
And the way I was picturing it all unfolding, I thought it was the guy's head. So his name's Tony I don't want to say his last name. And he just says I'll buy it don't kill me on the price.

Unknown Speaker  42:12  
I read in the car was scratched from chainlink was it really go shit like mesh? Why did he go off? You know what? I don't you would know you would know if you're watching I would know I don't know anything about your he didn't he didn't really know he didn't say oh shit. Outbreak myself or I turned into nothing. And no, I think he just said he said the OH SHIT part. Yeah, but the Who's this guy doesn't go around that many corners? No, no, it's in a different car for hearing. So when you're watching a race? Yes, you're at a corner. You know where you were like when we were at Loma? I mean, I know you were probably on the ground somewhere. I remember the first year we're at Loma, you said hi. Somewhere at some Bentley hospitality. I don't remember. Yeah, that's right. On Friday night, right. It would have been somewhere. Yeah. Okay. And then of course, you're down managing the thing. But I'm not you know, don't get offended. I can't. I'm not super crazy about watching a whole race. You know, I gotta walk around. Carry on. Oh, that's what I was gonna ask you. So here we are. Bentley has the first race ever gone to other than like a drag strip or, you know, near my house or something like that? And, of course, every X amount of minutes, how many minutes? Is it take to go around llama? For four minutes. Okay, so every four minutes, you hear or see your car? Yes. That you care about while you're having a drink and whatever in the hospital. Now. I did like it the hospitality tent. They had slot cars. Yes. They had. So I had. Yeah, yeah. But so but for you watching, I guess I was feeling guilty about it. Like, I'm going to talk to you and it's like, oh, God, how do I tell him that I can't really watch for long. So if you're observing and you're not observing from bird's eye view, or you're not observing from a training, or coaching standpoint, if you're a spectator, it is super interesting for you to see the car come every four minutes, whatever, right? No, it is when you're involved because you're relieved it's come round and it's still leading or lying third,

Unknown Speaker  44:09  
I I've never I've never really spent time watching cars go round. I mean, you know, I mean, I could have gone to Sebring this week. I've just said somebody phony up literally minutes before you and as another bloke just Fermi just now literally came up on the screen while I was talking to you. And you know, I go to Sebring, for example, because the 12 hours and I raced there 1520 times and had some great races there. And I go for the atmosphere because it is special. The atmosphere in Sebring. It's so old, and also to see the guys the teams and everything and obviously see my son Justin who's doing TV normally or some sort of television, which is this weekend, but I can't admit that I ever watched the races. I mean, I like to sit with friends on the back of their truck motorhome and what

Unknown Speaker  45:00  
As the cars go by in the sunset or whatever it is, but actually, I don't sit and watch every lap, but I would probably watch the last few laps and it's the same with IndyCar. It's the same with NASCAR. I enjoy watching the starts and the restarts and I'll watch the last half an hour which is really when everybody throws everything goes through you just relieved me of so much guilt because here I am on this wonderful trip with Bentley and I snuck away to go to or Paris or whatever for quite a while and then I got invited to a petite llama with Atlanta I think with Celine when Selena seven was there, they're trying to get us to take the franchise and I remember ditching for a while to go and I saw a movie

Unknown Speaker  45:47  
I just couldn't do it and then of course coming back and all the fanfare now Bentley one that first Bentley took that right the that when we were there, I don't really think they won they won Sebring but did not llama. Oh, they won the more they do and there was a third year they won. Okay, okay, sorry. There. Okay. So we, we finished the first year. Okay. I remember a victory. Okay. So finishing, okay. It basically takes three is to win. And it did. And you did Yeah. But you know in the beginning when I first went all actually I was with the Ferrari team when I first won the works Ferrari that was two years after Ford versus Ferrari but so I guess I did start at the top Germany it with the Ferrari factory team but so slightly I didn't work their way up through them all. And it was anyways third sports car racer, my life Ford vs. Ferrari the movie, I'm sure you've been asked 4000 times what you think. So how fast are you going on that straight? Depends which car you're talking about. But my fastest speed was 246. We were doing every lap. Okay, so when you see this movie, and you see what they're doing before this turn and downshifting or what Yeah, is that real? Not really. Okay. Okay. I mean, I, I've been asked a lot as you I went to the I went to the premiere in Paris, we met the actors, there were five of us that had won them all. And obviously the two main you know, Matt Damon was there and what's his name, but but there and it was great to meet them. And they thought it great to meet us. And, you know, we watched the movie. And then we all had dinner together afterwards. It was very, very nice at midnight on the shores Elisa a nice restaurant open for us. And I must admit, I'm not I'm too critical. Because I raised so long and I know what it's really like. The one thing I will allows guests to start with, I thought the story was actually good. The story is pretty damn real. What they went through the dramas of how you get to become prepared and Ford's attitude for our his attitude is crazy. They didn't play much about Ferrari really, because it was done with the Americans that were forward. And I understand that.

Unknown Speaker  47:59  
But I mean, I didn't realize that Ford wants to buy Ferrari. I mean, believe it or not, in 1968 was the year after their movie was made. John wire who ran the golf Fords, the Blue and Orange County each and everyone knows that. Yeah. The one that x one when

Unknown Speaker  48:20  
I was offered a drive by John, he asked me I just joined for Ferrari and Formula Two and Formula One in June and in Lamar was going to be in September that year because of the student riots in Paris, which normally is that it would be in June, and July phoned me or his manual COVID Your consent when I go for a test drive. And I went to the Thruxton in England near my home and drove the GT 40 Without any windows had the screen but no side windows because it was that new it was just and they said must wear goggles because the all the fiberglass flying around inside. I went out and did some laps. And John Meyer said, Okay, you're our man. And I think it's because I'd started everybody seemed to be not everybody, many team and forming main teams are after me at that point, because I just started to come up into the big time. And so I had Ferrari, Ford, Lotus, and Ferrari Ford, Lotus and Cooper wanting me to race their cars. And I remember I wrote to Mr. Ferrari, I sent telex because you didn't have any other form of means of doing it. So I text him through shell in London and said Could I be relieved released to drive for Ford at Lamont and of course then the email or the text text came back saying honor your contract Ferrari Oh shit. And I didn't know that Ferrari Well, yeah, there's all this hassle with them buying Ford Ford right. That was a big request to make for you know.

Unknown Speaker  49:46  
So I didn't I was ignorant. I was just reading right? I didn't read the bloody newspapers or the gold that's going on. And so I felt a bit of a dick but I so I didn't do Limani and of course the car when the Ford and the car that the

Unknown Speaker  50:00  
won the race was the car that they were pushing me with Pedro Rodriguez. I could have won my first Lamar for Ford in that GT 40. But anyway, that's by the by, I still won't complain that my career afterwards because I then drove, you know, nine seven teams and that for the same team but wasn't the fault. So I thought the first half of the film I enjoyed more than anything because it was, it was the niche. I didn't know the story. And it was the nitty gritty of how they got it all together and the dramas of the drivers and the trickiness of it. And that's what it's like. I mean, you know, you got massive sponsors coming in. And you saw that all the big flash baggers in their suits, and Gucci shoes, all telling everybody how they, you know, needed this and that and the other without really knowing what racing was about, but just knew that when. And then so I enjoyed that all the way through because it was a he took me aback like I was there.

Unknown Speaker  50:52  
Although I never had to contend with that, but you knew that sort of stuff went on behind the scenes. And then of course, we got into the racing. And I was really sort of, I suppose I was disappointed, because nobody's ever been able to, to re enact racing. The only one that did really was the Steve McQueen movie when we did drive, bloodying it to the full speeds. But even when you had actors driving, we weren't driving flat out. But when the stuff I did, I was flat out. So when they had, I mean, for Lamar movie, we had 22 hours of footage taken by cars into a car in the race and cameras around the field. So they had a hell of a lot of bass. And then we reenacted certain sections, but then throwing steam into the car, rather than the actual race drivers. And I was driving in those things, and then that link it up to the film. But when I was driving and doing shots with Jo Siffert, for example, and Steve, in certain areas we were at, we were flat out, knocked down those on, but we were flat out. I mean, it was, it was astonishing how quickly we were because we all said, when you know, when we started moving, we're not going to do what they did in Grand Prix and sort of, say, pour more blood on the road, more red paint, we got to make it look more, you know, we weren't into that we said, and they said, you know, we don't you blown cars up, but we say, well, we're not going to drive slowly. And have you seen the film? And they never did. They never did that. I mean, they did it. I think maybe when they spun the cars, and crashed them because they had to. Yeah, could they have this bloke Rob slaughter Marco who's a spin X but losing control of alliances? 17 Honor Lola but Lola chassis in one happy I mean, when I look, you know, I spent my whole life in car dealerships. I've never seen a movie that I thought really depicts it. So but I never made one either. So when you were done with this did it? Did you feel like okay, it feels like what we go. The only thing we felt afterwards, I remember going to the prep one of the premieres, I was disappointed. I think we felt it wasn't as good as it should have been. But we were looking to make it like the real racing and you cannot make it mean, the real ram in the center story I thought was very good, because it was genuine photo photography, filming from his career. So that was real, but it was sad because he died. And then of course, the other one was rush. I thought that was good,

Unknown Speaker  53:10  
as well. But of course, I mean, I that was my era Rush was my era. That was when I was in f1 in the early 70s. But again, still, the filming of the cars was not not real, really, because you okay, they couldn't use all they use only when they use real footage is real. And when they try and superimpose them to put an actor in the car. And I mean, particularly as they were in Lamar 66 or whatever you want to call it. Ford versus Ferrari, you know, you saw him suddenly sort of get told that he was three seconds behind, you know, so and so. And you saw him downshift to accelerate, you know, and you're going you don't get out of the moves on straight at 235. And then so we are dropped out again, those things don't happen. And from what I recollect having only seen it once, and then immediately puts his foot on the brakes. You said Well, you wouldn't do that go, you won't go down again. Unless you're actually slowing for a corner. And weird thing is I don't know who they really use for their, for the intensity, authenticity of it. Yes, the genuineness of it? I don't know who was their advisor. I didn't really see it that much. Whereas I'm not saying I should have been one but I think but I would have assisted but the problem is they you know, they did they took footage from Lamar, as they obviously did that they had the pits for their pit scenes, which they did like six months earlier. And

Unknown Speaker  54:37  
I was just sort of disappointed that they didn't sort of get it genuine enough like that, you know that I think they could have had a you know, a proper person. Like, you know, they had on the McQueen moving. They used all the drivers that were you know, everybody Jackie Stewart had been on it and in every job Sifford had worked on it where everybody had been there for a bit just to do a bit of support.

Unknown Speaker  55:00  
How about car chase movies? It? Is it like to you a complete waste of time? Like it seems so fake? Do you were like, are you able to enjoy a movie like that? Or are you just so into yours? what would really happen? What do you mean? Like a car chase? I can say bullet or, you know, gone in 60 seconds. Well, I enjoyed bullet. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I did lose brothers. I

Unknown Speaker  55:22  
know when they start to get corny as soon as they start looking at one another, and you wouldn't do that at 230 miles a year. You know, you wouldn't get deterred by anything. Because you have enough problems. Just keeping the car over that looking at the bloke in the car next to Oh, definitely not Talladega Nights? No, I know, there was some crappy ones. I don't, you know, the ones that just because they just disappear. I can't tell you what I thought of them. But I saw, you know, the MAR film. They I think they did very well for what they had. But they didn't have the budget to do what the what Steve McQueen did the fact of course, it broke him. But I mean, the fact was that one we were there for two and a half to three months. And it was a lot of genuine stuff. Steve McQueen can really drive. Oh, yeah. Bloody Well, yes. Yeah, I've got pictures of me while they somebody put them in them in on the on the Twitter this week. He drove by Formula Two car. I mean, I brought my eyes I was racing the European Formula Two championship then. And my mechanic brought it down in our truck, and one mechanic there. So we had, and he brought it down in the big truck, and we offloaded it. And they asked Steve, would you like to drive and he drove on the view. Gatty circuit, which is actually the Grand Prix track. The only bit common is the pitch straight around the corner down the hill, and then you go to the infield. And Steve drove, did some laps there. And he was he was good. But he was he was he wasn't ballsy. I mean, it's something he had never done. I mean, he did quite a few races, but he didn't go stupid. Because he knew that it was something you know, he was maturity was 40 odd years old, anyone but I'm glad he will go leaping in a formula to car particularly with me going off to race in Sicily that weekend. If I was in, he could damage the car. But I got lovely picture and sitting and send my book to you sort of sitting in it. And it was bloody good. About Paul Newman. Could he drive? Yeah, he was super Yeah, he was very good. Paul did a lot of races. I mean, he loved it. He did it as a hobby. Steve loved it because he loved it. Steve loved it. I mean, in the same way, but Paul was poor was a different personality. But I mean, I remember racing games. I raced against Paul a lot. But we were particularly at Watkins Glen. I've always went well, they can and I was in the lembrar Porsche. I remember I came up to an I got behind one of these intrepids, which was the GT car, no luck. It was like the 962. But with a Chevy or a Cadillac engine, very fast, but not as reliable and not quite as good. Over a lap. It could be electronically, ridiculously fast. But the some reason they couldn't, I never drove one. They couldn't do it every lap, Tommy candled row one very well. And then 1020 had a big crash and have broke his legs. But I see him a lot. He works with Justin. But

Unknown Speaker  58:09  
I don't think it wasn't as good a racecar we I was lucky I was in the best car with the best teammates, you know, in the best team. So you could fail but do quite well. But as I say, you have to be good to get in a good team. You're not to me. Sure, though. Yes, we talk colors as we say, but I was doing the Glen and we were leaving the Glen. I remember coming round. And I'd been falling to the corners before the pits at the Glen coming up the hill there through the left and so on. And I thought Who the hell's in that Intrepid? And when I got alongside sort of going down into what would be turn one. I glanced across it was Paul driving. And he is good. You know, I mean, I got by him but then Paul would never stop me. Because if you know, if you've got a brain in your head and somebody comes flying up at a second and a half a lap, you're not going to stop in going by

Unknown Speaker  58:58  
nowadays you stop anybody going by, if you can, the quickest, there's always the chance that you might have brand new tires. And he's on tatty old ones. i Sorry. I mean, you know, I'm coming at the guy beside me is coming by on Utah. So definitely you should be quicker, right? You're not if you hold him up with bad tires, you're going to hold you both up and then he's going to get by anyway but right you know, I was always one that was saved. If somebody comes up in two seconds a lap well, he obviously is going quicker otherwise he wouldn't be catching it two seconds a lap roll whatever reason. It might be a reason that I'm on shitty old tires. And, you know, it might be there's I say he's on brand new tires, I don't know or even the better from a handling standpoint is pretty much any road car today. Better than the stuff you started on.

Unknown Speaker  59:46  
Yeah, I suppose has to be doesn't they? Yes. Because they'll be going quicker. You know, I mean, I think it'll get you out of trouble, right? I mean, Hyundai, Toyota, Honda, everything, Chevy. There's no room for a bad car there. Yep.

Unknown Speaker  1:00:00  
I mean, all better than what you guys. I remember, again, I I've been out there a lot of years. And I was involved with a corporate entertainment business at the test track in England called Millbrook. And so it's a two mile oval, but it's not an oval, it's a circle, you can go round in the top lane at 100 miles an hour with your hands off, whatever it is, he just goes round and round as long as you stand and if you back off, it'll go down if you go faster go on the wall. So you take the oath to take people around and get it and basically have it on cruise control in a in a Bentley. And then I turn around and talk to the people in the back. And that'd be chatting when they go shit, you know, looking.

Unknown Speaker  1:00:36  
Can we schedule like, and I know you gave me a lot here. So but can we schedule another one? Like couple weeks or something when I'll have you Okay, your son Justin, is there anything you'd like me to like to have talk about on the next like to promote him or business? No, there's I mean, we'll talk about it that night, if you want. But in principle, you can. I mean, I normally which I normally get asked what was your greatest race? What was your most memorable race? What was your best teammate? Which we did discuss this with the other day? Yep. And what was your favorite track? And I wrote all that down, and we didn't talk.

Unknown Speaker  1:01:14  
You know, I don't know if I want to talk about what everyone's talking about. I don't know. i Well, that's alright. But it's not everybody. I mean, depends. So yours is going to but anyway, but they're interesting stories. And the the most memorable race is was with my son, Justin. But I won't tell you about it. Now. You have to ask me.

Unknown Speaker  1:01:31  
Got it. And this is where you were scared shitless than it was out there. And he came back in and he says oh

Unknown Speaker  1:01:38  
I've been I've been studying you brother. Okay. Yeah. Thanks. Thanks for all the time I'll text you okay. Yeah, okay, let me know. God bless you. I enjoyed

Unknown Speaker  1:01:51  
this has been Jeff Sterns connected through cars.

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