Sept. 24, 2021

magical unforgettable exciting compelling filthy dangerous loud eternally mobbed

Find Jim Donnelly- legendary automotive journalist at:  Show notes: 0:00 Flemington Speedway, the most magical, unforgettable,...

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Find Jim Donnelly- legendary automotive journalist at: 

 Show notes:

0:00 Flemington Speedway, the most magical, unforgettable, exciting, compelling, filthy, dangerous, loud, eternally mobbed weekly racetrack

1:18 Doug Wolfgang who I saw both win there and hit the wall so hard, he broke his sprint car completely in two

1:53 a blizzard of dirt being propelled at you by a gale force wind that's what being in the stands of Flemington was like, people came there wearing goggles

3:29 when Flemington closed all those people just disappeared

5:11 I was wearing a Fleming t shirt that night, I had people coming up to me and said, Wow, you've been Flemington?

5:19 it's one of these things in life that falls into the category of too good to last.  

Jim DonnellyProfile Photo

Jim Donnelly

Journalist / Author/ Photographer

Originally from Brooklyn, New York. Lived and worked as a journalist in southern New Jersey for more than 20 years before joining Hemmings Motor News in 2002.

Winner of more than 50 journalism awards, including Jim Hunter Award for Writing Excellence from Eastern Motorsport Press Association. Member EMPA, AARWBA, NMPA, IMPA, MPG, SAMA, WAPA, ATHS, SPAAMFAA. Specialized in crime reporting, general assignment, automotive and motorsport coverage at metro daily newspaper in Philadelphia media market, rising to deputy managing editor. Senior editor at Hemmings across all platforms; directly participated in rollout of Hemmings Classic Car, Hemmings Muscle Machines, Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car, editorial section of Hemmings Motor News, 50th and 60th anniversary issues of Hemmings Motor News, plus digital Hemmings Daily. Responsible for authorship and photography. Still active with Hemmings as contributor.

Founder and editor, Jim Donnelly On Wheels, Senior Editor, Crankshaft, Contributor, Speed Sport, Contributor, Subaru Drive Performance, Mecum Auctions. Co-host, In the Pits Media and Legends of Racing Radio. Past co-host, The Car Doctor on WOR-AM 710, New York City. Resume and photo attached. Let me know if you need more. Best, JD.