Feb. 12, 2023

THE FERRARI EFFECT (when sales are too easy) - explained by Jeff Sterns with Jim Ziegler


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I call it the Ferrari effect. And here's what I mean. You know, I was in retail for 27 years prior to getting into this chat space for the last 11 years. But when I was in retail, I ran an exotic car rolls Bentley and Lotus store that was part of a Cadillac. So I was GSM of Cadillac Land Rover for Richard demit. Starting in 9697, proud that we grew the Cadillac 80% and 20% down year and then did our thing with Land Rover. And then we later bought a rolls and Bentley franchise, I think we paid 100 grand. So when I got into the exotic space, it was not easy to sell a rolls or a Bentley because this was like 99. And it was the silver spur. It was the Brooklands, it was the issuer, they were all leaking, they all had engine lights, and what you know, the big square, clunky, whatever. So I dealt with a lot of other exotic car dealers, and of course, some Ferrari stores and all that kind of stuff when you're trading and doing whatever and I was selling gosh, probably 23, four or five used exotics a month, that were a lot of that stuff. Anyway, the Ferrari dealer and this is not I'm not knocking the great Ferrari dealers that do try to please their customer, but let's say stereotype, you know, they're so used to the customer, begging them to move up the line or doing what they need to do to move up the line or bringing them gifts to move up the line or whatever. To me the selling skills, were atrophying and I remember when we were buying a whole bunch of current model titled CL ks and whatever that were, you know, 10 grand over window I used to tell my buddy at the Mercedes store, don't get that Ferrari factor where you're so used to people walking in and laying down for 10 grand over that you're gonna forget how to sell something because it will change you know, the pendulum will swing. So we've had a couple of years I don't want to take anything away from the people out there that are doing a good job and trying hard and prospecting and staying in touch with our customers and returning calls on time and acting like they care and creating a few other sales not just what's flopping into the boat. This has been Jeff Sterns connected through cars

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