Feb. 12, 2023

Jim Ziegler | Founder Ziegler Supersystems | Automotive Training Legend | War stories, state of the industry, police chase?!?

2:57 THE POLICE CHASE  9:13 THE FERRARI EFFECT / state of the car business 12:41 Ziegler Super Systems   16:50 sales skills are not necessary right now  23:51 "Every time we train a generation of factory people, they retire, we have to...


9:13 THE FERRARI EFFECT / state of the car business

12:41 Ziegler Super Systems  

16:50 sales skills are not necessary right now 

23:51 "Every time we train a generation of factory people, they retire, we have to train another generation they all think they can run dealerships, they all think they're smarter than we are. And they all they all crawl back us on Bloody knees asking us to bail him out after they make mistakes."

20:47 salesman's Samsonite 

32:20 introduced verde to NADA 

21:47   in literally 1000s of dealerships -every state except Alaska...caught ups, done f&i, desked, interacted with customers 

26:24 predictions





Unknown Speaker  0:00  
The police sort of handcuffed me and kicked the crap out of me to the trailer park park residence rather than their bathrobes. Here's the police beating me with flashlights shimmers doing push ups to qualify for credit life.

Jeff Sterns  0:15  
And this is a big deal to me guys. Like let me just say right now let me give Jim Jim the honor and respect that he needs. I mean, he's a showman. He's ego he's Alpha

Unknown Speaker  0:25  
love me dearly.

Jeff Sterns  0:27  
He loves him. No problem was self love you look at

Unknown Speaker  0:32  
stupid and CARDONE and all those people came later

Jeff Sterns  0:36  
Verde, but they weren't didn't none of them.

Unknown Speaker  0:39  
I introduced verde to the na da consultants. I walked him and his wife around a convention for and helped him get started.

Unknown Speaker  0:50  
Jeff Sterns connected through guys, if they're big wigs, we'll have him on the show. And yes, we'll talk about cars and everything else. Here he is now, Jeff Sterns

Jeff Sterns  1:05  
are we seeing this?

Unknown Speaker  1:06  
I'm seeing this Diebold super B 1968 56 inch chest 25 inch arms look at me

Jeff Sterns  1:15  
know that this might even be a boring part of your life when it was beginning like you already lived a full life bye bye this photo

Unknown Speaker  1:26  
Oh, that was that was 21 year old Jim Ziggler. That was a different day in time. Got a lot of trouble that car

Jeff Sterns  1:34  
now was this the one with the police chase and the disassembly and whatever.

Unknown Speaker  1:38  
versus the one with the police chase. December 28 1968. Are we recording right now big boy, we

Jeff Sterns  1:48  
are recording. I didn't want to tell you because I know you get stage fright.

Unknown Speaker  1:53  
Yeah, I'm that way. Oh golly, December 28 1968. Now I have custom ordered that car. The Plymouth Road Runner had come out earlier in 1968. And that car was $2,800 drive out. Gosh 383 high performance engine super B and I took him to Stanley Mizel and Stanley Mizel had a company called performance engineering and Performance Engineering. He owned he owned the world, a world record holding a Hemi Cuda. He would ganglia he was he was doing 10 seconds, which was the record at the time. He was doing 10 seconds in a Hemi Cuda. So Stanley Mizel I gave Stanley $1,000 on a $2,800 car said I said make it faster.

Jeff Sterns  2:53  
that's saying something.

Unknown Speaker  2:56  
So December 28 1968. I met I met met two guys that that had two cars. One of them was a 55 Chevrolet and the other was a 68 Plymouth Road Runner and we decided that we were going to go to the city dump and drag race which I did a lot of that okay and okay, the 55 Chevrolet in the Road Runner ran first. The 55 Chevrolet won the race. So then I lined up on the on the 55 Chevrolet we as soon as we turn tires, the dump lit up with police cars there were five police cars hidden in the dump they knew we were going to be there somebody some somebody had made a phone call that we were headed to the dump to drag race Oh my god. So I don't know why I did it Jeff but I decided to run

Jeff Sterns  3:57  
so you're saying right now you don't know why you decided to do it. But like really you can't like go back like is it just a random God you sound like you sound like a salesman filling out an upcard what brought him in they decided to turn in

Unknown Speaker  4:14  
the 55 Chevrolet pulled over and took the ticket I I stepped on it and how guy ran 14 miles in six minutes I outdistanced five patrol cars. I blew one of them up they were poised those days we're driving Chevrolet 396 cubic inch empowers Okay, so I blew up one of the police car engines out distance five of them and ran a roadblock and we're after the roadblock I pulled over put my hands up. I'm done

Jeff Sterns  4:53  
to no consequence right there was no consequence. I'll just laughed and shook hands and they let you leave.

Unknown Speaker  4:59  
No Out of the handcuffs sort of the police sort of handcuffed me and kicked the crap out of me. And I had pulled over next to a trailer park and all the residents of the Trenton this is one o'clock in the morning. So the trailer park park residents are out there and they're bathrobes and whatever. They're out there. We're all the police cars doing in front of the trailer park with the lights on. So here's the police circle kicking me, beating me with flashlights. So we get to court. And the judge was a Judge John Santoro. And I said, Your Honor, I think I need an attorney. He said you better have an attorney and they've rescheduled the case. So oh my god. Fortunately for me, the police had had worked me over in front of 5060 witnesses. So we were able to plea bargain our way out of all the felony counts.

Jeff Sterns  6:06  
Oh my god.

Unknown Speaker  6:09  
So they dismissed all the felony counts. We traded it off that I wasn't going to sue or litigate against the city. So they dismissed all the felony counts. And at that point, they decided to judge Centaur a year without a driver's license. I think the fine was $1,000 and I had to dismantle the engine and sell the car

Jeff Sterns  6:40  
handle the dismantle that dismantle that just the engine like remove the engine.

Unknown Speaker  6:47  
Take this know take the speed parts off the engine route to return it to stock.

Jeff Sterns  6:52  
Okay. Yeah. Okay. I like it better when I thought it was whole the whole car dismantling.

Unknown Speaker  7:01  
scuze me that was my telephone.

Jeff Sterns  7:04  
I'm glad it wasn't the Joe Biden ringer. I will have to edit that out. We are we have no political.

Unknown Speaker  7:10  
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, that man could hide his own easter eggs.

Unknown Speaker  7:17  
Anyway, we may have to leave it in. All right.

Unknown Speaker  7:20  
I had to dismantle the take off the Paxton supercharger and some of the things we we we had done to the car. And the policeman in the chase who that the actually actually the arresting officer. And anybody in Jacksonville might know that was JJ Brady. And JJ Brady, you became a good friend of mine. I knew him for years. He bought the super V.

Jeff Sterns  7:50  
Oh, so the cop no kidding buys the car, the Hot Pursuit car.

Unknown Speaker  7:55  
We're copying the chase bought the car and he bought the speed parts I'd taken off of

Jeff Sterns  8:00  
it. That's interesting. Now this does not sound like the story of one of these.

Unknown Speaker  8:10  
Nope. I am a scout for life. You know how Marines are Marines for life. I am a scout for life I contribute. I attribute being a boy scout for most of the successes in my life. Many of the successes I learned leadership, I learned discipline, I learned ethics. I learned morals. There were a lot of things that the Boy Scouts did for me.

Jeff Sterns  8:34  
That's beautiful. All right. So that I thought that's, I know, look, I know that from a character and an integrity standpoint and what your word means and what you stand for. You are an Eagle Scout, but that story didn't relate to Eagle Scout. To me, unless you know the always be prepared

Unknown Speaker  8:53  
Judah. Jim Ziggler, the bar fighter and drag racer that was my my youth.

Jeff Sterns  9:01  
Well, you know, that was after this?

Unknown Speaker  9:04  
Oh, much after that. Not I want to make it real clear. The priest did not.

Jeff Sterns  9:13  
Got it. So Jim, I want to talk to you, I want to talk to you about the state of the car business. And it's and I actually helped a friend today through a car deal or try to get a car deal unstuck sideways in the river and going down stream again. And I thought about that we're gonna have this recording and I would talk to you about so I call it the Ferrari effect. And here's what I mean. You know, I was in retail for 27 years prior to getting into this chat space for the last 11 years but when I was in retail, I ran an exotic car rolls Bentley and Lotus store that was part of a Cadillac Red River store. I don't

Unknown Speaker  9:53  
know about you. Yeah, well

Jeff Sterns  9:55  
so you know the Dimmitt family probably.

Unknown Speaker  9:58  
I know the difference. I did business with the damage.

Jeff Sterns  10:01  
Okay, like who am I going to bring up that? You don't know? All right. So I ran. I was GSM of Cadillac Land Rover for Richard dimmit Starting in 9697. proud that we grew the catalogue 80% and 20%. Down year not quite Jim Ziegler results but not bad. And then did our thing with Landrover and then we later bought a rolls and Bentley franchise. I think we paid 100 grand what year what year would this have been? That I started a Cadillac or got the exotic cars, the Cadillac deals? Cadillac, I started 9697

Unknown Speaker  10:40  
Okay, well, that was 10 years after I was potamkin. Cadillac in Atlanta. Okay. Yeah. I set a lot of records at potamkin Cadillac Atlanta. potamkin had five five dealerships. Our Cadillac dealership was selling 500 units a month.

Jeff Sterns  11:01  
Yeah, that's insane. That's insane. You know, that's hard for people to understand. Now. Prior to demand. I worked for Carlisle for 10 years. Ring a bell. Okay. And so that was a 650. New in US a month Lincoln Mercury store with 2000 service arrows a month.

Unknown Speaker  11:22  
Well, that was the potamkin has had 90 some odd dealerships at the time. They still ran quite quite a few up north. Huge group, right. And the brothers, Alan Alan potamkin, Robert potamkin. I worked for Alan Potemkin,

Jeff Sterns  11:38  
where were they out of because I seem to remember that a toy

Unknown Speaker  11:41  
two different two different parts of the country. I'll tell you the story off. But Robert potamkin was was North he was headquartered out of Pennsylvania and New York. Okay. And, and Allen potamkin was headquartered out of Miami and I'll tell you that story a little later. But Allen potamkin became a very good friend of mine Medifast, when Atlanta decided to withdraw from Atlanta for business reasons they they offered to sell me the Ford store. And I I told Alan potamkin is Alan I can afford my credit won't stand it. I I'd love to buy the AC Jim. I can make that happen. I am. I love to the word track. Alan potamkin said he said I am a very aggressive seller.

Jeff Sterns  12:33  
Okay, nice.

Unknown Speaker  12:37  
Very aggressive, but I didn't go through with it because I had already started Ziegler super systems and I was gonna go go through with it.

Jeff Sterns  12:45  
Got it. So what's the right you said? The other one in Miami will tell the story later. What's the story?

Unknown Speaker  12:51  
Well, the story is something we will tell off recording. Ah, god, okay,

Jeff Sterns  12:54  
fine. Okay, folks, I'm sorry. Sorry, Jim saves the good ones for off tape.

Unknown Speaker  13:01  
What can I say big guy.

Jeff Sterns  13:03  
So going back to this Ferrari effect that I think's going on in the industry right now. So when I got into the exotic space, it was not easy to sell a rolls or a Bentley because this was like 99. And it was the silver spur. It was the Brooklands it was the issuer. They were all leaking. They all had engine lights and what you know, the big square, clunky, whatever.

Unknown Speaker  13:24  
Oh, I I worked at a Jaguar dealership.

Jeff Sterns  13:27  
Okay, well, you know, I the English, the English don't make computers because they can't make them leak. So I'm in this space. But so I dealt with a lot of other exotic car dealers, and of course, some Ferrari stores and all that kind of stuff when you're trading and doing whatever and I was selling gosh, probably 23, four or five used exotics a month. That were a lot of that stuff. Anyway, the Ferrari dealer, and this is not I'm not knocking the great Ferrari dealers that do try to please their customer, but let's say stereotype, you know, they're so used to the customer, begging them to move up the line or doing what they need to do to move up the line or bringing them gifts to move up the line or whatever. To me the selling skills, were atrophying and I remember when we were buying a whole bunch of current model titled CL ks and whatever that were, you know, 10 grand over window, I used to tell my buddy at the Mercedes store, don't get that Ferrari factor where you're so used to people walking in and laying down for 10 grand over that you're going to forget how to sell something because it will change you know, the pendulum will swing. So we've had a couple of years. I don't want to take anything away from the people out there that are doing a good job and trying hard and prospecting and staying in touch with their customers and returning calls on time and acting like they care and creating a few other sales not just was flopping into the boat, and you're in the training and you have a training platform. So this is not an intentional plug opportunity but it really Here's a plug opportunity for what you're doing, but I really want your opinion. I think sales skills, sale are atrophying like crazy. I think that muscles not being used whether it be generating business prospecting. What I got involved with today with a dear friend of mine that was my ex real estate partner on some houses that we used to have, was he had texted and left messages and emailed his Landrover rep. God knows how many times over a month with not even an acknowledgement, forget about the news, if it was good or bad news, not even answering back. Last night, I get a text from a buddy 10 After 11 At night, do you know anyone over at such and such dealership? I don't want to say the name because I think they're a good group. And I know you know who they are and in Tampa Bay, but he he dropped his car off for service two weeks ago has not been able to get an answer about what it needs. left him a bad Yelp or Google review or something. And now they've gotten back to him about the bad review, but still nothing about his car. Can you help blah, blah, blah. And I connected them to a guy I knew there. What do you think about is going on in general in the industry, with things being again, I don't want to take away from anyone that works hard. There's a lot of people that work hard. But with some things being a little bit easy, meaning the leverage moved to the dealer in a lot of cases from an availability standpoint, if that's a good way to put it.

Unknown Speaker  16:27  
Well, my my standard statement is a monkey with a note in his mouth could sell 20 cars if they had 20 cars,

Jeff Sterns  16:34  
right right now or any is that always been your line?

Unknown Speaker  16:38  
Or what? No, it's not always been my mind that it's always been my lane. If they were in a Toyota store. Okay, okay. Fair, fair. But but the truth of the matter is, sales skills are not necessary right now. But dealers are going to have to remember, sales are going to normalize again, the pendulum swing, thinking about when you've got inventory again and don't worry about the direct to the consumer sales. The manufacturers are are saying they're going to that's trying to do out the window omitted market share starts to drop. As soon as as soon as Ram trucks have greater market share than F 154. Ford is going to change management and change direction that

Jeff Sterns  17:24  
believe me. Someone's gonna blink. That's right. Bill Ford.

Unknown Speaker  17:27  
Bill Ford will not stand for that. That's right. That's right. We hope OPI dust off the apology speech he wrote to the dealers when they fired Jack Nasser.

Jeff Sterns  17:39  
So so you know where I'm at is when things are good and easier. I mean, you've been through a few market swings harder and easier around 48 years, and I'm 40. All right. So I'm a baby to you, I know. But what I do know is that when things are good, if you keep your blocking and tackling, keep your fundamentals going then when things swing the other way. You're doing fine, when all of a sudden all your compadres are starving.

Unknown Speaker  18:12  
Well, we need to bring in an outside trainer but you got to be careful what type of outside trainer you bring in. I was watching something on YouTube the other day and some hillbilly was talking about techniques that I stopped teaching 25 years ago. borderline illegal and 100% on ethical. Okay. Got it. You know, the car business used to be a lot more fun. But I've got photographs on Facebook, when I was doing finance when I was doing f&i of consumers doing push ups to qualify for credit life.

Jeff Sterns  18:52  
Now, why does it make sense because you said something that I picked up on and I have an opinion. Why does it make sense for dealership to use an outside trainer?

Unknown Speaker  19:04  
Well, because most of the good outside trainers I'm not available guys, but Jonathan Dawson, there's a couple of really good ones out there. I'm trying to think of some of the names and but anyway, the outside trainers that are the experienced good trainers, they've seen experiential observation they've seen a lot more than you've seen in your closed little dealership environment. They've seen best practices in multiple markets, and they can bring the best practices to you. I think not just sales but management trainers and you need to send your people to conferences. You need that unity and you need to go with them. Excuse me, mister decision maker, dealer Mrs. decision maker Send your people to conferences and go with them digital dealers going on right, right this moment as we record this. That's right. And you need to be there with your people. You need to attend these conferences. And

Jeff Sterns  20:15  
you otherwise they get excited. They want to implement something you weren't there. You can't support it. They're trying to explain it to you. You're not talking about

Unknown Speaker  20:24  
send your f&i people to an f&i training facility. Well, we train them and now you can't train them in store because there's constant interruptions. There's constant breaks and no send them away from the dealership environment. And the trainer needs to confiscate their cell phone at the door. Yeah, no kidding. You know, I used to make them check in their cell phones they hated.

Jeff Sterns  20:50  
Well, there's another reason I think that the outside trainer is good. And these are good ones, especially the outside experience outside of the small same aquarium water that they're swimming in their their own dealership. But to me, it's like, look, I always thought I was a good trainer. like legit, I thought I was a good dream. I ran a couple number one United States CSI volume, blah, blah, blah. So let's just say I hopefully wasn't horrible, but I didn't mind at all. And I didn't I didn't I didn't worry about my ego, because I understood the factor that if someone else came in, it's the same reason. I could talk to a friend or one of my sons to Hey, do you mind sharing with Max why this might not be so good, because if it's coming from dad, they can't sometimes can't listen to dad. And I would

Unknown Speaker  21:34  
go into dealerships and many times, I'm a management trainer. I'm not a sales trainer, I trained sales as part of management training. But but when I went into dealership, and I've been in literally 1000s of dealerships in the last 25 years, and of the dealerships that I have actually, every state except Alaska, I have caught up I have done f&i, I have managed deals on the desk, I have interacted with customers, I go into dealership, and in the managers come up to me and they're distrustful, and that's a way to say I'm not here, I don't want your job. I have a job, I have a better job than you have right now. So excuse me, I am not here to get your job, right. If you if you learn everything that I teach, and add it to what you already know, you'll be better. And that was that was the way that I worked in dealerships for many years. I brought all this experiential knowledge, from from bet being in 49 states, you know, 1000s of dealerships and interacting with probably hundreds of 1000s of executives, managers, dealers, my seminars are incredible. The attendance we I was training 100 managers a month in f&i and 100 more in sales management. I mean, it was the

Jeff Sterns  23:00  
guy being the guy from out of town because you're training the managers. So I mean, I guess who was training those managers as the GM but you're training the GM sometimes done right. And if you got some cred can give you some cred over the inside, there's no doubt. Now you'd mentioned manufacturers, and you know, Bill getting ready to you know, make sure to dust off that old apology when he got rid of Nasser. So there's some manufacturers right now, stating, or hinting, some stating some hinting about getting into retailing again. And making it about the electric car this time.

Unknown Speaker  23:51  
Every time we train a generation of factory people, they retire, we have to train another generation they all think they can run dealerships, they all think they're smarter than we are. And they all they all crawl back us on Bloody knees asking us to bail him out after they make mistakes.

Jeff Sterns  24:08  
It's like yeah, for five minutes a blip in the history of auto sales. There's some margins and things are looking easy. But outside of that, forget it. And when I talked to dealers, and I'm like, Look, if how long would your dealership stay open if your factory guy ran it? You know, right? I don't I've never had an answer that past a week, you know, something like that. But I want to talk about a couple of manufacturers. So the Tesla, if you look at a lot of the forums, you'll see an awful lot of complaints about I had to go 175 miles for service, or I couldn't schedule for a couple of weeks. If you look at the forums about rivian It's as soon as I get my title if I ever or get a title. I'm getting rid of this car because of service, etc, etc. So there's an awful lot of that going on with a couple of brands that have somehow been able to and Let's even say successfully with Tesla been able to retail direct. But I don't know why these manufacturers even think that would be better when there's facility. Well, I guess they're

Unknown Speaker  25:25  
the dealership customer, the Tesla customer isn't an elite customer. Yeah. And there's only so many of them. Some of the people would do something some of the time. But what most of the people do most of the time is not buy a car with a Tesla Model. So are we selling to most of the people we're selling to some of the people? Right, yeah. You know, people say why we're gonna deliver the cars at their house? Well, some of the people will do that some of the people will fully transact online, most of the people won't. Right, you know, so. And the manufacturers rely on statistics and the statistics are weighted by who did the statistics.

Jeff Sterns  26:12  
You can make him do whatever you want often.

Unknown Speaker  26:14  
You know, remember, figures lie when liars figure?

Jeff Sterns  26:23  
Absolutely. So. But you've been making some predictions. And I actually have in my notes here, Jim's predictions I've been. This is a big deal to me, guys. Like, let me just say, right now, let me give Jim Jim the honor and respect that he needs. I mean, he's a showman. He's ego. He's

Unknown Speaker  26:43  
Alpha love me dearly.

Jeff Sterns  26:46  
He loves him. No problem was self love. But I gotta tell you, for me to be able to do a, what I call a recorded visit with you, right? I mean, this is not scripted or anything, we're, this is just us talking. And we

Unknown Speaker  27:00  
were recording off the cuff. We don't know where we're going. But that's right. And it's could be dangerous. We're talking about me, we're talking about the industry, we're talking about drag racing.

Jeff Sterns  27:10  
But it's a big honor to me, because you've been larger than life to me, but one of the main reasons other than some training that I got not directly from you, but through a group that took your training, and everything was attributed to you and all the material was yours. So I have been a huge fan of your training. I mean, if I took your stuff into a store, make that you may not even think it would work in because tough to deal with profile make, and you know, in five minutes, gross per copy up 11 125% growth in volume and you know, etc, etc. And I just was a disciple earlier. But one of them I know,

Unknown Speaker  27:50  
Jeff, that story is something I have heard dozens of times. You know, I talked him minimum I'm sure I've talked to people every day that I trained salespeople that are now managers and dealer principals. It's amazing. Chris Baker from Benton Baker dealerships, one of the fastest growing chains in the country, Chris Chris Baker, I, he was he was on one of my broadcasts. He said you don't remember me? I said, No, I'm afraid I don't. And he said, You trained me when I was a green piece salesman at Berger Chevrolet in Grand Rapids when Berger Chevrolet was selling 500 units a month on my program. And I said, Well, I don't remember but I'm really proud. You told me that. Tracy Myers from the Myers cars, of course. Tracy Tracy confided in me to Jim. I'm the reason me I'm the reason that he stayed in the car business because when he was at Atlanta, Toyota and I was training at Atlanta Toyota. I inspired him to stay in the car business when he was going to quit,

Jeff Sterns  29:02  
huh? Well, that worked out didn't it? I got

Unknown Speaker  29:05  
I got more war stories. And we got time to say on this recording of people that I have touched their lives touch the careers that are now general managers and dealers. Rusty Gentry in in Texas dealer now. Bad factory retired dealer. Rusty Gentry was my first employee at Ziggler supersets. Oh, no kidding. I trained him in Atlanta, Toyota, and then hired him. And he was my very first employee other than my wife.

Jeff Sterns  29:36  
Now later, it's Ziegler super systems. That shit hit the fan and you ended up going down to one employee. Was that the one that stuck?

Unknown Speaker  29:45  
No, no, no, no, that was 1991. Okay. We started the company in 86. I left the car business in 86. My last stop was Stovall, Nissan and Mauro, Georgia. I was only there 90 days when I left potamkin And that was because of Payplan. renegotiation

Jeff Sterns  30:07  
been there, sir. Okay, so I left for TSA, which was a big compliment because they usually

Unknown Speaker  30:15  
went out to a little country dealership called Stovall, Nissan. And Stovall, Nissan and Mauro, Georgia. And the deal are put his hands he put his hand on the Bible. Robert Stovall. He said, Jim, I will never cut your pay plan. And I made $17,000 a month, three months in a row, and they cut my pay plan.

Jeff Sterns  30:40  
Right, right, right. So, so I really understand.

Unknown Speaker  30:47  
I got my salesman Samsonite to bow valine boxes, got my got my cardboard boxes packed, and I came home and wife, I'm gonna start my company. I'm gonna start Ziggler super systems. I've been talking about this for years, and that was March of 1986. So I've been talking about it. I've got stacks of legal pads and notes and I'm ready to do it. And she said, Jim, what are you going to do? I said, consultant car dealers. She said, Jim, who else is doing this? I said, nobody. I'm creating an industry. And, and Jeff, I created automobile consulting. If you look at the records, nobody did it before I did it. Super Sisters, I was the first one. I mean, now there was Jackie B. Cooper who right friend of mine, but that was a sales trainer. That's right, there was a C. APB which was a process trainer right. But consulting dealers at the at the highest level, the management level management training, you know, the entire process of a car dealership, the entire variable finance everything. I was the first only one that was doing it. And nobody else was doing. You know, you look at you look at Stoker and CARDONE and all those people came later

Jeff Sterns  32:16  
Verde, but they weren't didn't none of them.

Unknown Speaker  32:19  
I introduced verde to the NADA consultants. I walked him and his wife around a convention for and helped him get started. That's beautiful. Yeah. And I, Joe and I, we get along great. I can't say we're personal friends. We were competitors. But Joe and I have a lot of respect. He called me in in 1991 or two and he said, Jim, I'm a sales trainer in San Juan Capistrano, California. I can't seem to break out of California. I was a pretty fair salesman. How can you help me I say if you'll come to nada convention Joe. I will introduce you to all the people that will put you on the map. I took him around and introduced him to all the MCM and na da 20 Group moderators. I introduced him individually to all the 20 group moderators and NCM nada, I took him to the na da Education Department. And at the time I was the official f&i School for the NADA and for Ford service contracts. I was the official Ford f&i School for service contract for DSP. I was traveling around the country, doing f&i seminars on behalf of Ford and f&i seminars on behalf of nada, nada actually had hired me to do f&i seminars.

Jeff Sterns  33:44  
My favorite Joe Virdi line sales people think that qualifying the customer is to I get here's me I say it all day every day now I'm on tape with you and I'm I got Ron got the nerve salespeople think that qualifying the customer is to decide the difficulty of the customer to decide how much effort to give them. Well, but then from you.

Unknown Speaker  34:13  
You want to hear Ziggler isn't sure that's not mine. Actually, we don't qualify customers. Most of your salespeople are disqualifying them.

Unknown Speaker  34:25  
This has been Jeff Sterns connected through cars

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A record-setting manager with several of the top performing dealerships in the country
Associate Professor teaching Automotive General Management at Northwood University
Associate Professor teaching Automotive F&I at Northwood university
Worked with more than 15,000 dealerships nationwide.
Jim is an Eagle Scout
Red Cross Certified Water Safety Instructor five years
125,000 Dealers, Managers and Executives attended his seminars since 1986.
Teaches Seminars on F&I, Sales Management, Sales, and Internet Marketing
He’s worked in more than 1000 showrooms in 200 cities in 49 states. (not Alaska yet)
The featured opening keynote speaker 98 State Automobile Dealer Association Conventions
Rated in top 10 workshop speakers at 17 National NADA Conventions
Featured speaker at 3 J.D. Power Roundtables
Opening keynote speaker 4 AICPA Conventions
More than 150,000 friends and followers on Social Media (mostly automotive)
Speaker at four Digital Dealer Conventions, including Opening Keynote Speaker at DD2
Opening Speaker on the Big Stage Digital Dealer DD22 Tampa
Featured Opening Speaker Digital Dealer 24 Orlando
Widely Read National Columnist, Automotive Retail (AlphaDawgBlog.com)
Respected industry futurist and forecaster
14 Years as the original featured Columnist in Dealer Magazine
Featured Columnist, five years, for Wards Dealer Business Magazine
Lead Columnist for F&I/Showroom magazine
Featured Columnist for Auto Dealer Today magazine
Writes for ADM Community and Dealer Elite online communities
Prolific Automotive Blogger with hundreds of thousands of followers
Jim’s “Internet Battle Plan” events have been attended by thousands of dealers, managers, and automotive executives.
2006 Toastmasters International Leadership National Award for helping others
Jim is regularly called on by top industry executives for his input on dealer matters
2012 Jim was awarded the “Passion Award” for lifetime achievement in the industry
2012 Jim was awarded the ‘AutoCon’ lifetime achievement award
Jim has been awarded the prestigious Dealer’s Choice Gold and Diamond Awards as Automotive Sales and Management Trainer of the Year Voted on by Dealers.
He is the only person to have won this highest-level award five times, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and repeating in 2018
Recipient of the 2019 Edward Bobit Lifetime Achievement Award
May 9th, 2022 Featured Speaker at Digital Dealer Conference, Tampa